UPDATE: Disturbance on Decatur Street

Police blocked off a portion of city street after a Facebook post questions welfare of woman and her daughter
Melissa Topey
Aug 26, 2013


Sandusky police cordoned off a portion of Decatur Street this morning for about an hour after a report of a possible domestic disturbance.

But they called off the effort after determining that the man inside a house at 831 Decatur Street presented no danger to himself or others, police said. 

"There's no evidence of a crime. We're leaving," said Sandusky police Sgt. Dana Newell. "We can't make him come to the door." 

The 800 block of Decatur was blocked from traffic as members of a special response team were called in at about 10:25 this morning, but police left the scene about 11:30 a.m. on Monday.

The resident in question was involved in "a standoff" years ago, police Chief John Orzech said, which prompted the special precautions on Monday. 

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If the man wouldnt come to the door , how can you say he is not a threat to others or homself ? I know I would not have ;eft the house till contact was made


Protecting everyone's civil rights to the nth degree overrides common sense.... where there's smoke there's fire


The editor must have the day off..."lefty the scene"??? LOL


I agree. There are typos every day with this paper. Spell check doesn't work if the word is spelled right. It doesn't help if the grammar is incorrect. Wish they would get a real proof reader. I apply. I can read. I can spell. I know grammar. I know punctuation.


Bodi's house again?


Everyone should watch out. There's a big ole pit bull allowed to run unleashed on Decatur right next to the BP station!


Close a portion of Decatur St.
Call in SWAT team.
Possible domestic.
Inducing panic.
Woman and 13 year old were scared of him.
Won't come out of house
And then the Police just left?
And no charges, sounds like this call got swept under the carpet.
Must have been someones friend.