Man makes off with diamonds from the mall

Thief escaped through Elder-Beerman
Jessica Cuffman
Aug 22, 2013


Perkins police are on the lookout for a suspect who made off with two loose diamonds from a jewelry store in the mall Wednesday.

Just before 3 p.m., the thief dashed off with the diamonds in hand, running from Osterman Jewelers through Elder-Beerman and out the door toward the movie theater, according to a police report.

Osterman's employees told police the man, described as black, wearing bleached or faded blue jeans, a white shirt, a white hat with writing on it, and a gap between his teeth, came into the store and said he was looking to replace a 1.5 carat diamond his wife lost from a ring.

The clerk pulled out two 1 carat diamonds, one yellow and one white, and held them in her hand for him to see.

She then allowed him to hold one while she held the other, before he snatched both diamonds and ran out of the store.

Police attempted to pull finger prints from the counter at Osterman's, and Elder-Beerman asked officers to check there, too.

Anyone with information about the crime may call Perkins police at 419-627-0824.


God Of Thunder

Any surveillance video or picture??? That describes quite a few people.. If you want help, give more details.

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The Hero Zone

I was just thinking that. Otherwise an incarnation of Alfred E. Newman came to mind.


Guess he could not afford to replace his wife's diamond.


If they were high clarity diamonds most likely they were registered and have a laser inscription on the edge being a carat or above. Sorta pointless really.


I can't believe that the Osterman's sales clerk just handed the guy a loose diamond while she held the other one in her hand, that sounds a little strange to me. Why would anyone do that but at least with all the glass cases there are probably fingerprints all over the place and I hope that they had cameras too. At least if they're smart they do!


Why can't you believe it? Haven't you ever been to a jewelry store?


Yes I've been to a jewelry store but I've never bought a loose diamond before so call me naïve I didn't know that was how they did business.

Free Man

the man, described as black,


Diamonds aren't worth much compared to the gold anymore.


height, weight, those things would help


This store has been robbed before has it not? I think they got the guy the last time though. Not sure. Anyway, it seems as if it's best not to hand the goods over to anyone, even to look at. Someone should be able to come up with a way for a customer to look at diamonds or other jewelry without being able to steal it.

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Have them hold your drivers license?

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The Hero Zone

That won't work, Eric Holder will sue them for civil rights violations.


who cares the store will just mark up the value to the insurance company and everyone is happy.

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Should have put a bullet in his back : )


Like your going to spend 3 grand on a ring you cant even hold or look at..... they always let you hold them...and they are def going to get top dollar from the insurance company..... like said already I would rather have the yellow or white gold. You can get top dollar every where. Most places don't even want the diamonds. They don't give u crap for them, and most places want to take them out and give them back to you yo avoid giving you anymore money. He will be able to sell them on the street, but he isn't getting very much... pennies on the dollar from the store price




"Any surveillance video or picture???"

Good comment. Where are the photos from the surveillance cameras?

How can a citizen help the police if photos of the suspect are not available?

Surveillance video photos helped apprehend one teen suspect in the beating death of an 88 year old war hero.


The robber wants to court Bradley/Chelsea Manning.... diamonds are girls best friend !