Munchies from marijuana festival fetch $50 online

Police distributed Doritos with stickers explaining the state's legal pot law
Associated Press
Aug 22, 2013


 A few eBay users are seeing a money-making opportunity in the free bags of chips that were given out by police over the weekend at Seattle's pot festival known as Hempfest.

An unopened Doritos bag from Hempfest had drawn eight bids by Monday afternoon, pushing the price to $58. One bag listed as "used" was fetching $50.

The nacho-cheese-flavored Doritos were a popular topic surrounding the event because Seattle police distributed them for free along with stickers designed to inform pot consumers about the state's legal pot law.

Officers handed out only 1,000 bags of chips at an event that draws as many as 85,000 people per day.




This is TOO FUNNY!

Tax dollars at work.

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The Hero Zone

I would contend this was a good use of tax dollars to, in good humor and faith, reach out to the user community and foster responsibility. It also publicly takes away the "but I didn't know" factor so that those who abuse the law, event, and its guests are viewed more harshly by their own community and the public as very reasonable attempts were made to inform them.


Bags were donated by Private Non-Profit.

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Seattle Police Foundation.

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How was I supposed to know man.

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Thinking, it's dangerous FOR YOU.


I wonder if Frito-Lay was a "proud sponsor" of Hempfest?

Looking forward to the commercial tie-ins to snack and fast foods and reefer.

Might wanna invest in some Pepsico (PEP) and McDonald's (MCD) stock. :)

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I say we pass out boxes of donuts with text reminding cops how badly they have treated harmless pot smokers.