Neil Zurcher's "One Tank" brings him to Sandusky

Zurcher visited the New Sandusky Fish Company and took a ride on an air boat.
Jason Werling
Aug 21, 2013


One tank traveler Neil Zurcher enjoyed a perch sandwich during a recent trip to Sandusky. The feature aired on Fox8 yesterday and a portion can be watched in the player below.



Did he drive down Hancock?


The heck with Neil Zurcher, his assistant is quite the looker.


The air boat is a disaster and a nuisance. Way too loud. And it's ripping up the environment. Can't believe they take it through pristine lily pads. And he's going way too fast to be safe. Idiot.


SKULLNBONES....How is this airboat any louder than say a cigarette boat that goes speeding by? I have actually seen this airboat in action and would have to disagree with your statement about "way too loud." Yeah, it does make some noise but I don't think it's any louder than some of the other boats that ride on the water or a helicopter/plane going over. Just another noise maybe that you are not used to. Something to complain about because you have too much time in your day. Just saying. Also, if the airboat is "going way too fast" how long could that noise possibly be a "nuisance" for? Like a whole 30 seconds?

As for the "pristine" lily pads, don't these die in the winter anyways? I'm sure you aren't looking at pristine lily pads poking through the ice, right? So, should you complain now at God because he caused seasons to occur and the lake to freeze over? I think you just have a hard time with change. Something new comes around and you want to find a way to make it not fun anymore. Bet your neighbors love you. Hope you find something else to focus on because you are just ridiculous. And probably a woman.

From...An Airboat Lover!


One more thing. How rude of you to call someone an idiot just because you don't agree with what they do. In that case, that makes you an idiot because I don't like what you have to say. Get your facts straight before you make insulting comments towards someone. I bet you have never even met the person who runs this boat. You are what is wrong with our world today. Live and let live.


Does anyone know if the lily pads are one of those invasive plants that need to be thinned out some?

Licorice Schtick

Water Hyacinth is an invader. That wasn't it.

Sometimes joyriding is harmless, and sometimes it isn't.

Licorice Schtick

Disappointing. New Sandusky Fish Is good eats, but there are a few others. And of all the boat excursions that could have been featured...