Perkins police target illegal parking

The threat of a hefty fine simply isn’t enough to keep many from illegally parking in restricted areas in Perkins Township.
Andy Ouriel
Aug 21, 2013


To combat this epidemic, Perkins police commanders plan to find and penalize parking violators in handicap zones, fire lanes and other restricted areas.

“Even though we have an abundance of regulated parking throughout the township, whether it be on a public street or private property, we still often field complaints about it,” Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

Klamar’s solution involves creating a parking unit. He recently proposed the idea to township trustees at a public meeting.

“By creating this unit, it would better enforce our rules,” Klamar said. “Our shifts are short as it is. Sometimes by the time an officer arrives to a parking complaint, the cars are gone.”

Among the plan’s tentative framework:

•The task force would enforce parking rules and seek out violators on all residential streets and in township business lots.    

• Commanders would mostly recruit volunteers and part-time officers to comprise the task force.

Klamar opted against assigning any of his 18 fulltime officers to primarily writing tickets as they’re already short-staffed.

Case in point: Budgeting issues forced Klamar to lay off two full-time officers, dropping from 20 in January to 18 today. “More bodies can help us enforce parking regulations,” Klamar said.

People can still dispute a ticket at township meetings, the Perkins Police Department or Sandusky Municipal Court. 

“Oftentimes, we see people who forget to put up their handicap placard,” said Klamar, adding he or another official would void the ticket if people can prove they’re physically disabled.

Additionally, parking funds could generate enough money to specifically create at least one job within the task force. “If the program is successful enough, it could pay for the salary of a parking enforcer with no benefits,” said Klamar, adding the person could work up to 28 hours a week at $10 per hour with no benefits.

Township trustees appeared pleased with the proposal and want to hear more about it. “Almost anytime you’re in a parking lot of a store, it seems like someone is parked where they shouldn’t be, whether it’s a handicap space or in a fire lane,” trustee Tim Coleman said.

The task force could be created as soon as later this month, with members ticketing illegal parkers in early 2014.

Sandusky Municipal Court records mandate violators pay $250 for parking in a handicap zone in a commercial area and $50 for parking in a fire lane. The fines increase to $300 and $75, respectively, for staying there for prolonged periods of time.


Dwight K.

They should do it. everytime I go anywhere I see many people parked illegally


Kroger's fire lane is the worst. Cars waiting while the able bodied passenger shops. Should also ticket them for wearing pajamas to the store.


I have a legitimate "handicap" placard. I do not have a cane or walker but I qualify for 2 of the 5 conditions to have one. I appreciate the fact that I have it, but wish I didn't need it but it is what it is. So if I forget to display it and get ticketed how would I prove I am handicapped? As Klamar said he would void the ticket if the person could prove they are handicapped. Wouldn't just showing the placard be proof enough? If they would run my license, it should be on the vehicle that I have a placard issued in my name. SO if I would forget to display it, RUN MY PLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!


It takes time to run the plates. I am guessing that it would be more cost effective if you didn't forget to display the placard. If it was easy to just run the plates then placards would have no use. If someone borrowed your car then how could you prove who parked it.


I often see younger very able bodies people get out of vehicles with a blue tag in the window. I assume they are using their parents vehicles.
However, this seems like a waste of tax money. Couldn't the money be used to repair more streets, or improve traffic flow? How about we post some more speed limit signs on Route 4 so tourists know what it is and stop driving 40 MPH?


Sounds like a conveniently disabled person. You know who I am referring about. The ones who get the pass and only display it when it is convenient for them. Why not leave it up there all the time? Why keep taking it down? Are you playing us for fools? You don't want your neighbors to see the game you are playing? I'm tired of the people with these passes that don't really need them! You know, the ones that jump out of a jacked up truck and can beat you to the door they walk so fast!


It's illegal to keep them up when you are driving.


True, the placards must be taken down when the vehicle is in motion. The placards create a blind spot.


How about the ones that are just TOO FAT to walk! They get a placard because their knees can't carry their weight.

They get on the scooters inside the store and break them because their weight is too much to handle.

News flash! Lose 250 pounds and your knees won't hurt anymore!

yea right

Like me huh.. oh wait thats right i had massive heart attack and knee replaced THEN i gained 250 lbs ... actually 120 lbs. Do I want the weight NO. But it hard to lose with a bad heart

Tool Box

You wouldn't have a bad heart if you ate right and lost the weight.


and we have a doctor in the house who can diagnose from an internet connection.


I saw someone get run over once in Wal Mart by a biggie on one of those scooters.

yea right

Thats alright toolboy. We understand your mental handicap. FYI weight lose happens with eating right ...which i do... and exercise.. which i cannot do..hmmm but hey thanks for the free advice...if i ever need a second opinion i will be sure to ask the "toolboy"


"RUN MY PLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The handicap placards are issued to a person and not a vehicle. What if a friend or family member used their vehicles to transport the person with the disability?


The front of Perkins high school by the old auditorium entrance is another. A fire lane that needs to be enforced.

Good 2 B Me

How about when Perkins Police park in the fire lane when going into stores? Meijer comes to mind. They park on the Sidewalk half the time!

Tool Box

Really? What would you like them to do when responding to a crime? Park out under the P sign in the middle of the lot? You can't fix stuuuuuid!


If they're responding to an incident, park where necessary.


Lets make police look for a spot in a busy parking lot while trying to respond to a robbery. Sounds like a good idea to me.


At the Kroger parking lot I saw an elderly woman sitting in her car in a handicap spot with her placard hanging on her mirror, then a teenage boy came running out of the store with a bag and hopped in the car and they left. That's the sort of thing that maked me mad. What lesson did that young man (possibly her grandson) learn from her?

doggie mom

I say revoke all current cards and have people refile to receive new ones. These need to have an expiration date. I know of people who have kept deceased relatives cards just to park closer! And Secretary you meet 2 out of 5? That is ridiculous it should be like 4 out of 5! I have complained to the managers at Wal-mart MANY times about employees parking in H-spots so they can walk out to their smoke break quickly! They do nothing but Kroger does call police when their are people out there. My mother has a placard and needs it because of a REAL medical reason! She lost some breathing ability do to neck surgery.

doggie mom

I also love when people park on both sides of Wal-mart doors (some facing the wrong way) and how NO ONE has gotten hit or run over is beyond me! If you say anything they tell you to F*5$ OFF!


There are many people who abuse the handicap cards. My mother had one (used a walker and then a wheelchair). We kids would take her shopping and needed to park close to the store (especially in winter). After mom passed, the card was disposed of even though it had time still on it. Why do they issue them for like 5 years? They should have to be renewed every year. AND people who don't need them should get down on their knees and thank God. The ones who really get me are the ones who park in front of Wal-Mart, or Menards and can walk around the store for three hours, but can't park 10 spots from the door.

he said she said

When my dad got his placard, it was his and my mom's understanding that it went with the person and not the vehicle. If there was one officer that could check this information, I think some of the young people that are able bodied but lazy would stop using the handicap spaces. Even though my father had this placard, I would drop him off at the door and then park in a regular space for I am not handicap and can walk the parking lot to the store.

I thought I was being sensitive to someone that needed that space until I saw a kid and her friends park in the handicap space and run for the store. Needless to say, I parked behind their car and they could not leave until I moved when the police got there....


I agree that placards should be issued for a shorter term. There are pregnant women, for example, who deserve and need those spaces. But once the baby is born, they won't! Others also have needs that are temporary, following surgery, for example.

That's not going to stop abuse, though! Several instances noted here are all too common: The able-bodied using somebody else's car, or the disabled person sitting IN the car while the able-bodied errand boy does the actual shopping. If the Perkins Police are using volunteers, maybe some of them can sit in the parking lot themselves and go after this kind of abuse, too!

Meanwhile, I'm not one of those who regularly uses handicapped spaces for my own convenience. In fact, I often park further away than necessary just to get a little extra exercise. Maybe that's why I don't need Dick Tracey's advice to lose 250 pounds, and maybe that's why those who SHOULD lose some weight DON'T lose some weight!


I am so sick of people being so judgmental about overweight people, especially elderly ones. Did it ever occur to some of you that many people are overweight because of their medical condition, not the other way around? It's hard to not gain weight when you have limited mobility due to muscle/skeletal problems, COPD, heart problems, etc. And even thin people can develop these problems and then put on weight.


I had forgotten about it, but there is a temporary handicap placard. It's red. I had one a few years ago for a short term condition. The card was good for 6 months. I don't think I have ever seen another red one.


They still have them.

Uncommon Sense

Ha ha ha!! Thanks for the laugh. A parking task force? Talk about the pendulum swinging to the completely opposite side compared to the proposed Perkins Police helicopter from many years ago.

As for the so-called job it would create, I could hardly call a $14,560 per year part-time job with no benefits a real stimulus to the area. How about we find another way to handle this?

In some places, they let private towing companies tow the vehicles. No tickets. No warnings. No police involvement. They are contracted to certain areas and buildings and they drive around to find violators. When they find one, they put it on the hook and take it away. That would solve the problem and put it in the hands of the private sector.