Coast Guard, Sandusky police search for boat

UPDATED: A Coast Guard helicopter and boat searched for and found a boat Monday evening in the cove boathouse neighborhood.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 20, 2013


TUESDAY UPDATE: Evan Dissauer, 23, of Kirtland, Ohio has been charged with failure to comply with an order of law enforcement following a search for his boat Monday evening in Sandusky. The boat was running without navigation lights near the Marblehead Lighthouse when the Coast Guard attempted to pull the boat over. The driver then fled in the boat. The Coast Guard, using a helicopter, found the 30ft Scarab-style boat tied outside a boathouse in the 800 block of Curran Street. Sandusky Police officers made contact with Dissauer at the boathouse.

10:51 p.m. UPDATE: Two Border Patrol vehicles are now at the scene.

Sandusky police entered a home in the 800 block of Curran Street as the Coast Guard searched a boat docked outside the boathouse in the cove.

Check back for updates and look for more in Tuesday's Sandusky Register



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WOW!!! What an informative story.

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Smuggling Canadians in : )


This is a great article...what is wrong with this newspaper?


They had to through something up here. Sandusky Scanner Live on Facebook has a team that posts most things that come across the scanner and they are gaining more and more followers everyday. Plus, they post "news" with out the spin and self serving self-righteousness of the Register. All for free. I am sure that it is a little embarrassing to have a Facebook page run by a bunch of amateurs scoop you daily, so you have to put something up.

No Wake

Throw. Every day (two words). Without (one word).

I'd be a little embarrassed if my city paper were written by amateurs, too.


Yeah, but this says it was by the Register Staff.

Jason Werling

We have requested information from the Coast Guard and Sandusky police regarding this incident. We will post an update as soon as we have accurate information from law enforcement.

The photos were posted with the information we had at the time. We will not post inaccurate information with  what we "thought or guessed" was going on at the scene.

Check out a video of the circling Coast Guard helicopter at our Facebook site and look for an update soon with any charges that may have been filed.


Jason, do not feel the need to explain, those of us with brains, understand and appreciate the process.


you don't post inaccurate information?


cool pix, all of them

Raoul Duke

The SR doesn't need to post inaccurate info when 100 anonymous commenting idiots will do it for them for free.

The General

Ouch Jimmy such venom

Raoul Duke

Having said that, this is a copy and paste of an ad from the classifieds~

Top Ad Houses for Rent SANDSUKY LARGE 2-3 Bedroom. No Pets, Metro welcome. Includes water, trash, & appliances.

The General

C'mon Jim dissing your own town, dang bro....


Wow, wonder if this was connected to the job the Coast Guard did on the boat at Dock of The Bay last Sunday night? They were there all night?? Nothing in the paper about that?


Now I heard (don't quote me on this though), that there were 15 illegals from Mexico that were living here for the last 4 years and got disgruntled over the lack of jobs and decided to flee to Canada. The border patrol chased them down and escorted them back to Sandusky. Told them that they could leave only after the 2016 presidential election...orders from the TOP TOP brass :P



sounds credible..

AJ Oliver

Lets see, roaring through Mosley Channel, and into town, in the dark with no running lights, or any other lights, most likely. What could possibly go wrong ?


re: Totallyamazed

Hey, I saw the same thing on the internet so it must be true. Thanks Al Gore.


Just justifying the homeland security money. What a joke.

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He was probably drinking and fled since he is a paramedic.

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I guess that is a $459,000.00 fine and he looses his paramedic license : )

looking around

He should of pulled a Dave Mulvin and not answered the door, let them call him and then tell them he will talk to them tomorrow.


The Coast Guard pulling someone over is news? It should be news the next time they don't try to board a boat. It's like writing a story each time the Perkins school levy fails.


how many illegals can you get on a 30 ft Scarab ? You could hear that boat before you could see it, so I imagine that when it went through the area around CP it was spotted, doubting it went through that marina, and look out... the marina boat turned it in. Here comes the coast guard, the police boat and then the border patrol and SPD....when they saw where he went? Oh what a night. Sounds more like a drug run gone bad.