Pay-to-play fees due Nov. 6

Perkins Schools fees, to be fully paid day after November levy election, range from $730 per high school sport to $100 per club
Alissa Widman Neese
Aug 19, 2013
Fall athletes at Perkins Schools must pay all their participation fees by Nov. 6, according to guidelines the district released this week.
Click the link below to view a chart of data illustrating how Perkins Schools calculated the pay-to-participate fees.
The one-page outline details the specifics of the recently hiked fees, which were officially implemented after a majority of voters rejected the district’s 10-year, 6.73-mill emergency operating levy proposal Aug. 6.
The fees, according to the guidelines:
•$730 per high school sport.
•$220 per high school music participation (band or choir).
•$185 per middle school sport.
•$100 per high school or middle school club, although the amount approved on the Perkins school board meeting agenda in June was $150.
Pay-to-participate fees for athletes will cover transportation fees and coach and adviser salaries, according to the guidelines. They will also cover the athletic director Mike Strohl’s salary and benefits, about $109,000, and athletic secretary Linda Bixler’s salary and benefits, about $27,000.
Perkins Schools calculated the cost of pay-to-participate fees by adding the total cost of each sport and dividing by 622, the total number of athletes participating in district sport in the past school year, according to data the Register obtained from treasurer Lisa Crescimano.
The calculation means all athletes will pay the same fee, even if one sport is costlier than another.
The costliest sport per player is girls basketball, at $1,240, while the cheapest sport per player is cheerleading, at $373, according to the data. Sports cost the district $454,000 total this past school year.
If a majority of voters approve the November levy — identical to the levy they rejected in May — all fees paid up to that point will be refunded, according to the guidelines. Pay-to-participate fees will return to $35 for high school sports and $25 for middle school sports. Students participating in band and and choir will no longer pay fees.
Perkins Schools administrators will release more information regarding pay-to-participate fees Tuesday. Pick up Wednesday’s Register for details.


My thoughts

Juat an FYI: The $109K is with benefits. Salaries of some local ADs per the Buckeye Institute and their hourly wage using the days and hours listed:

Perkins Strohl $80,724 (38.81)
Clyde Greenslade $63,946 (35.53)
Oak Harbor Grahl $78,095 (45.28)
Sandusky Sackkett $80,724 (46.16) she is no longer there and the new AD's salary isn't listed.
There was no salary for Huron's Camella listed and for Edison's Jeffrey. I could not locate the name of the Port Clinton AD and did not lookup the AD at Margaretta since it is substantially smaller than the other schoole mentioned. In comparison, the Perkins ADs salary is favorable to the others. If you want to argue that all ADs are overpaid and the benefits would skew the numbers I can't find any data to dispute that claim. Also, the Perkins athletic secretary makes $19.16 an hour per the numbers while Edison's athletic secretary (the only other school that lsited one that I saw) was $16.90 an hour.


Thanks. Still too high!


You'd be surprised at the 'much smaller' Margaretta AD's salary.


and the Super's salary.....holy cow! Look up the local superintendent salaries! Gunner is a steal.


Gunner is a what? I guess if he's a steal, we're getting what we pay for!


Holy moly! Spread the word. Vote no.

Perkins Resident

The word was already out on the streets about the Athletic Director and his secretary's salary. The folks I talked to changed from yes to no voters.


LOL! They can't be serious. No way a levy passes.


You can't make this stuff up. Gunner needs to be fired.


Perkins pay to play is the highest in the state of Ohio, Its to force parents to vote [yes] in November. Its insulting! Mike Strohl can take a pay cut to save the familys some cash, can't you? Do your own secretarial work , or have some Senior student interns do it as a learning experience. How about volunteer coaches helping out. Athletic Director , DUH.


They need to clean house!


I'm waiting for them to charge for an education beyond "effective".


Maybe they could charge for using the restroom. $2 to take a dump and a buck to take a leak. Maybe charge to park? We could be on to something here. Why not take out the drinking fountains and sell bottled water? I should stop. They just might try it.


That wouldn't work. They would have to hire a restroom monitor to check the toilet.


Maybe one of the numerous administrators would volunteer their time.


Schools are out of control. Retire at 55 and get 85% no where else on this planet. Stop the madness


Teachers can retire at age 65 or after 35 years of teaching, whichever comes first.


i know 2 teachers from norwalk that did retire at 55 so maybe they are different. My friend in dayton will be at age 53 with all bennys


The 65 or 35 goes into effect this year or next year, I believe.

Edwin Ison

Teachers get no where near 85% retirement and certainly do not keep full benefits.

A teacher retiring at 55 with 25 years only collects 43% of their final average salary.

And even those numbers will be phased out the next four years and become even less attractive.

Teachers will contribute 14% of their salary to retirement by 2016. It is 12% now.

retired teachers are guaranteed NO retirement health benefits, they must purchase health coverage.




so are you saying vote no


Vote NO in NOvember!


My vote was a yes, now, its a no. Why? I feel like they aren't listening to the people. They are asking for a levy that was already turned down. They are holding people hostage with this pay to play deal. If you pass the levy you wont have to pay the fee? An A.D. that makes over $109 K with a secretary that makes over $27 K. The math tells me they are spending $136K plus benifits for 2 people. I will now vote NO, just on pricipal alone, no matter what they put up.


You are not alone. A lot of others feel the same way. Vote NO in NOvember!

The New World Czar

November 5th is the next levy vote and November 6th the fall sports fees due convenient.

Any possibility that the Athletic Department will be leading up the "Get Out the OVH Vote" program again?>

I'm Done

Here's one for you, I guess there is an anonymous donor that paid for the whole football team and football only. Think about it, no football, no stadium, no sponsors. What about the other fall sports players? I guess they can work money off by volunteering to run concessions, timers, clean stadium and so forth and again, not all sports teams were offered this deal. Where is the money coming from and were the kids who quite due do the cost notified? NO. How wrong is that? Board didn't think the levy was going to go down so now they are scrambling. A bunch of idiots. Totally based on politics and NOT the students.


Disclosure at the bottom of the pay to play policy:

"The Board of Education will accept donations to offset cost. Please
contact the Superintendent or Treasurer for information."

I personally think that if someone is going to make such a donation, it should go into a pool lessening the burden on all participants and their parents. If those in favor of said levy would donate what they would have had to pay in taxes should the levy had passed, the fees would be mostly, if not completely, covered.


Must be varsity players only, or only a rumor, because I know the JV players are paying.