Cash recovered from armed robbery

Lancaster man had $29,000 and 9mm stashed in a bucket
Jessica Cuffman
Aug 19, 2013


Willard police recovered more than $29,000 after arresting a man who allegedly robbed a grocery store at gunpoint Sunday night.

Michael Fette, 46, last known address Lancaster, remained in the Huron County Jail awaiting a court hearing Monday morning, where his bond will be set.

Fette is accused of robbing Missler's IGA at 10:17 p.m. Sunday.

When Willard police officers arrived at the grocery store, they spotted Fette walking toward a parked vehicle, according to a news release.

He ran when an officer ordered him to the ground, but after a brief chase, he surrendered and was arrested.

Police found the $29,000 in cash in a bucket, with a 9 millimeter handgun, additional ammunition, zip ties and other items.

Under arrest, Fette refused to identify himself or speak with officers.

Inside Fette's vehicle, Willard officers found more ammunition, two more bags of zip ties, and Fette's identification card.

He was charged with aggravated robbery and taken to the Huron County Jail.



Willard-a haven for criminals and drug addicts.

Wilber Mccoy

Hey "Unassumer" NICE TRY!!! Because if you were able to read at a 6th grade level you would realize that this criminal is from Lancaster... So next time before you feel the need to run your beak read the article!!!