Boy taking his boot to Wadsworth

Sandusky votes to allow Wadsworth to borrow Boy with the Boot sculpture
Andy Ouriel
Aug 18, 2013


Sandusky officials agreed to temporarily boot the city’s most recognizable icon south this winter. 
City commissioners voted 7-0 to let the city of Wadsworth, located near Akron, borrow the Boy with the Boot statue. Wadsworth representatives plan to hire someone to sculpt a duplicate of the statue that’s stationed in the fountain at Washington Park. Sandusky’s original Boy with the Boot actually stands in an enclosed case in City Hall. 
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“Our community is celebrating its bicentennial in 2014, and we’re hopeful to have that statue as a physical reminder of our community,” Wadsworth Mayor Robin Laubaugh said. “Legend has it during World War II, the statue was donated, and it was displayed in our downtown.”

Wadsworth’s statue is no longer with the community, and Laubaugh couldn’t explain the reason it disappeared.

“It would be for a permanent display in our community,” Laubaugh said. “We hope it would be there forever.”    To do this, however, she needs to take Sandusky’s Boy with the Boot for an extended period of time.

Realizing Wadsworth needed the statue for several months leading up to a springtime celebration, Sandusky officials offered to temporarily provide her with this city’s Boy with the Boot replica.

“It is normal for us to take down the Boy with the Boot in October anyway, and that’s when Wadsworth was looking to obtain it,” commissioner Julie Farrar said. “They want it for a Memorial Day unveiling. I’m pretty certain we will have it back in time to put it back up in Sandusky for next season.”

Sandusky Greenhouse manager Tom Speir said crews occasionally bring in the Boy with the Boot replica statue during wintertime for maintenance.

“The statue would not be removed for Wadsworth’s reproduction until the fountain is shut down for the winter, (which occurs) sometime in late October,” Speir said.



big mistake


I hear ya. Diluting our brand.

Wouldn't be funny if they announced they had to sell it because of budget cuts?

Or, what if Wadsworth won't give it back.


People! People! Check you facts! There are at least 25 "Boy With the Leaking Boot" statues on display around the country and the world. Don't know why this article doesn't mention last week's SR item, but you can get some background and facts at:

Erie Countian

As long as it's the replica statue being borrowed, that's OK. I'm sure Wadsworth will be very careful with it. I would think there would be some kind of insurance agreement to cover any mis-handling or accident? Hopefully Sandusky gets something in writing from Wadsworth before we send our Boy.

Fibber Mcgee

What does the statue stand for? If 2 cities have that as a main focus, it must mean something or nothing. Why can't the Wadsworth person just come here and do the work inside our city building?


I know this is going to sound like "sour apples", but now that more than one city in Ohio has this statue, throw away your postcards and anything else with this picture on it. The meaning of the boy with the boot just went from being a Sandusky thing to being just another picture. I agree with bondgirlM.


Their statue disappeared and they can't explain how it disappeared? So what happens if our statue comes up missing? We shouldn't allow it to leave our possession. There should have been a better way of duplicating the statue rather then to leave it out of our possession.

he said she said

I also think it's a big mistake. Since the commissioners are the one that gave the ok, if something happens, they should be held financially responsible.


"Wadsworth’s statue is no longer with the community, and Laubaugh couldn’t explain the reason it disappeared."

"The statue disappeared during World War II."
"He said the city was told the statue was melted down for its metal during the war but he’s unsure of the truth of that tale."
"Carrino said the boot from the original Wadsworth statue was stolen at some point, and he’ll be excited to see the statue returned in its entirety."

Truth or Dare

I guess it's a tad dis-heartening to learn we don't have the only "Boy In The Boot". Do you really think the city leaders of Wadsworth would actually try to keep it? Do harm to it? We know where it's going, and when it needs to be back by.

I think it's a rather neighborly gesture that our Commissioners have decided upon. So what if there is one more boot just about 1.5 hrs. southeast of us. For those in Wadsworth, it has a purpose, a significance. Maybe they have a large Italian/German emigrant base, or take pride in the Fire Dept. (google wikipedia, they're not even sure of the statue's significance). There are people that actually travel to the different sites to see this statue, bringing those folks right here to our downtown parks, a place some of us actually visit. What better place to take walks then on the waterfront and throughout our parks.

I'll be spending every other Monday in Wadsworth, Ohio, a place with a quaint Downtown. I'm hoping "The Boy With The Leaky Boot", will be placed somewhere within their downtown area. That way when my grand-daughter and I go to town for shopping, or lunch at the diner, or to visit it's quaint little Italian Bakery, antique shop, gift shops or all of the above, we can stop and visit The Boy, and if surrounded by a wishing well as ours is, I guarantee we'll be throwing pennies along with wishes in for good measure! Just like we did/do here with our own children/grand-children. As long as it's permissible of course.

Fibber Mcgee

Oh Crap!!!! dropped it ,, sorry ( just kidding)

Just looked up the story on Wikipedia, it is no big deal...


Here we go again the commissioners really screwed up this time. The Boy With The Boot belong in Sandusky. How can Wadsworth said they had a Boy With the Boot statue. The commissioners should be voted for granting its leaving Sandusky, specially Julie Farrar it seems she ready to say yes to anything.


The boy with the boot isn't remotly special, or exclusive to Sandusky... sorry to burst your bubble RE:

The original wasn't even commissioned or hand sculpted or anything. It was bought from a catalog by a hotelier as decoration for one of his hotels, much like if one of our local hoteliers bought a statue of a mermaid lassoing a dolphin for their lobby and then gave it to the city when they changed the decor in their lobby.

Pointless sentiment is pointless.

Mr. D

Maybe, just maybe, Sandusky stole the "Boy" from Wadsworth long ago!!!

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Heh, I just imagined the premise for some kind of "mascot rivalry" story between schools or where the brash seniors go and "steal" the statue, costume, or animal before the big game to razz their opponents.


They're taking what is a copy anyway. The original is in city hall still.


Funny how the commissioners can make a decision about something so minor as a statue but can't make decisions about how the city is run or by whom. Priorities, I say!


why didn't their sculpture just take really good pictures of the boy with the boot and not ask for the statue itself? This is a huge mistake. I agree with others who say so. What were the commissioners thinking....or were they?

2cents's picture

Maybe Sandusky could have a different statue!

Ok, just kidding but the story is very interesting, many different takes on the history of this guy.


A Monday chuckle.... thanks!

Bada Bing

Wasn't a good idea! Why wouldn't the city commissioners take into account what the people of sandusky would want? Because there a bunch of $!&!$&......bad idea!


LOL It's a silly little garden ornament. You people are taking this way too seriously.


! agree!

Eph 2 8-10

Perhaps some of you who go off half cocked should do a little research to save face. I Googled boy and a boot, and came up with numerous sites.

Here's one that covers it all [well almost]:


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You people are actually worried about a statue being borrowed. Oh how boring of lives you have.