Woman threatens to cut off daughter's arms

HURON Huron police have arrested a 54-year-old woman who allegedly threatened to cut off her daughter's arms. The daughter and her friend ran to a neighbor‘s home seeking help after the woman made the threats.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jul 28, 2010


Huron police have arrested a 54-year-old woman who allegedly threatened to cut off her daughter’s arms.

The daughter and her friend ran to a neighbor‘s home seeking help after the woman made the threats.

Cindy Deer, of the 600 block of Cleveland Road West, was charged with domestic violence.   Deer allegedly threatened to cut off her 11-year-old daughter’s arms — and the arms of her daughter’s 9-year-old friend — after the girls told Deer they wanted to call the friend’s mother.   Read more in Thursday's Register.  



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Right on ,  Sassy!!


Oh geez.   It is possible that it was just a figure of speech.   When I was younger I can recall some of my friends mother's saying..."if you do this or that I will cut your arms off".   Especially if it was almost supper time and they were trying to sneak cookies or something.. maybe it wasn't the correct way to say it but it was no big deal...All of my friends still have arms.  Maybe these girls were not getting their way .   It is POSSIBLE the mother was not serious in any sort of way.   Maybe that is what is wrong with kids these days....if they don't get their way ..go to a neighbors and call police and get mom in trouble.   I will wait to hear the WHOLE story before a condemn this mother.


You are absolutely correct Mine it was just a figure of speech, I know Cindy and this child has never had a spanking in her life. It amazes me how folks just assume the worst before they know the situation. This whole incident has been blown so out of proportion it's unreal. She actually is an amazing woman who has lost her husband and has raised this little girl alone since she was 2 yrs. old. I think before we all throw stones we should get the whole story.


 I Know Cindy as well and this is a bunch of bull... The police really should have thought this one out more.....Again the Militia members threat to kill police officers and people defend them and this mom in a jest of sorts says something silly and folks are quick to judge in a negative way.... I know wich one I'd be more concerned about

Taxed Enough Already

 Heck yeah we have all been told something silly by our parents.  I have said things like this to my daughter.  "Mine" you must still have your arms too unless your typing with a pencil clinched in your teeth. :)  I can't wait to hear the whole story on this one.  Truth be told this kid needs a good crack on the fanny!


Any mother who says she's going to cut off her child's arms has something wrong with her. This should be investiigated. She may be having an emotional or mental breakdown, or perhaps a stroke.

old dog

Hopefully this was just a figure of speech, that us old timers all heard from our mother. Sounds like the child needs some adjustment!!

yea right

EddieO's get over your self..Mine is right you are wrong..and for the really old remember this one.." this will go on to your "permanent record"...lol


Kind of like: Look at me when I'm talking to you.........HEY...don't you look at me that way!

The problem is these days kids don't have any idea what discipline is!  They know they can't be touched so they run to the police.  What a shame.


How about the standard:


William Jeffers...

I often told me teenaged boys that if they ever got caught doing drugs or drinking and driving that I would kill them.  Fortunately they didn't call the cops on me. Of course I never would have actually KILLED them...only maimed them which is a lessor felony.


 I know parents say things to their own kid(s) in jest. However, the same things you say to your kid(s) may not be appropriate to say to their  friends or any other child. I would have a 'talk' with the person who told my child they would cut his arms off !!!!!!   I hope my BFF would drive me. lol


 Or, How about the famous, " I'll give you something to cry about!!"  Or, " I'll wipe that smirk off your face!"  Or,  I'll smack you into NEXT WEEK!!"  Or, The Honeymooners' ..."To the MOON, Alice! To the MOON!!"

Everyone is correct, here...These kids nowadays KNOW they can get away with ANYTHING, so long as they cry, "ABUSE!" Have seen perfectly DOTING parents go through the court system, just because they put their foot down....Child taken to foster care, parent go to counselling, parent not allowed to be around kids, etc....ALL B/C the brat was told not to be hanging out with a bad element!!!

Well, guess what?! Brat ran away from foster home, ended up in jail and pregnant at age 15!!  These poor parents went through hell!!!

GOV'T needs to STEP OUT of these peoples lives, and concentrate on the kids that are TRULY abused!!  ( Broken bones, burns, starvation, etc....

Just Saying

I could certainly understand if Mother was seen with a butcher knife during this episode, but if there wasn't any more to this than what is reported here, then come on.  It's pretty scary how adults are at the mercy of what a child says. Although I'm sure it was the duty of the police department to make the arrest, it still sounds pretty far fetched.  I hope her daughter enjoys foster care.


In a world with so many crazy things happening, I feel like some of the phrases of the "good old days" should be retired.  If a child is not used to hearing those phrases, then that could be quite a scare, especially to the child's friend.  What happened to even cause the mother to make that comment?

Sue Meredith

Sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me.


Without more DETAILS, I can't really say the cops were wrong, but by experience I would say they are so wrong they should probably go to a shrink!

I agree with Mine, I just can't believe this was for real.

AND, if it turns out it was a fiquire of speach, I think we should cut off the arms of the cops so they can't abuse others with false arrest!

This in my opinion due to lack of details is PURE RUBBISH and the cops are idiots if it is BS.


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Julie R.

This little brat should be smacked up along side her head. (figure of speech)

This is probably the biggest excitement the Huron cops have had all week. (just kidding)

Captain Gutz

The children have probably been exposed to Alice in Wonderland.

Maybe  they should read Hemingway instead.



Ok, the SR printed this story and used the parents name.

What is this going to do this up comming school season? 
Do you THINK the class mates will pick on the kids and make their possible mental condition worse? 
Shame on the SR, they post names of people that can effect the so many.

Today they put a teaser about the two fathers who were arrested for killing their babies, and they had a picture of A father and A baby and said if you want to know who it is that isnt the murderer buy their paper. Well, WHY DID THEY PRINT THE PICTURES? 

You know, I think names should not be posted to the public until after the trials, it seems the press is so irresponsible that they destroy peoples lives and never rebuild what they tear down.



the girls are probably makin' a mountain out of a molehill, 'cause i remember my mom tellin' me if i stuck my finger in that batter one more time she'd cut it off****i still got all my fingers.


 Everyone seems to think that this woman did nothing wrong, but she did. You wouldn't feel that way I you were the victum of a de-arming mother. But no, none of you think of the armless children out there. WON'T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?


I do believe that this could all be a matter of "what the child said", and yes joking with your child is one thing, their friend another. All of us parents joke with our kids" (the whole finger things by yeah right) but lets not forget about the Mothers who have commited a crime against their child(ren).  Remember the lady who did cut off her daughters arms while her husband was on the road? That baby died as a result of the actions she took.  The economy is strugling right now and some people just don't think straight. But had my mom told me this I would have laughed about it.


I don't know the whole story.But I'm glad my kids know it's just a figure of speech when I say these things to them.Gosh I grew up on the I'm gonna cut your arms off,If you don't stop screaming I'm gonna cut your tongue out.It's just ways of parenst dealing with stuff.I'm glad my mom said those things instead of everytime I did something wrong jumping up to hit me..


 Let me tell you the real story. Well first of all let me just say, I was one of the "two" at the apartment that night, and I did have about three beers, then I walked home,  there was no third woman, I am not sure where people get their information. She took her daughters television out of her room at about 3 o'clock p.m. that day because she had taken a flashlight and hit a little girl so hard in the face it gave her a black eye, and broke into three pieces. Needless to say she was PIST! She stood her ground as we sat outside sipping on our beers, and her daughter drove her bike around the parking lot yelling stuff at her mom and being disrespectful to us adults. When I went home that night everything was just fine, Cindy was getting her water ready for bed, all was well. Then she told me what happened from there. She walked in to see her daughter had the television on and told her she was grounded and to shut it off. That is when all hell broke loose, the other little girl who was there happened to know a neighbor who on many occasions told her if she ever needed anything to come over any time day or night. For example we were letting the kids light sparklers on the Fourth of July, and this woman showed up saying "are you ok hunny, do you need me", uh no, she is having fun weirdo, at her grandmothers house with her family, find something to do. So my point is, the woman who called the police that night is obviously trying to get attention by being some kind of savior. She needed to tell those brats to go home and let their mother deal with it, but no, she locked her door with the girls inside and called the police. In my day I would have got my butt whooped by the neighbor then sent home to get it again. Did Cindy drink . . .yes, did she say touch that t.v. again and I'll cut your hands off . . .maybe, did she deserve to go to jail, have her child taken, and pay out the butt in fines, and fees? Hell no. Cindy is a kind person, everyone who knows her will tell you that. I think she should call the paper and get her side of the story out there.  Now she has child services at her door every couple of days, she is afraid to say anything to her kid, what a shame. This is an injustice in a huge way. Be careful people, this could be you.

Julie R.

Both of those kids sound like genuine BRATS!

My thoughts

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Moderators, you are ignorant.  All I said was 'Nice mother'.  How is that a personal attack?  Idiots.


Now THERE'S one for ya!