Updated: Car catches on fire, suspects run away

Driver and passenger fled from burning car around 11 p.m. Saturday at Barker and Mills streets in Sandusky
Andy Ouriel
Aug 11, 2013


UPDATE (2:55 p.m. Sunday): Police apprehended one of the two suspects. They're still searching for the other one.

Check back for more updates regarding this situation.

Two white men ditched their car after it struck another vehicle and caught on fire around 11 p.m. Saturday on Barker and Mills streets near the Erie County Juvenile Justice Center.

About a dozen Sandusky police officers and firefighters arrived on scene within minutes. Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire before flames hurt anybody or severely damaged any property.

Witnesses said two young men immediately left the car after it caught on fire.

Officers are still searching for both suspects, Sandusky police Lt. Robert VanScoy said. 

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The intersection of Barker and Mills is a whole block away from the Erie County Juvenile Justice Center. You're just trying to make this accident look like it was something more than what it was!


I thought that part of the old Barker School was still part of the detention center though. I could really be wrong on that because I know there's that new 24 hr day care center in there now but I thought that in addition to the school over by the library - I can't remember which one it is and I went to Margaretta so I don't have a clue what all those buildings are called - that the one in front of Barker that looks newer was still part of the DH. Like overflow schooling or something like that.


Barker School used to be for severe behavior students from Sandusky City Schools. That moved when the schools sold the buildings. As far as I know the only thing there is the 24 hour day care. I can't see them allowing DH kids around day care kids.


IT WAS THE EDK CENTER IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DH!my daughter taught there it was a early learning center for children with disabilities. barker school was a dumping ground for all the children that didn't fit in "NORMAL" school, physical mental and behavioral all went to that school. they had the most outstanding teachers there


you couldn't be more wrong if you tried. barker was never part of the dh. I have never heard of overflow schooling I will have to look that one up. the edk center barker and dh are three separate entities with NOTHING to do with each other. my daughter taught there I am extremely proud of the job that she did and the children she helped. barker teachers and staff were dedicated to their students and went above and beyond to help them


pptrsha - I am really sorry if you feel that I insulted you or your daughter in any way. I honestly didn't mean that. I sincerely thought that Barker School was part of the DH system. I know of a young boy that was put into the DH for a short time and both before and after he was in there he went to school at Barker and he had been in the Margaretta School system prior to that and it was a juvenile incident that placed him into the DH and then into Barker School. That's why I thought that the two were related. Personally my oldest nephew has a slight mental disability that put him at a disadvantage when it came to putting him in regular classes in public school. But had it not been for one specialized teacher that went above and beyond with him - probably someone like your daughter - when he was younger and started working with him and wouldn't give up, he lettered in academics by the time he graduated and had it not been for a couple classes he would have been in the National Honors Society all because of that one special teacher. So you should be proud, you never know how the kids are going to turn out.


Obviously there is more to it. otherwise why would both the driver and passenger run away. If there was no wrong doing they would have stayed at the scene.


Why would they say two "white" men ditched their car? What was the point of that?


Describing the suspects maybe?


no no no no.. had to be racist!


The red car hit a parked escape sitting in a driveway..they hit it so hard the escape that was parked flew 30 feet into the mans house, knocking the foundation out from underneath it..the red car continued to slide into the mans fence..destroying it and setting the car on fire..Thats the full story.

The Answer Person

RACIST!!! Start the riots NOW! LOL!


Lissa4u - not as the bird flies.You made my day - you not only were first, but you commented on the locale.


I don't like sensationalism and that's exactly what the reporter was doing. As for the locale, I grew up in that neighborhood.


I believe they may have been German-American!


Anglo Saxon is the proper nomenclature...


I drove by there after it happened. The police where searching all over the area surrounding the scene.. They looked behind dicks all the way to monroe street.plus down barker. Plus if you had a police scanner yoy would know the story


These punks ruin our town. I'm glad it wasn't my vehicle. I work and insure mine so when the police come it's just an accident; not a crime.


must. stop. reading. these. comments.