One injury in semi crash with van

Crash closed the intersection at Decatur and Monroe Streets as crews cleared the scene.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 8, 2013


The driver of the van ran the red light at the intersection, causing the crash.

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Those 18wheelers have a daunting job. Way too many rude drivers on the roadway.


That's kind of a rough spot anyway if it's where I'm thinking cause you've got that spot that the one side of Monroe stops back farther so the other side can come over from the park towards the hospital. I know when I've come up on that intersection I've had drivers cut me off there trying to get in before I get there and I've had to stop short. Really bad spot anyway you look at it.


You always have to stop at this intersection because too many people blow right threw this light on a daily basis. There is a light there and many people do not care


The truck driver must have missed the sign that said NO TRUCKS! He is supposed to follow rt 6, way to many trucks and tour bus drivers are using Monroe Street as a shortcut. Time for SPD to start enforcing the posted signs!


The truck driver may have been making a delivery which, I believe, would allow him to be on W. Monroe.


If he was making a local delivery then he's perfectly legal.


There have been way to many crashes lately. People need to pay attention when they are driving. You may be right, but that does you no good if you are "dead" right.


you got that right

he said she said

oh yea blame it on the truck driver! "The driver of the van ran the red light at the intersection, causing the crash". Oh an by the way, my friend drives for USF and they deliver local so he can be on any street he needs to get to his drop off.