New farmers market squashes squabble, sprouts name change

SANDUSKY Organizers of the new farmers market in downtown Sandusky chose to tweak the market's name in an effort to squash a squabble with Sandusky Main Street.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 24, 2010



Organizers of the new farmers market in downtown Sandusky chose to tweak the market's name in an effort to squash a squabble with Sandusky Main Street. 

Josh Pribanic and Lauren Berlekamp changed the name of their farmers market to Sandusky Bay Farmers' Market. The time and place — Fridays at 3 p.m. — has not changed. 

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Wonder Woman 7

This is a great move for Lauren and Josh.  By differentiating their name further, that can lead to an establishment of the identity of their own market.  Smart move guys! 




Only Democrats see melons when it’s obviously strawberry's that’s in the tub, of course there are exceptions…. Al Gore, the self proclaimed saint against Clinton now made his OWN STAINs!!!  I love it, democrats just can't be loyal to their wives and yet they take an oath to do LEAD by example this great country.  LOL !! How many democrats have cheated on their wives now, over 20? Great leaders and defenders of family morals LOL!  If they can’t even be faithful to the women who support them and help them with everything in life, can we REALLY expect them to be loyal and faithful to us? Look at Obama, letting the oil ruin the shores and HIS administration has equipment to recapture the oil at other locations, I think about 15 pieces of equipment. OBAMA’s boys say they can’t use them there just in case an oil spill happens somewhere else. LOL!! GREAT LEADERSHIP! NOT
T. A. Schwanger

Lauren and Josh some out heros on this one. All that hubbub from an Executive Directo of SMA who never showed up at the Farmers Market supporting SMA.

Go Lauren


I agree on the melon comment.

Truth or Dare

Please, as if  Republicans aren't capable of two-timing on their wives/husbands?    The word "FAITHFUL"  at least  within the political arena only applies when it fits their own personal agendas.     Smoothe move Lauren and Josh.  I'm not the least bit surprised.  May your business venture be prosperous!


I believe the disease of infidelity is not limited to any one group, policial party or race.  It runs the gamut of all people.  It is the common denominator where by someone makes a decision the grass is greener on the other side.  Don't believe me?  Go down to the Family Court and take a look for yourself.  NO person is exempt from the temptation, disloyalty and lack of religious faith.  NONE.  I have seen presidents, famous preachers, priests, everyone fall to the dark side.  So old Tipper decided she had enough of the Goracle and could not trust him anymore.  Everyone wondered WHY.  Now, we find out old Al is a masher with a hired masseuse in his hotel room.  Whether it is true of not, the lives of both are destroyed.

I love the produce from Ohio.  It is the very best.  The people that cultivate the earth are miracle workers.  My Mom used to "can" all kinds of veggies and fruit.  Nothing is better than opening a jar of summerfest during the middle of winter.  I enjoy buying locally.  We have the sweetest melons (Milan Festival) and the sweetest sweet corn.  Tomatoes, squash, peppers and berries are the best.  Thank you people that sell at the Farmer's Market. 


This is a great move and I wish these young folks well.Downtown needs more of this,support them when you can.