Suspected coal tar found at first drilling site

Jason Singer
Jun 15, 2010



Drillers appear to have found coal tar in the bedrock beneath Sandusky. They found a "dark brown oily substance," which smelled and looked like coal tar. It will now be taken to a laboratory to be tested.

For many months last year, the city argued about whether coal tar had seeped into the bedrock. Former city commissioners Bob Warner and Craig Stahl and environmental consultant Partners Environmental said it hadn't. City commissioners Dan Kaman and Dave Waddington and brownfield consultants Bob and Ruth Haag said it had.

Through the drilling, the city also hopes to determine if coal tar has already reached Deep Water Marina.


Watch the ive webcast of Monday's city commission meeting at



columbus avenue

THIS should be PRICELESS!!!  Watching the Mayberry comissioners trying to figure THIS out!  I am sure that Sharon Johnson and Tim Schwanger and the Schwangerites will come up with an INSTANT solution!  Can't wait for the video!


And former APPOINTED city commissioner Warner said why bother with testing it. His property isn't "pristine" why should we care if this is either. No wonder that idiot was voted out.

Truth or Dare

Watched a 2009 documentary last night on WVIZ/Public Broadcasting titled;  "Freshwater Seas:  The Great Lakes".  A VERY interesting documentary regarding the past pollution of our Great Lakes Region due to  the Industrial Era, as well their future and  what needs to be done to "enhance, protect & rebuild our Great lakes Region"., of which of course includes Sandusky Bay!   I'm curious as to if we have any of what they refer to as "remaining hot-spots", toxic left-overs so to speak. ? Alot of damage was done during the Industrial Era, and we wonder why the cancer rate is so high on the Northcoast of the U.S.?  Not only should we be doing all we can to continue the clean-up, we should as well be doing all we can to keep  already designated public land, water and all, from being gobbled up by financially -strapped private entities!


This drilling should have been done last year BEFORE the marina dug ground.  I would think it puts uncertainty into the marina project.  Why must the city do everything backwards creating more problems for themselves.