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Obama: In America, all wars should be remembered
Associated Press
Jul 27, 2013

Six decades after the Korean War ended, President Barack Obama said Saturday that American veterans deserved a better homecoming from a war-weary nation and that their legacy is the 50 million people who live freely in a democratic South Korea.

"Here in America, no war should ever be forgotten, and no veteran should ever be overlooked," he said in a speech at the Korean War Veterans Memorial on the National Mall, where ceremonies marked the 60th anniversary of the end of hostilities on the peninsula.

Obama said the conflict didn't unite or divide the country the same way World War II or the Vietnam War did, respectively, and that U.S. veterans came home to neither parades nor protests because "there was, it seemed, a desire to forget, to move on" by Americans tired of battle.

But they "deserved better," Obama said, adding that, on Saturday's anniversary, "perhaps the highest tribute we can offer our veterans of Korea is to do what should have been done the day you came home."

He appealed for people to pause and let these veterans "carry us back to the days of their youth and let us be awed by their shining deeds." In the audience of several thousand on a sunny and humid morning were dozens of American and Korean veterans of the war. Obama asked them to stand and be recognized.

The 1950-1953 war had North Korean and Chinese troops on one side against U.S.-led United Nations and South Korean forces. It ended on July 27, 1953, 60 years ago Saturday, with the signing of an armistice.

A formal peace treaty was never signed, leaving the Korean Peninsula in a technical state of war and divided at the 38th parallel between its communist north and democratic south. More than 36,000 Americans were killed in the conflict. The U.S. still has 28,500 troops based in the south.

Yet the costs of the war continue to mount even amid relative peace.

Hostility remains between the two Koreas and between the North and the United States, which still has no formal diplomatic relations with the communist nation. That antagonism is rooted in the U.S. commitment to take a lead role in defending the South should war again break out on the peninsula.

Washington also has tried for years to wean its ally off its dependence on the U.S. military, setting and then delaying target dates for switching from U.S. to Korean control of the forces that would defend the South against a possible new attack from the North.

Another legacy is the challenge of accounting for the roughly 7,900 U.S. servicemen still listed as missing in action.

Obama said the war is a reminder that a country's obligation to its fallen and their families endures long after battle. He pledged that the U.S. would not rest "until we give these families a full accounting of their loved ones."

Obama also alluded to the Korean War sometimes being called the "forgotten war" and noted long-standing suggestions that it was fought for naught, summed up in the phrase "die for tie." He disputed that characterization, saying "today, we can say with confidence that war was no tie. Korea was a victory."

When 50 million South Koreans live in freedom in stark contrast to the dire conditions endured by their countrymen in the North, "that's a victory. That's your legacy," he said.


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Kottage Kat

After how long as POUS he now makes these statements.


You guys really are pathetic. President Obama could cure cancer and you'd complain that it took him too long.

Hey, I was watching Fox News tonight and they said that tomorrow is tin-foil hat day. Now run along all you little minions - make your tin-foil hats!


So true!


Veterans shouldn't be forgotten????? Then stop trying to strip them of the benefits they earned.

The Big Dog's back

Yeah Repubs, quit stripping them of their benefits.


There goes Mr. Obama once again: Confusing strong rhetoric for action.

Speaking of "war," how's the ol' Sock Puppet-in-Chief doin' to get us involved in Syria?

It should be like the "old days" where the King leads his troops into battle.

The old men lie and the young men die.

The Big Dog's back

Yep, all those old white men lying.






How are our 900,000+ returning vets doing while they waiting over a year for their VA benefits? Oh yep, don't ask hard questions to the Usurper.

The Big Dog's back

Ask john boehner and the Repub Congress. They control the purse strings.

Erie County Resident

Sure thing poochie ..
Blame the Repubs for the program your master & thief wanted ..
"The Sequestor"
This was a program OBAMA wanted not one Congress dreamed up.
They gave him what he wanted and see what is happening!

Oh by the way, the Senate is controled by liberls Domocrats.




Kinda surprising that Pres. Obama didn't say:

Why, that coulda been me 60 yrs. ago.


I agree with what Obama is saying here. The problem is that, as usual, he says one thing and does another. Do veterans "deserve better?" Absolutely. So what's Obama giving them? Budget cuts, rules and regulations that are undermining both morale and readiness, and most recently, insistence that vets pay more for health insurance (chalk up yet another casualty to Obamacare). Combine that with his persistent "I know best!" attitude in the face of advice from those who actually DO know best militarily speaking, and he remains an ongoing disaster of a president.

Whatever he says on his never-ending campaign trail, the President remains a man who has no experience, no expertise, and no respect for the military. I grant you that there are other Americans who don't have the sense or decency to be as appreciative as they should be either, but none of THEM are the "Commander in Chief!"


Step away from the computer Sam

Darwin's choice

Don't like hearing the truth Deertracker?

I know, the truth doesn't taste like the halfrican-ade your used to......

Darwin's choice
Erie County Resident

Really surprised the old "It was Bush's fault" didn't come out.


Good point.

It could be a case where if he said "previous administration," it might cause mental confusion in the vacuous minds of his peanut gallery.

Bottom Line

As usual, big dog is the one and true racist in the conversation going. Because he's generally got nothing else to fall back on. When all else fails make it about race. You're a piece of trash. You represent all that is wrong and evil in our country today.

"If you want to end racism, stop making everything about race."
-Morgan Freeman


Glad to see that people are waking up, some of us new this man was all BS from the get go. Thanks for re electing the worst Pres in modern history, we are all suffering, and by the looks of Detroit we will be suffering more.


Re: "some of us new this man was all BS from the get go."

I lived in the NW suburbs of Chicago for 25 yrs., and NEVER even heard of this guy until he ran for U.S. Senate.

His Repub opponent, Jack Ryan was ahead in the polls, until his "sealed" divorce papers MYSTERIOUSLY found their way to the press.

Remember: This is IL where the governors make license plates.

The Big Dog's back

Whoaaaa, wait a minute. You said when you were living in Chicago that Obama was the anti-Christ. Now you never heard of him before he ran for Senator? I smell bullspit.


Re: "You said..."

Your memory per usual is defective.


Pooh, I didn't live in Chicago and heard about him around the same time. Your point? Ryan lost! Get over it! Move on! Scram!


Re: "I didn't live in Chicago and heard about him around the same time."

Point for the terminally clueless:

The lefty media made him out to be some popular and well known IL politician - he wasn't!


I think you have consumed and surpassed your daily allowance of sugar. I suggest 1000 units of novolog!


Better sugar, than eating infected deer meat and contracting Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).

Your symptoms are obvious. :)


"Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream."

The signs of the tragic and absolute failure of Pres. Obama continue to mount.

The man enjoys the image of being President, he just doesn't like the JOB of being President.

It's apparent to all but the utterly clueless.