Erie Co. signs on with court records

Court clerk keeps promise to make documents available online
Andy Ouriel
Jul 24, 2013

Tuesday morning, two great mysteries lingered in the minds of residents throughout Erie County and beyond. 

One: What would Prince William and Duchess Kate name their baby?  

Two: Would Erie County’s court records ever be placed online?  

By late evening, at least one of these uncertainties was solved. Erie County clerk of courts Luvada Wilson said she is unveiling, today, county court records online.   

She is poised to launch more than 1 million pages of court documents onto a new website, viewable to everyone for free.

It is nothing short of a momentous, red-letter day for Erie County. It means anyone — attorneys, residents, Internet sleuths, you name it — can search Erie County court records in the civil, criminal and domestic relations divisions. It includes cases filed from 2000 through February 2013.

Court employees plan to continue adding new and old cases online, Wilson said.

Wilson warned people that some image inaccuracies may occur with certain cases. Any users who run into this sort of problem should visit the clerk’s office — located on the first floor of the Columbus Avenue courthouse — to obtain an official hardcopy of the record.

The community has waited patiently, for years, to see court records placed online. Former clerk of courts Barb Johnson, who died in October 2011 while in office, failed to deliver on this promise.

Wilson, who immediately succeeded Johnson and won a full four-year term in November 2012, vowed to make the office more efficient. Getting court records online, which she first estimated would occur in March, became her top priority.

“There is still, however, so much that must be accomplished in our office,” Wilson said. “But we have indeed begun to proceed in making this clerk’s office one of the most efficient in the state of Ohio.”

Among the other efficiencies occurring under Wilson’s watch:

•Seeking direction from the Ohio Auditor of State’s office in returning up to $3 million in funds owed to court patrons.

•Partnering with the Ohio Attorney General’s office to recoup funds from delinquent accounts owed to the clerk’s office.

•Sorting through unorganized records scattered throughout the office.

•Allowing patrons to pay with debit and credit cards.

•Creating a training manual.

“We may have a long way to go, but we are definitely moving forward in that direction,” Wilson said.



Paging resident whack-job!

sandtown born a...

She's a crook in upstanding citizens clothing! I don't and won't ever trust her or her actions


Congratulations to Mrs. Wilson and her staff! Another job well done!


@LuvsPot, excuse me? The job is not done, where are they? The website says Erie County does not put recordes online.

I'll believe it when I see it.



It's "LuvsPlant" like Robert Plant. Check yourself!

sandtown born a...

What exactly are we congratulating for? Doing what every other county did years ago, way to go good job a few years late but hey good job, typical feel good attitude spread amongst the politicians in our area, kind of like giving an award to someone for doing what they should be doing already.


Did you remember to pat yourself on the back?

My Opinion is...

Way to go, Lu!!

Dick Tracey - you may be looking at the old County website. The current one shows it in the announcement section on the right:



I believe that is what we're looking for.


Click on the Public Access button.


I took a quick look and checked out some cases just for the heck of it. While the disposition of the case was there, I couldn't find the ORIGINAL paperwork. All it says is that the judgment was in favor of John Doe over John Smith. What did John Doe sue for? Why? What was the actual judgment? Is THAT information online?


She must be napping, we haven't heard her rants against the entire legal system and how she was disinherited. Anyone want to take the over/under on when she appears?

sandtown born a...

I would guess today Thursday with a comment on the corrupt attorneys in Huron and corrupt judges in Erie county

sandtown born a...

Dang it I should have taken the under


"•Seeking direction from the Ohio Auditor of State’s office in returning up to $3 million in funds owed to court patrons."

Is this a true statement Sandusky Register or are you spreading tall tales? LuvsPlant stated that there is no $3 million.

Fact or fiction?

Do some investigative reporting Sandusky Register. Go ask Luvada Wilson about that $3 million.

Julie R.

First we hear (even before the death of the former clerk of court Barb Johsnon) all about a "$3 Million Dollar Mystery Account" at Citizens Bank that none of the other county public officials supposedly knew about but Ms. Johnson. Then we hear that the $3 million was an accumulation of unclaimed funds that was owed to hundreds, if not thousands, of people involved in Erie County court cases dating back to the 1980's and how these people didn't even know they were entitled to a slice of the $3 million dollar pie. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we then hear that the 3 million ~ with interest, no less ~ was owed to attorneys? Didn't one of the articles also say some of the monies had already been distributed?

The Plain Dealer then reports that the new Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts had an audit done and found TWENTY-THREE MILLION in unclaimed funds belonging to hundreds of thousands of people that didn't know they were owed money after the conclusion of their cases ---- which sounds identical to the $3 million found in Erie County. When contacted, the long-time former Cuyahoga County Clerk Gerald Feurst (sp) said it wasn't his job as the clerk of court to chase down people that were owed the monies .... and he would not have had the staff to do that, anyway. The Plain Dealer also reported that the new Cuyahoga County clerk was hiring additional help to get the 23 million distributed and she was also posting online the names of the parties it was owed to.

I then request from the Erie County Clerk of Court a list of the parties that the 3 million in Erie County is owed to and I was told there was no list. LuvsPlant then says there is no 3 million. This article now says the new Clerk of Courts Luvada Wilson is seeking direction from the Ohio Auditor of State's office in returning up to $3 million in funds owed to court patrons.

I don't think the $3 million in unclaimed funds with Barb Johnson at the helm was a mystery at all --- but it sure has turned into a mystery now!


bingo, internet access at the facility.


Suzanne, just because the register reports it does not make it true. Perhaps you should contact the state auditor for clarification. Then you can add them to your s&"t list when they don't tell you what you want to hear!

Don't vote - don't complain!

Julie R.

@LuvsPlant: What you just said doesn't make a bit of sense. The article says Ms. Wilson is seeking direction from the State Auditor's office in returning up to $3 million in funds owed to court patrons ........ but you then say just because the Register reports it doesn't make it true. So are you saying it isn't true that Ms. Wilson is seeking direction from the State Auditor's office in returning up to $3 million in funds or what?

You then tell me to contact the state auditor for clarification (?) and then say I can add them on to my s&"t list if they don't tell me what I want to hear. Forgive me for not knowing but ........ what exactly is it that you think I want to hear?


What I'm saying is that is what the Register is reporting. Not a direct quote from Mrs. Wilson! Does the article state it is a quote? Nope!

You, Suzanne would like to have all Judges/Prosecutor's/Elected Officials pay for your poor forclosure fiasco. That is no secret.

Shut up if you don't vote. Your ramblings do not sway anyone in the voting booths come election time and your problems never get solved.

Sit 'n Spin

Julie R.

You didn't answer the question. What is it that I want to hear from the State Auditor's office that will (according to you) put them on my (expletive) list if they don't tell me what I want to hear?

As for foreclosure fiasco --- what foreclosure fiasco? You mean the Huron property of my deceased mother and stepfather that they owned (but not jointly) scot-free and clear for almost 40 years with never any back taxes owing? If so, that property wasn't sold through foreclosure. It was sold at a court-ordered scam sheriff sale through a scam partition action and a fraud preliminary judicial report that falsely stated there were no defects in the title because the joke courts and their attorney friends knew if the fraudulent transfer of my mother's half seven months before her death wasn't acknowledged and the property put back into her probate estate then it couldn't be sold through normal channels. (couldn't be sold at a sheriff sale, either, but hey, this is corrupt Erie County, so what do you expect?)


I am not impressed with the Erie County (Ohio) public records. I am not impressed with the Erie County Auditor's public records.

I am going to be posting PUBLIC RECORDS of a certain property in Erie County. I will also be posting PUBLIC RECORDS from Sarasota, Florida along with forecloser records.

The Sandusky Register readers need to know the truth.

The Sandusky Register has been very lax in providing the truth. Julie R. has posted numbers to public records. Why isn't the Sandusky Register doing some investigative reporting? Why is Julie R. being attacked? Because cheerleader LuvsPlant is trying to intimidate Julie R.

More to come later. You can count on it.

Shame on the Sandusky Register for not reporting the truth that is hidden in public records. A newspaper cannot cherry pick public records by withholding some from the readers.

sandtown born a...

Good luck trying to collect of your owed funds. Magically they will have a deficit and said 3 million will just be a clerical error. Decimal point in wrong spot

Julie R.

I haven't yet checked out that scam sheriff sale that's now online but if it's anything like the copy of the docket I have --- wow. If I thought the auditor and recorder's online records were false and misleading to cover up fraud on property, those records are NOTHING compared to this crap!


LuvsPlant, great comments, but remember she gets confused by, facts, logic and bright objects....



Julie R.

Hey Sam, don't you want the case number of that SCAM illegal sheriff sale the Erie County courts and their attorney buds pulled off?

Julie R.

Gee Sam, looks like I'm going to be contacting the prosecutor's office next week. I never filed a partition action in the court of Roger Binette to have fraudulently transferred property with one of the beneficiaries defrauded sold at a scam sheriff sale and neither did I ever give any crook attorney the right to file that illegal scam on my behalf ---- yet the clerk of court's records have me listed as one of the plaintiffs. The records also have it falsely stated that some crook attorney from Cleveland was my attorney yet that arrogant dirt-bag wasn't my attorney ..... and he never was, either.

What a bunch of corrupt trash.


Andy Ouriel, what the Register is reporting.Is not a direct quote from Mrs. Wilson! A+ on your fiction / F on your facts.


It is a real shame that public records in Erie County, Ohio lack truthful information such as names and addresses.

It is a real shame when Erie County, Ohio employees, paid by Erie County tax dollars, attack people who pay those taxes.

It is a real shame when Erie County, Ohio employees owe thousands in back taxes and other Erie County employees ignore these back taxes or ignore public records that contain false information.

The Sandusky Register could report on these Erie County, Ohio employees and those misleading, false or missing public records if they wanted to. Many have posted enough information to point the way. Many have been banned for pointing the way. The powers that be will remain in control while the minions pay their taxes.

Some Erie County employees posted a few comments on this and other SR stories. These employees feel that the taxpayers must bow before them and not answer to the taxpayers. They feel that the taxpayers must obey, shut up and keep paying those tax dollars. The minions have no clue, vote out the honest people and vote in these arrogant public employees who believe themselves to be public servants.