Bicyclist killed

Rider was struck by passing car and died from injuries at the scene.
Jessica Cuffman
Jul 23, 2013

A bicyclist died after being struck from behind while riding in Ottawa County Tuesday morning.

Dale Tusen, 39, of Port Clinton, was riding west on Wilcox Road east of Ohio 53 at about 5:55 a.m. when a car driver struck him in the rear.

Tusen was thrown from his bicycle and died from his injuries, according to a news release from the Sandusky post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The driver of the car, Michael Swint, 68, is from Fort Jennings and suffered no injuries in the crash.

Tuesen was riding a Trek Madone bicycle and was wearing a helmet.

Swint was driving a 2012 Chevrolet Impala and was wearing his seatbelt.

The patrol's reconstruction team remained at the scene at about noon Tuesday, gathering evidence.

No citations have been issued.


Finn Finn

My condolences Mary, but if debating or discussing this tragedy in a public forum can bring awareness to the pleasures as well as hazards of bike riding, then that's a good thing. I can't help but feel that just reading this article and the comments posted has made people think. I'm sure everyone who has posted here feels this is a tragedy and sympathizes with the family. But for your own good Mary, I gently encourage you to seek comfort and consolation from those around you, your family and loved ones, and not from anonymous posters on this site.


It's one thing to debate or discuss. It's another to attack or say things that probably aren't true about a man that's no longer with us! That's what disgusted me. If in anyway his death can save someone's life than that's something. Nobody should be publicly put down when they are not here to defend themselves!!!!!!!!! I realize I didn't make my point well in my comment but I hope this clears it up.


I only knew Dale through the dailymile online community. He was a thoughtful, encouraging man. He helped push me to be a better athlete. I am so sorry for him and his family. Maryof06, please pass along my condolences to your family. My heart goes out to the motorist who accidentally hit Dale also. That would be hard for any of us.


My father was the man driving the car and the first and most important thing and only thing I have to offer is for Mary who commented earlier. I wish I could give you a hug and help you through this. I can't even imagine how bad you're hurting right now but please know that my father is a very kind, compassionate caring man. He was running his route for work and would want nothing more than to turn back time and give you back your brother by choosing a different road, walking a little slower to his car as he left his last stop, taking a little extra time to talk to someone, anything that would have put him on a different path at a different time. He hurts so much for all of you and he hurts for all of us too. I am so sorry that you, your brother's family, my father and all of us have to go through this but please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. I so wish I could do something to help you.


JCA all i have to say is were u there? NO! No one said he ran stop signs on wilcox, he ran thru one at 5am in port clinton heading out of town. Also JCA there are stop signs on wilcox, get your head out ur mmmm. Each end has a stop sign. I used to ride years ago, 50-70 miles a day and let me tell u ridders such as him that use the shoes and clips do not stop. Why cause its pain to unlick and click back in, so u tend to roll thru the stops. That morning he didnt even slow down, he blew it and rode right infront of me. Me and many other drivers went around him last week and monday at 5am with no rear light. Drivers respect cyclists if they can see them.