Barker's firing upheld

Arbitrator justifies decision by Perkins trustees to fire township officer for trying to show up to work intoxicated.
Andy Ouriel
Jul 22, 2013


An arbitrator recently justified a Dec. 1 decision when Perkins Township officials fired a police officer after she allegedly tried showing up to work with a gun while intoxicated.

What it means: Former Perkins police Officer Kate Barker can't return to the force. 

An independent, third-party judge upheld a unanimous township trustee 3-0 vote to terminate Barker. Union members affiliated with the Fraternal Order of Police appealed this decision on Barker's behalf.

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Great! Only quality people needed for these jobs.

getit right be4...

I believe this was a good outcome. I hope that this is the lowest point in this young woman's life, and in 10 years from now she only looks back at this as a turning point that bettered her life.

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The Hero Zone

The positivism is refreshing and I'll throw in on that sentiment. I see it often at my shop. Some of my best customers at one time did something dumb like steal from me or get thrown out for causing a ruckus. After "the talk" and some time, they are who they are today which is a vital piece of the culture we put out. In comparison the magnitude of possible consequence is greater, for sure, but the spirit is the same.


Did Barker or the FOP actually think that a judge would side with them?


The fact that the union stood up for her regardless of what she CLEARLY did, is the reason so many people feel the way they do about unions. Really sad!!



Julie R.

Why does it seem that arbitrators always seem to uphold the firings of females but not males?

getit right be4...

Please post facts that back up such statements.

dorothy gale

A cop being held accountable? Wow, now that IS news!

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Too bad DC is on another planet, in another solar system!

Julie R.

So who are these independent third-party judges in these arbitration cases?


Give it a rest already, I'm tired of you re-hashing what you perceive as an injustice done to you.


Good! What i really want to know is why she has not been criminally charged with possessing a firearm while intoxicated when chief llama saw her in full uniform with her duty belt on with her service pistol. If a civilian would have been carrying a firearm while even .01 bac let alone. 14 bac they would have been immediately arrested charged and jail so why has she not been charged!


Chief klamar *


It amazes me that any union would represent her to get her job back ~ or perhaps I am just not properly versed on unions. Makes the union look bad, puts her back in the news headlines and oh by the way, how much did it cost me as a Perkins resident??


Unfortunately they are just like attorneys they get paid to represent scum!


She paid union dues so if she wants to follow the steps to fight it, the union has to assist.

Darwin's choice

She'll follow some "approved" re-hab routine for a couple weeks, get re-evaluated, and get re-instated. Probably with pay....

old dog

Who rattled Julie R's cage and woke her up again?

I hope that this was a wake up call for this young woman and she gets her life back and moves on after this learning experience.

Julie R.

To answer my own question --- the police union can choose to go to an independent arbitrator, usually an impartial attorney unfamilar with the people involved, but the arbitrator can also be a non-lawyer. The arbitrator acts as the judge, hearing both sides and deciding whether the officer returns to duty or not.

These kind of "judges" in police union arbitration cases are like panel attorneys. Panel attorneys are a group of lawyers who sign up with the court to handle indigent cases when the public defender's office cannot represent a client. They either hear cases as a hearing officer or agree to take cases on a rotation basis. Being a panel attorney is a good way to have a steady stream of work and payment from the court is reliable. Because panel attorneys are court appointed, they resist rocking the boat to maintain friendly relationships with the judges and prosecutors. In other words, panel attorneys fear that taking a position that offends the judge and/or prosecutor is biting the hand that feeds them --- sort of like the retired old rent-a-judges that the Erie County judges are forever using to fix their cases.


Oh my gosh, Julie. No. One. Cares. You need therapy to deal with your perceived injusticse that you've been carrying around for years, as evidenced by all of your comments about Erie County judges that don't have anything to do with the articles in which you post them.

Julie R.

Perceived injustice? Courts that allow their attorney/judge friends to file a forged will two years after a client's death and another dirty court that sells fraudulently transferred property at a scam sheriff sale? That isn't "perceived" --- that's a matter of public record.

Got some real sweethearts in Eeeerie County!

Julie R.

How many male Sandusky police officers were fired after the Nuesse firing fiasco (i.e. appease the sheep) and how many have since been reinstated? Just about all of them --- yet the arbitrator in this case upholds the firing of a female police officer.


Only a union would be so unreasonable as to appeal an obviously justified firing. A drunk on-the-job cop with a loaded gun? Under what circumstances could that possibly be defensible? Oh, I know: When the drunk cop with a loaded gun is a union member! Sheesh. And some wonder why so many of us are disgusted by unions...

Julie R.

What about the Sandusky police officer (I believe his name was Gilliam) that was reinstated because the city's out-of-town attorney supposedly bungled paperwork? (i.e. he did not send copies of his filings to the attorneys for the union)

That was a crock. What attorney doesn't know when filing a motion, pleading or any document with the Clerk of Court that a Certificate of Service has to be filed with it. The Certificate of Service is a statement showing the date and manner and the name and addresses of the individuals or their counsel of record in which copies were served. Either that or there has to be instructions filed for the Clerk of Court to send the copies.

And the attorney in that case filed neither? Yeah, right. You sheep would believe anything the courts and attorneys pull off.