Home sweet slab

Demolition company razes wrong house
Associated Press
Jul 20, 2013


A demolition company has mistakenly torn down a three-bedroom home in North Texas rather than the condemned building next door.

David Underwood and his wife placed their Fort Worth house on the market with the intention of moving into the retreat they purchased near the shores of Lake Worth. The lakeside land has been in the family for decades and Underwood bought it from an aunt earlier this year.

But when they stopped by to mow the lawn Saturday, they found the home was gone. A slab of foundation remains.

Fort Worth hired the demolition company to raze the condemned building, and was billed more than $6,000 for the work.

The condemned structure remains standing.

Underwood is seeking a settlement from the city. A city spokesman says officials are investigating.




That would be my luck.


If it were SinDUDski the City would charge the home owners the $6,000 for tearing their house down.


"The 1,300-square-foot, three-bedroom, one-bath home, built in 1951, carries a $122,200 market value on the Tarrant Appraisal District website — $82,200 in improvements and a $40,000 lot value."

One would think that the contractor or employee doing the demolition would see a nice home valued at over $122,000 was too nice of a home to destroy. A phone call to the city could have averted this.


This was the POS house that was to be destroyed.


If this was in Sandusky both houses would still be standing.

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The Hero Zone

Yeesh. At least it wasn't waking up to find the wrong leg amputated. Still...

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Well, think about it this way, you don't have a utility bill now!


Any time a government agency is relied upon, expect this kind of thing. We'll see a lot more of this as we turn over more responsibility to the governing establishment. Everyone will see for themselves, especially when government healthcare kicks in. Everything we normally have control and responsibility for will be degraded severely.