Police investigate dead body found in home

Fremont police are releasing few details in a possible murder investigation at a Morrison Street home where a body was found early Wednesday morning.
Courtney Astolfi
Jul 18, 2013


Late Wednesday evening, detectives had few details to share, with no word on the victim's identity or gender.

"That's the million-dollar question," Fremont police Chief Tim Wiersma said, when asked why investigators weren't able to identify the victim's gender. He declined to elaborate. An occasional resident at the home, 140 Morrison St., came across the body at about 1:48 a.m. Wednesday, police stated in a release. The person called 911, prompting officers to respond to the scene. They body was that of an adult, and it had not shown signs of decomposition, police stated. Police would offer no further information, refusing to discuss the suspected cause of death.

“At this time [police] are unsure if the body is male or female,” the release stated.

The body was sent to the Lucas County coroner's office, where an autopsy should help in establishing the victim's identity. Wiersma said he's expecting autopsy results back today. Fremont police, paramedics and the Sandusky County coroner responded to the crime scene, along with Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation employees. Detectives began questioning anyone with possible information, and they continued the interviews throughout Wednesday.

Neighbors said a man in his 30s occupied the home, but police would not confirm he was the victim. Neighbors said cars would come and go from the residence frequently, and they noticed the man would often come outside to meet visitors at their car windows.

Another longtime Morrison Street resident said his neighborhood is “fairly decent” and does not experience a lot of problems.

Wednesday afternoon, while BCI employees and police were still at the Morrison Street home, a woman showed up at the police department to file a missing persons report. The woman told police the missing person was last known to stay in the same house where the body was found. The woman filled out a description of the missing woman, but officers gave her alternate options to explore before filing a police report.

Wiersma said he will today provide a recording of Wednesday's 911 call made from the home.



I'm guessing the victim could be a transvestite, if police, BCI or EMS crews could not decide the true gender, just by looking.

And they don't want to comment, because they have to stay politically correct now days.


A person who is a transvestite, their gender would be apparent upon examination. I would guess that this person is going through the transgender process, is a hermaphrodite, or has something like Klinefelter syndrome. Whatever the reason, the investigators should have just said "no comment" instead of saying that they couldn't tell the gender of the victim.

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Where is the face ?


According to the victims Facebook friends, the victim was a male friend of theirs, that was murdered, dressed in woman's clothes and wrapped in Saran wrap. The friend that found him could tell it was him.

I can not be sure however, that it was actually Saran wrap or a generic brand, so don't quote me on that.


Death by spa treatment?

sandtown born a...

Lots of cars coming and going and meeting people at their car windows and nobody is thinking drug dealer seriously people


Yep sounds like he was definitely dealing. Whether that played a part in the murder who knows. But it makes sense for motive.


Case closed. Victim identified.