Perkins Schools offers free pizza, levy discussion

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Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 16, 2013

Citizens for Perkins Schools will host a question-and-answer session with Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner at Chet and Matt's Pizza at 6 p.m. tonight.

Anyone can come and ask the group questions about the upcoming August levy vote or general questions about the district.

Chet and Matt's Pizza will provide free pizza and drinks.

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Edwin Ison

Strong Schools ...
THU, 07/18/2013 - 12:19AM
The state average in Ohio is 35 mils
Perkins = 21.6 mils
14 mils less than the state average in Ohio. We are still lower than the state average and some of the schools in Erie County.
Vote yes and support the students and keep the value of your property.

Seems to be some misinformation here.....


I am so with you, they really need to merge and have one great school in Sandusky!! Why are so many Perkins people so biased??!!


Are the laws of Ohio being followed in promotion of the school levy?

3517.092 Solicitation of political contributions from public employees by appointing authorities.


(1) No public employee shall solicit a contribution from any person while the public employee is performing the public employee's official duties or in those areas of a public building where official business is transacted or conducted.

(2) No person shall solicit a contribution from any public employee while the public employee is performing the public employee's official duties or is in those areas of a public building where official business is transacted or conducted.

Where is the money for promoting the school tax levy coming from? Are there any tax payer funds being used to promote the levy? A good example would be a school news letter sent to residents of the school district.

Also I have seen several comments that a school levy has not passed since the year 2000. How many times has the school levy failed in 13 years? How about some thorough and honest answers. No holding back on the truth.



Merge and save millions!


OK Perkins2060,

Detail for us all of these cost savings, let's see the numbers.

Remember,the new Perkins total millage rate of 35.2 (if the August levy passes) would instead go up to the Sandusky total rate of 42.1 if we merged. I don't think very many Perkins residents would be happy with that.

True Blue

I just heard the coaches are telling the kids if they don't go out and push for the levy, THEY WON'T BE PLAYING SPORTS THIS NEXT YEAR! See, they'll do anything to get their levy passed.


It's going to pass. Too many parents are on board because they can't afford the "pay to play" threat from Gunner and his disciples. This was a good move by this guy. He knew right where to strike and he did it. Just like Klamar and the police levy (which I voted for). Gunner and his disciples took this right out of the play book. Skipped right over bussing and went after sports. Not the kind of guy I want leading our district. He sure stirred up the hornets nest with his little ploy. Gotta give him that.

What these parents don't realize is they will pay more in the long run with the extra taxes than they would the pay to play fees.

Our district is a joke and I can't wait till the operating levies fail that will be on the ballot every 3 months until they pass. This will go on and on and on.

Strong Schools ...

Perkins 2060,

We have no sidewalks! Do you really want to make the young children walk to school with no safe route? That is very irresponsible of you to post that and you have to start thinking beyond yourself.

Perkins has tried to pass a levy multiple times. Our district is not a joke and it is cheaper to pass this levy NOW than to fail it and wait for the next round of state cuts. It will cost us more in the future if this does not pass. Support the students and vote yes!


And that definitely is a threat!!


"What these parents don't realize is they will pay more in the long run with the extra taxes than they would the pay to play fees."
?$300/yr on $150,000 home vs $730/yr pay to play?


Where are you hearing this from, who is stating that (where did you hear it), what exactly was said, and what coaches are involved?

If it is true exactly as you state, then it is outright wrong for that to be happening, but I have a hard time believe it is true. Please prove it.


Also watch the raises after the levy. Remember the Board of Health?

Pirate Mom




Strong Schools ...

There will be no raises. Now you are just throwing anything out on this blog to keep the arguments going. Stop!

True Blue

I wish I could remember every time a levy was on the ballot for Perkins Schools. I've lived here for quite a few years and they'd have a levy on the ballot every time the polls were open. They'd tell you one thing and use the money for something else. Lies and deception. Even then, Perkins wanted to be the bestest school in the state. I'm not talking about education either. Maybe someone else will remember all the lies and crap they fed us.


I don't know how far back you are going, but there have only been two levies on the ballot in the recent past. The building levy of November 2010, and the operating levy of May 2013. The August levy is the third.

How far back are you going?


Is tax money being used to promote the levy?
"Upper Arlington City School District administrators may have illegally used taxpayer resources to aid a November 2012 levy campaign"
"State law forbids school districts from spending taxpayer money to support or oppose a tax request, but it allows them to use public resources to communicate information about “plans, policies and operations.”
A video produced by Vandalia-Butler City Schools in advance of Tuesday’s levy vote has members of an anti-levy group questioning whether it pushes the envelope on laws prohibiting the use of tax money on political campaign materials"

The question is: Is tax money being used to promote the school levy? Where is the money coming from?

Pirate Mom

Please contact Terry Chapman through the board offices and you can find out where all the money for this levy is coming from. Lots of parents, businesses, and teachers have donated to ensure the truth is out there and people vote with their heads, not lies. It is illegal for the schools' tax revenue to pay for a levy.


I need to see acceptable legal public records to back up any spoken words.

Strong Schools ...

None of the money being used for the levy comes form the schools. All of the money is donated for the levy by community members and businesses. Terry Chapman is n charge of keeping the levy account.


Just got finished reading the letter to the editor in today's Sandusky Register from the Perkins Board of Education.

As I told RMyer and Bherrle in our personal conversations that I had no problem with supporting operating levies for the school system. I had some misgivings about this operational levy being a building levy in disguise.

I would like to thank the school board for putting in writing that this will not happen.
I will trust you. I will be voting "yes" for this operating levy.

I would like to be involved in the discussions on the funding of any future buildings.


You are a good man DSG. I hope others will follow you.


Yes, because if you vote no you are a bad man. What happens with the inside millage money???


Your words Perkins2060, not ours. After meeting him and speaking with him in person, I considered him a good man, no matter his vote. I am glad to see he has changed his mind after careful consideration, but the fact that he changed does not make him a good man.

The fact that you have already Voted NO does not make you a bad man.


DSG - What about those sewage, asbestos and electrical safety issues at the high school? We going to ignore those now since the BOE has promised that this levy is for operations in their letter to the editor. I thought these issues were urgent! Is my child safe or not?

Strong Schools ...

Thank you DSG!

Strong Schools ...

I am sure they would like to have you apart of the discussions as well! That is all they want. People to attend the meetings and voice their ideas in a respectful manner.




I am a good man until someone lies to me. I will be watching and evaluating the process taken with the new building.

I believe I have an alternative proposal to funding that allows public vote and public decision making. I didn't say cheaper but what they build will be decided on by the voting public not just the school board.

Time will tell.