Church receives ungodly water bill

Five-figure Ohio water bills blamed on new software
Associated Press
Jul 14, 2013


A spate of five-figure water bills in an Ohio city is being blamed on new software, but a pastor jokes his church's $93,000 bill was from using too much holy water.

The July bill sent to St. Rose Catholic Church in Girard near Youngstown was one of many erroneous statements sent to the city's water customers. The (Youngstown) Vindicator reported the Tri-Changes hair salon got a $12,000 bill.

Residents, business owners and clergy recently descended on the city's water department seeking an explanation.

Girard public services director Jerry Lambert said the city is replacing manual-read meters with automatic readers. He said the errors are a result of software problems during the changeover.

Lambert said the statements should be "100 percent correct" by the next billing cycle in September.





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The Hero Zone

Another victim of the chemical industrial complex ("big chemical" and their fatcat allies) that spews dihydrogen monoxide like it is its job. So sad, I hope they get justice for this!

Educate yourselves about this dangerous substance which is both a major component of acid rain, causes soil erosion, and is even found in tumors:

(Don't spoil this again for me, Big Dog!)


Dihydrogen Monoxide is the fancy name for water.

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The Hero Zone

Hey, hey, hey! I went through all the trouble to grab people's attention with an emotional statement then backed it up by specific facts that excluded necessary context. I even made sure enough pseudo-science was involved to fill in the gaps.

It's no fair that you can just come in and ruin it all with common sense and terminology. Now I know politicians' frustrations with their savvy constituents...



Yeah, it's pretty hard , if not impossible , to snow someone who knows what's going on.


The dihydrogen monoxide gag is clever but it has the effect of trivializing real hazardous substances. It's also getting a little stale.

Licorice Schtick

Ah! So maybe THAT'S what happened at the trailer park. It's all a mistake.