VIDEO: Sandusky police arrest seven women after fight at local McDonald’s

Seven young women from New York were arrested Sunday and taken to jail after they allegedly attacked two young Michigan women in a local fast food restaurant.
Tom Jackson
Jul 10, 2013

Sandusky police arrested the seven at the McDonald’s restaurant that serves visitors heading for Cedar Point. Police dispatched at 1:35 p.m. Sunday to the McDonald’s at 2102 River Ave. were greeted by several young women who told conflicting stories about what had happened.

After talking to witnesses and viewing a video, however, the police concluded the fight began after visitors from New York entered the restaurant to find out why their food was taking so long and began an altercation with young women in the restaurant.

Watch video of the fight in the player to the right

Olivia Cordero, 21, Witmore Lake, Mich., said she was in line when Sonia Vertucci, 41, Westchester, N.Y., came in and caused a scene about her food.Cordero said words were exchanged and then several young women attacked her. The police report described the young women involved as Vertucci’s daughters. Cordero had a cut under her eye and a scratch across her face. Another Michigan woman, Marcia Adkins, 21, Stockbridge, Mich., also allegedly was attacked.

Police arrested two young women Cordero identified as her assailants, then arrested five more women after viewing a video taken from inside the business.

Those arrested were:
•Leslie Gruccon, 20, College Point, New York, assault.
•Rebecca Perdomo, 21, College Point, New York, assault.
•Serena Cortez, 18, New Rochelle, N.Y., two counts of assault and one count of disorderly conduct.
•Gizele Benites, 19, New Rochelle, N.Y., disorderly conduct.
•Ashley Rodriguez, 26, College Point, New York, disorderly conduct.
•Chanea Young, 32, Queens, N.Y., disorderly conduct.
•Mabel Otero, 25, Elmhurst, N.Y., disorderly conduct.

All of the New York women bonded out after being taken to jail.

Five police units were dispatched to the restaurant to deal with the fight.






Amerian Dad

I wanna know who the female McDonald's employee is, she's no joke!!! She snatched a dude up by the head/neck. Pulled him out of the mix then went back in and snatched one of the girls and pulled her away. Nice job...........

Tru Grit

I'd make a comment but it would get deleted. Pure trash right there folks.


Guess they should put up a no fighting sign next to their no gun sign...


Rerelease of the film "Escape From New York" ; )


Announcement in the "Debarkation Area":

"You now have the option to terminate and be cremated on the premises. If you elect this option, notify the Duty Sergeant in your Processing Area."

Should be SOP in all 'current' maximum security prison facilities.


The scoops are coming :)


this is a great comment


this is a great comment


What I get from the video Is the boys were taking video or pics of the overweight woman and then her daughters or family came in to put them in their place. If you watch the video twice you should pick that up.


That's not what I saw at all


Things might have ended differently if there'd been 7 women from Cleveland there! Glad they got arrested. I am rather sick of the attitude of out of towners that they think they can come here and treat people like crap and get away with it.

Dwight K.

If they were ordering food for all those people at the drive thru of course its gonna take more then a few minutes


Most of those people should NOT be eating at mcdonalds !!!!!!


I am with the people who are sick and tired of worrying about being politically correct or nicey nice about their comments. Just tell it like it is and the heck with what others think of the comment. At least you are truthful. Good for you. These girls are NOT ladies....just acting like animals and they sure showed it. They got their bells rung as they should have. Wait your turn and stop throwing your weight around and shooting off your big mouth. Your food will be ready when its read. Chill out.