Voltz, county heading for a showdown

Former JFS director and accused rapist continues fighting his termination
Andy Ouriel
Jul 7, 2013


Erie County commissioners are preparing for a possible court date pitting them against the government’s past advocate against child abuse and domestic violence.

Aaron Voltz, the former executive director at Erie County Job and Family Services, filed a lawsuit against commissioners in January, alleging they disparaged him while favoring female co-workers.

Voltz, a Hispanic, seeks at least $75,000 in damages and an administrative position with the department.

All three commissioners unanimously agreed to fire Voltz in July 2011, just days after police jailed him on a rape charge.

His termination also occurred less than a month after commissioners voted 3-0 to promote him into the department’s top spot.

Four months later, however, an Erie County judge dropped the rape charge based on the alleged victim’s reluctance to cooperate with prosecutors.

Commissioners contend they justly terminated Voltz, since he agreed to a 180-day probationary period upon getting promoted.

“This is ongoing litigation, and we cannot comment,” Erie County commissioner Bill Monaghan said.

Voltz, however, sued commissioners and their staff members in an attempt to regain employment in Erie County.

The lawsuit:

* Alleges Voltz “was often treated differently than similarly situated female and white co-workers.”

* Contends he couldn’t succeed at his job because “there was too much estrogen” in the department.

* Accuses county officials of disciplining Voltz more harshly than others who committed the same or lesser offenses.

“I believed that I was discriminated against by Erie County, its board of commissioners as well as its agents … because of my gender and national origin,” Votlz wrote in a previous letter to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission the Register later obtained.

But Marc Fishel — a county-appointed attorney who often represents Sandusky administrators in disputes against city police officers and commanders — did provide some clarity about Voltz’s ongoing case:

Q: What are the most recent dealings involving Aaron Voltz?
MF: We are in the discovery process. The parties have exchanged answers to interrogatories and responsed to document requests. There will be a few depositions that take place in July with others scheduled for September. There is a status conference scheduled with the court on Aug. 6.

Q: When will the court proceedings occur?
MF: If this case goes to trial, it’ll likely be in April 2014.

Q: What is the county doing now to combat the lawsuit?
MF: Obviously, the county believes it acted properly when (Voltz) was terminated in July 2011. The county stands by its decisions in this case.

Q: How much is the county paying for your legal services?
MF: The deductible is $2,500.

Note: The Erie County commissioners’ insurance policy will cover most costs related to the Voltz case.

Aaron Voltz timeline

• 1996: Voltz starts tenure at Erie County Job and Family Services.
June 2011: Commissioners select Voltz as the new executive director at Erie County Job and Family Services. It’s the department’s top position, with the person reporting directly to commissioners.
• July 9, 2011: Huron police receive a call from a 26-year-old woman who accuses Voltz of forcibly raping her at her Cleveland Road apartment. Three officers show up at the apartment with a rape kit and confiscate a stainless steel knife, bed sheet, comforter and some clothes. Police then issue a warrant for Voltz’s arrest.
• July 10, 2011: Perkins police arrest Voltz. He is later taken to the Erie County jail.
• July 11, 2011: The three Erie County commissioners unanimously agree to fire Voltz for conduct detrimental to his department, stemming from the rape charge. Upon being promoted, Voltz had agreed to a 180-day probation period, allowing commissioners to fire him if he was suspected of or committed any detrimental action.
• November 2011: Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Tygh Tone dismisses rape charges against Voltz, citing the alleged victim’s reluctance to testify.
• November 2012: Erie County commissioners receive a copy of an Oct. 31 certified letter the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, sent by Voltz and a Cleveland law firm. The county’s insurance policy helps cover compensatory damages as well as back pay if a court ruling ultimately sides with Voltz on the wrongful termination claim.
• December 2012: Voltz sends Erie County commissioners a letter demanding he be reinstated as Erie County Job and Family Services’ assistant director, the position he had before he was promoted to the director’s spot in June 2011.
• January 2013: Voltz files a lawsuit against Erie County, seeking at least $75,000 in compensation because he was fired.



Its sad to see that this man doesn't deserve to be in this position. I love his excuse "Contends he couldn’t succeed at his job because “there was too much estrogen” in the department." I guess if you work in a male dominated position you could say there was to much testosterone like a male prison. I had to laugh when I read This . oh Aaron lets use the race card again. Mr. Voltz my friend showed me your internal records that were to be kept confidential showing your mis-conduct in office and abusing your powers ....What do you think of that you ALLEGED RAPIST? How much you pay her?


Hispanic isn't a race...it's an ethnicity. Wish people would quit using it incorrectly.

Julie R.

sandusky2012: If that's true that your friend showed you internal records, I wouldn't be broadcasting it. That's illegal, you know.


Why not? You've told anyone who will listen about a title company employee breaching confidentiality with you.

Julie R.

@Nemesis: As long as you were the one that brought it up ..... what title company employee are you referring to who breached confidentiality with me? I've mentioned more than one, you know.

Are you referring to the employee in the title company that is located on the 2nd floor of a building next to the Merry-Go-Round Museum? The one that did the required by law title search prior to that court-ordered scam sheriff sale of the property that I inherited and stated in a preliminary judicial report that they found no defects in the title? The employee (who must have been new) who told me AFTER the sheriff sale how they did the title search and then proceeded to read to me straight from the report about all the fraud that they found. (which was identical to the complaints that were filed that the joke courts refused to address) The one when I asked for a copy of it, I heard her ask her manager and then I heard her manager yelling in the background. The title company that actually locked their office door when I tried to serve a subpoena on them for a copy of the title search they did. The one, when I tricked them into signing for the subpoena by certified mail, they rushed out and got an attorney so Binette could quash it. Is that the employee that breached confidentiality?

Or are you referring to the title company that did a title search nine months (9 months?) after the scam sale for the realtor that bought it. The one I said I was on the phone with when they got the title search report back ...... and how an employee wasn't even half-way done reading it and she said: "My God! This guy will NEVER get title insurance!" The employee who also told me that the fraud they were finding during title searches at the Erie County courthouse was UNREAL. Is that the one?


hows it illegal because someone was st*^$d enough to allow that person to have it? He actually has hard copies of this information


commissioners it states "an administrative position with the department"an administrative position with the department." Mr alleged rapist is looking for lets have in charge of the restrooms as the chief administrator. (POTTY PATROL CHIEF)..

J Cooper

I am not defending Voltz, personally I think he got what he deserved, but sandusky2012, "my friend showed me your internal records that were to be kept confidential showing your mis-conduct in office and abusing your powers." Your friend should be fired and prosecuted, wonder if the Register will file a public record request to see who had excess to these personal records and who looked at them?


I thought the same thing about someone showing confidential records to someone.


I think the commissioners did the right thing in the firing but only the courts will rule. It is a shame that the girl backed down from giving any testimony. She needs to come forward. If you are going to start it, you should finish it and follow through.


Attn: Young people. Observe this. Sadly most in authority care primarily about self.

Julie R.

A footnote in the paper says: "The Erie County commissioners' insurance policy will cover most costs related to the Voltz case."

So what is that supposed to mean --- that it isn't going to cost the taxpayers anything or what? If so, who may I ask pays for the insurance if not the taxpayers? Did the 'walk on water' county commissioners forget that small detail?


I wish the accuser would come forward ! That would knock him down from his arrogant and smug behavior. Too much estrogen ? Deal with it !!!


They should charge him for being a sexist too.


I'm sure push come to shove they will have her testify under oath as to her allegation


This cheapens the real argument of racism. To be honest, I have known who this guy is for a while and never knew he was Hispanic.

Just Sayin IMHO

She won't come forward because she knows it's a bogus call. It never happened. She was mad at him one day, so she cried rape. They were living together shortly after. She's like a Fatal Attraction. I unexpectedly met someone close to the family who revealed this to me.

Just Sayin IMHO

Accidental Repeat Post


well when she does testify in court they can charge her with filing a false police report and make her pay back the local police department for manpower. I also think she should have to apologize to all those victims that are actually raped and not taken seriously because of the piece of S*!T she is


Hey Mr. Voltz you know who my friend is that has your internal ODJFS records showing your misconduct in office. If you cannot remember he actually gave you a copy of them timed stamped from your agency; and at that time all you could say is that you have no comment!!!!!!
You will always be remembered as the ALLEGED rapist of ODJFS


Just curious~~~~~Voltz, a Hispanic,~~~~~What does that have to do with ANYTHING?? Why is race ALWAYS brought into the picture??

J Cooper

sandusky2012, you mean your friend who should be fired for allowing you to see a confidential report, unless you are a county official?


maybe you should ask Mr Voltz that question

J Cooper

We agree on Voltz, he deserved to be fired. You didn't answer my question, are you a county official or employee and if so you should be removed from office along with your friend for releasing contents of a confidential report.


J cooper I am neither county official nor a county employee. The report was actually released to the Sandusky police whom attached it to my friends public records. Since than my friend has e-mailed it to the Local FBI, State Represanatives, Congressional Personel Local Media,Even the Govoners office.Also the local police department has it still attached to his public records yet marked it confidential as to not allow any other person to have access to this information from what they have told him....


no I do not work for the county as an official nor employee.. strange isn't it how the world works..... Mr Voltz has a copy of this report as I personally had it timed stamped by the county and personally gave it to him. oh I forgot so do the county commissioners!!!!!!


First of all, I don't believe Sandusky2012 saw any confidential records. If so, Sandusky2012 is an idiot for telling everyone. Secondly,I don't understand why everyone is getting worked up over lawyer language. Settle down folks, this one will be settled by the attorneys. Sorry but Erie County will be paying up on this one. They should've just put him on Administrative Leave to see if the charges went anywhere.


And actually Sandusky2012 didn't release any contents of a condidential file. He/She only stated that he/she was shown the file. The comments regarding abuse of power and misconduct in office are general statements that have already been made by others, IMHO.

J Cooper

I agree but his "friend" allowed him access to the file, and now we learn he emailed it to various agencies. My question under who's authority or orders? Should his "friend" take it upon himself at anytime to release personal files and share them with his "friends" without a public records request? His friend should be join Voltz on the unemployment line.


I think he/she is saying that there was a public records request made of the police and that the Police attached his personnel record.

J Cooper

Sandusky 2012 was allowed by his friend, to see a by his own term a "internal ODJFS records", did Sandusky 2012 file a public records request? Its not "his friends public records" its the county's public record that only should be released with a public records request. Under who's authority or orders were they emailed to various agencies. Sandusky 2012 claims Sandusky requested the report, why the alleged rape occurred and was investigated by Huron Police Department. Its dangerous when a government employee shares records with others with out following proper channels, he/she should be fired. Is it OK when a couple of guys are sitting around, and a county employee says, hey guys let me show how Voltz screwed up, would any of us tolerate our personal records be shared in this manner?


If you file a public records request and the records are released to you it is by definition public. Sandusky2012's "friend" was not compelled to keep the records private nor is Sandusky2012. They can send it to whomever they choose because it is by definition public.


correct underthebridge

J Cooper

Even if a record became public which from your prior posts appeared to change in you account, that being the case why did you serve a time stamped copy on Voltz if you aren't a county official? Why did your "friend" take it upon himself to email the report to various agencies?


jay250 I disagree I believe Mr.Voltz will truly see the light and end up paying .As per Ohio law Ohio is an employment at will state meaning that anyone can be terminated with or without cause and besides he was on probation ..........


That's for private employers. When the employer is the government, other factors come into play.


he did not have a contract so the law is the same


What slays me is the fact that he is admitting wrong-doing, "Accuses county officials of disciplining Voltz more harshly than others who committed the same or lesser offenses.". In fact he's admitting that the entire agency has committed wrongdoing, and considering that children and families futures are in their hands, I find this appalling.


His blaming of others for his behavior, "but they did it too", and his reasons for filling the suit are extremely juvenile and selfish. This mindset is also disturbing to me, considering the governmental authority that these agency employees have.

J Cooper

Sandusky 2012 says " Mr Voltz has a copy of this report as I personally had it timed stamped by the county and personally gave it to him." Yet you claim not to be a county employee or official, seems you have a vested interest in the case.


no I just want to see justice servered


With regard to the law suit stating “there was too much estrogen”. Estrogen influences the structural differences between female and male bodies. To refer to it in a derogatory manner only shows a critical and disrespectful attitude towards women.

Tool Box

Where did this chap work before and what was his work record?


"• 1996: Voltz starts tenure at Erie County Job and Family Services.
• June 2011: Commissioners select Voltz as the new executive director at Erie County Job and Family Services. It’s the department’s top position, with the person reporting directly to commissioners."

He was hired and promoted. Why wasn't a female promoted? Hispanic? 180 day probation period?

"* Accuses county officials of disciplining Voltz more harshly than others who committed the same or lesser offenses."

Any details of others committing the same offenses? This should get interesting. All of those "others" will be named in court.


Don't forget that this guy was also a part-time police officer in Norwalk, Ohio.

Since this guy is no longer employed by Erie County (Ohio), why should the newspaper use that photo?

How about this photo instead?


Here is an idea. Have the guy and victim take a lie detector test. Lie detector tests are only a guide and sometimes not factual.

"A former Erie County employee awaiting trial on a rape charge could have his bond revoked for leaving home without permission."

Why wasn't his bond revoked?


Ironic that a guy accused of raping/sexually assualting 5 seperate women is complaining that he isn't being treated fairly by the ladies at work...


Doesn't his relative work for SPD?


Didn't he have a girlfriend when he was accused of rape? Was that his girlfriend or another girl??