Police continue theft probe at mobile home park

Investigators have hard time tracking down proof residents paid for water
Courtney Astolfi
Jul 4, 2013


Sandusky police are still looking into the theft of city services at Hoppers mobile home park, but detectives are unsure just how long the investigation will take.

The investigation was initially prompted by park residents, who said they paid the property owner for water services, but the owner never paid the city. That unpaid water bill will force residents from their homes on Aug. 8, which is the day city officials will turn off all Hoppers water services, making the park uninhabitable.

On Tuesday, detective David West said police were still the process of speaking with residents and reviewing their financial records, but officers have faced a few roadblocks along the way.

Some residents have not kept pristine payment records, and deciphering them has slowed the investigation. West also said some residents moved out of the park before officers began looking into the theft complaints and tracking them down has taken time.

Still, West said Sandusky police are doing their best to conclude the investigation ahead of the August deadline.



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Love this! ^^

here in ohio

its already uninhabitable, go drive by it......


looks like the city needs to cut the grass also looks like a loose dog where are the spd


How can they determine if they paid or not, the residents didn't receive a water bill. Yost included that fee in their lot rent.


It stands to reason that if the water was included in their lot rent and the lot rent was paid then their water bills were paid. In the park I live in we receive a monthly statement that shows your rent, water and sewer charge.


Sound's like most park's are set up this way, the city just let this go on way to long. The place may be a dump, but it was still people's homes.


Redistribution of wealth....from poor to rich!

he said she said

I have never lived in a park like this but when I move into an apt, I sign a lease that tells me what I pay and what the landlord pays. When residents move into the park, don't they sign a lease or something with the owner? That should state what is included in the lot rent and what is not.

Truth or Dare

Hey 007: Exactly! Nice attempt, I guess, but does anyone else get the feeling they're hoping this will just go away and be forgotten about, like so many other things?


So once again the cities taxpayers are flipping the bill for this investigation, which by the way mean nothing at all. The entire thing is going to be a civil matter......hat a joke


There is a dog on the loose and a child.... Where are the parents?


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This place has been a dump since Dewey Hartwig opened it. Should have been closed down by the health department years and years ago. These people know they did not pay the water bill directly, so they should produce a lease that shows Yost is or is not reponsible for the water and that is that. Regardless, close this pest hole down!!! Have them pitch a tent on Yost's Cold Creek property.


Still in the back of my mind that this is cheaper for the City than to attempt an eminent domain court action to get the property.Wait and see how long after these people are gone that the City gets this property.


There's already talk of a developer


And forgives liens and sells for cheaper than dirt--zero.

Oh well it's only a few thousand dollars. We won't miss it.

Don't forget to fix my street.


A developer! So that is why the sudden rush after all these years. 30 years ago that place was a mess.