Snake River falls boat jumps the track

A Chicago area family experienced a little more adrenaline than expected Saturday while spending the day at Cedar Point.
Melissa Topey
Jul 3, 2013


A boat on Snake River with 12 people on board jumped the track as it plunged down.

Some of the people on the boat were the Marini family, including 8-year-old Sophia Marini.

“We were coming down and we noticed, usually there is a humongous splash; there was no splash,”

Sophia Marini said. “We were supposed to turn; we went right off the track.”

Sophia said the riders were jerked when that happened, but it was not too bad.

“We were scared if another boat was going to hit us,” Sophia Marini said.

Victoria Marini was watching as her two children, her nieces and nephews and her sister were riding Snake River.

“As a mother I was screaming for someone to stop the ride,” Victoria Marini said.

She also called out to her kids to see if they were OK. Everyone was.

Cedar Point officials were quickly at the ride.

“Cedar Point was really great with us about this,” Victoria Marini said. “I felt they handled it well, they were very sweet with the kids.”

They continued with their day, which was helped by passes to jump the line at a ride.

“I used them on the Iron Dragon and the Mine Ride,” Sophia Marini said.

“This is just going to be a crazy family story we re-tell for years to come,” Victoria Marini said.

Bryan Edwards said the ride was immediately closed down for the day and inspected. It was determined the water level for the ride was too low. The problem was corrected, and the ride re-opened on Sunday.

“Safety is our No. 1 concern,” Edwards said.


Really are you ...

Woo Hoo! "Someone stop the ride." Yall are stuck, you aren't going anywhere.

Fibber Mcgee

You mean those boats have wheels on them???
(glad everyone's safe....)
shouldn't there have been an alarm of too low water level?


Um, hi, I said someone needed to stop the ride because there was another boat about to come down the hill and hit my kids. I think she only put 1/2 of my quote in the article. Thanks for the kind comment, though!


I'm grateful your family is safe and sound! Definitely had some angles around them. Hopefully you enjoyed the rest of your time at the park


What kind of angles are around that ride or the riders? Did the angles prevent another boat from hitting them? I have never ridden this ride so I don't know the angles or curves of the ride. Glad everyone is ok.


Angles? Angles? We don't need no stinking angles!!!


So glad that your family wasn't injured!! I think I would have been to scared to even say that much had it been my family on there when I saw it jump the tracks. Hope the rest of your day at the Point went well though.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Glad nobody was seriously hurt, thanks for choosing to visit Sandusky for your vacation!

Erie Countian

Glad everyone was OK, Ms Marini. I would be screaming, too if I thought my kids were in danger. Must have been pretty scary! Hope you had a nice stay in our area!

Tool Box

Really Mr. Edwards, that is your explanation? We already figured that the water was too low by there not being a big splash! Now answer the 1 million dollar question that needs to be answered! Why was the water too low and why did the employees keep running the ride if the water was too low?


If you knew some of the Maintenance crew they have working there you wouldn't let your kids ride any of the rides! I wouldn't let half those guys fix my lawn mower let alone a ride carrying 8 people!

Tool Box

And how do you know them?


Apparently they know what they are doing because their safety record is still much better than so many other of the "big parks" in the mid-west.

Sitting In The ...

If what you say was true the park would be shut down....You seem to have a grudge against the Maintenance Crew did they not hire you or something?.


Lucky it didn't hit that bridge...we'd be looking at serious injuries.


Snake River Falls is right next to the First Aid station... Lucky them!

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So a high water level is all that prevents the ride from coming off the track?

Bryan Edwards, the ride SHOULD have stayed on the tracks regardless of how low the water level was.


The boat wasn't on a track because there is no track. The low water meant no splash. No splash meant the boat was traveling too fast to manage the turn and it jumped the side of the channel.

William Jeffers...

I had an absolutely horrifying moment at the park too, but I decided to buy the tickets anyway.


You can't weigh 400 pounds riding that thing!


what about 380.


thank goodness everyone is ok

Good 2 B Me

Nothing unusual. This has happened a number of times in the past. Snake River Falls is not the first ride like thia to have it happen and will not be the last!

Sitting In The ...

I would think this is rather minor...As long as the rides that carry me a few hundred feet in the air don't fall off the track I'm good.