Man 'Bush' whacked

He says George Bush told him to cut off penis
Associated Press
Jun 27, 2013


An unidentified man told police he cut his own penis off because “George Bush made him do it.”

Lorain Police were called to 21st and Access streets around 1 p.m. Tuesday to remove a man, 30, refusing to get off a train.

When they arrived, the man told police he cut his own penis off with a hacksaw, said Lorain Police Detective Buddy Sivert.

Police found the penis by the railroad tracks after checking the area.

No drugs or anything suspicious was found at the scene, Sivert said.




The Big Dog's back

Must have been Cheney.

looking around

"mission accomplished!"


Meanwhile, Pres. Obama tells his followers to stick their heads up their tuckus daily and they dutifully oblige.


so it's still George Bush's fault. Can anyone say "mental health issues here?"


I think he misunderstood. Directions from Bush were to hack off the other anatomic parts down there.


Well mom, he won't be procreating in the future, which may just be a good thing for the species, after hacksawing his penis off, it won't really matter about the other bits.


Darwin Award, for real. Weird how my comment about hacking got repeated as hacksawing, then to it was done with a hacksaw. Just an observation.


Re: "Darwin Award,"

The DA is generally only given if death occurs.

IMO, this guy doesn't even deserve honorable mention.


This happened at the railroad gates where I work and he didn't use a hacksaw. If you read the article in the Morning Journal, no hacksaw was found. As well as after talking to the conductor of the crew that was there, he saw the guy doing it with the glass that was found there, after trying a railroad spike and some rocks, he found the glass


All the Register story says is that the man TOLD police he'd used a hacksaw. No other details are provided.


THAT'LL teach him to believe anything a politician says! Now if we could just convince the Obamabots...


Wow...The filter allows us to say penis, vagina, testicles, clitoris and such? Who knew?


And you kiss your mother with that filthy mouth? :)

There you go again

Probably can't use the N word, though.


They are descriptive terms of body parts. Why would that be considered filthy?


Re: "Why would that be considered filthy?"

Just joshin'.

I hope Anthony Weiner becomes NYC mayor. The double entendres will be ENDLESS!!! :)


There is only one topic I cannot discuss with my mom. Religion.


I'm surprised it was his manhood that GW told him to get rid of. In GW's image, I would have thought it would have been his brain instead.


OMG is correct. As the story goes he tried to cut it off with a rusty saw. Then he broke a bottle of "Bush" beer and " Wacked it off" !
I guess that gives a new meaning to the phrase!


SR... it was never a reference to George Bush!


I remember a song I sang as a kid "A peanut sat on the railroad track, his heart was all a-flutter"......
Guess I'm now going to have to sing it differently. :}

Mime Bloggling

Trashy, vulgar journalism. Lazy.