Grave robber suspect held on $20K bond

Piece by piece, police detectives are putting together the puzzling case of the Clyde man who stole dozens of grave ornaments from Oakland Cemetery and other area burial plots in a long-running theft scheme.
Jun 24, 2013



Jeffrey Huey, 23, of the 3200 block of County Road 213, was arrested June 7, after investigators caught him stealing a palm tree on hidden camera at the Sandusky cemetery.

After police pulled him over when he left the cemetery, Huey led officers to his Clyde home, where officers discovered a large number of stolen urns, benches, statues and other decorations stored there.

He’s now held at the jail on felony theft, breaking and entering and vandalism charges.

Since Huey’s arrest two weeks ago, investigators have received a flood of phone calls from loved ones in search of missing ornaments.

“People have called sobbing. I don’t think he realizes the extent of what he’s done and the impact of these thoughtless thefts,” Sandusky police Detective Gary Wichman said.

Investigators are still piecing together the far-reaching extent of Huey’s crimes, and have been aided in their search by Oakland caretaker Dan Hedberg.

Hedberg said between family members coming forward and his knowledge of the monuments, detectives have already identified about 30 pieces stolen from Oakland Cemetery.

And the list of missing items keeps growing: Grass-trimmers continue to uncover grave sites with missing pieces, and some ornaments reported missing by loved ones weren’t found amid Huey’s stash. 

Detectives originally speculated Huey was turning the ornaments around and selling them for a profit, but they found proof of their suspicions on Facebook.

Photos Huey posted to his Facebook profile were essentially advertisements for stolen urns, complete with “product descriptions.”

“It’s the lowest thing you can do, stealing from the dead,” one woman who lost a century-old statue told Hedberg.

Huey worked for an auto parts distributor while he was taking classes at the University of Toledo, detectives learned.

His job required him to travel across northern Ohio, which could have taken him to the multiple places he allegedly stole from.

“People come visit out here for years and years, and then these things are taken, for him to sell and try to make some money. It’s just sad,” Hedberg said.

Only a palm tree and an urn with planted flowers have been returned to Oakland Cemetery. All other ornaments are held by the Sandusky County sheriff’s office, as part of their own investigation.

Huey is held in the Erie County jail on a $20,000 bond.


Dont Worry Be Happy

I try to be positive when blogging on here but sir you are a piece of trash. How do you live with yourself? People put things at a grave site for comfort of loosing their loved ones and you go steal it, seriously! God help you.


While I don't condone his stealing, the fact remains that the dead don't care if their cemetery adornments are there or not. It's only the relatives left behind that care. To me it's a rather ridiculous practice, but still, one should not steal from gravesites or vandalize them. It's a matter of respect. Losing a loved one is difficult enough without having to contend with thieves. Also, one of the ghosts might haunt you!

Tool Box

Send him over to OVH to help out with the grave stone project. Just make sure to check his pockets at the end of the day!


May the ghosts of this ghoul haunt him in his sleep every night for eternity!!!

The Answer Person

Nothing will haunt him as he has no soul.