Police search for missing man

He walked away from Concord Nursing Home on West Strub Road about 4 a.m.
Jun 24, 2013


Perkins police have notified area law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for a 72-year-old man who walked away from the nursing home earlier today. 

Richard Hennessee, 72, was wearing a tan striped shirt and dark jogging pants when last seen, Perkins Police Chief Ken Klamar said.

He has very white hair and a long white beard," Klamar said.

Anyone seeing Hennessee is asked to call their local police department. 



So sad, praying they find him!

Eph 2 8-10

I was wondering why both Perkins and the Sheriff were cruising my street.


I thought they kept nursing home doors locked to prevent this sort of thing happening. Guess not.


Not all facilities are the same but the one I worked had doors that locked and needed a pass code. Sometimes visitors did not realize that a person following them was a resident and would hold the door for them. Not everyone in these units look like they belong there. Unless you know the person, some even sound with it until you strike up a lengthily conversation


most nursing homes do not keep their doors locked until after 8pm for visitors and families to access their loved ones (yes come visit... no your not imposing... yes you can wake them from their nap) Also we encourage our alert and oriented residents to go outside and enjoy the outdoors on the facility property. Sometimes, LTC facilities will put a ankle bracelet (wanderguard) on a residents ankle when they display "exit seeking behavior" This man many not have had this problem previously.

Eph 2 8-10

No they don't. But they do use ankle bracelets on some whom have a propensity of walking away. An RF chip locks the door as they approach. Guess he'll need one . Hope they find him safe.

Erie Countian

According to WLEC, the man has now been found.

Dont Worry Be Happy

You are correct EC the man has been found. Good job to all local LE's working together to get this man home safely.


I work in a LTC facility... and sometimes families wonder why we put ankle alerts (wanderguards) or alarms on our residents. This is the exact reason why. We do not apply these devices unless the person shows "exit seeking behavior" This man may not have shown this behavior previously. I'm so glad they found him, as I'm sure the nurses and STNA's were going crazy looking for him!

Tool Box

Maybe we need to readdress the door locking policy.