Saving Lake Erie plan gets update

It’s been five years since Ohio issued a Lake Erie Protection and Restoration Plan, and several big problems and important issues have come into the limelight.
Tom Jackson
Jun 24, 2013


The Ohio Lake Erie Commission is updating that 2008 plan with a new one this year, said Gail Hesse, executive director.

The 2008 report, available on the commission’s website, listed several important problems, such as pollution, invasive species and climate change.

At the commission’s quarterly meeting Wednesday at Plum Brook Station, Hesse said the new report will add issues such as jobs and the economy; management of dredged sediment; harmful algal blooms; the Asian carp problem; monitoring of water conditions in the lake near the shore; technical resources for shoreline erosion control; and restoration efforts to fix habitats and streams.

“The 2013 version is a fairly substantive update,” Hesse said.

The commission is still working on the document, so a draft is probably about two weeks away from being posted on the website.

The commission will then concentrate on getting comments from the public during the summer before putting together a final plan to present to the commission when it meets again Sept. 25. There will be a webinar and at least two public meetings, one in northwest Ohio and one in northeast Ohio, Hesse said.

People who want to learn about those meetings, and keep up with Lake Erie news in general, can obtain news from the commission’s Facebook page or follow the commission on Twitter (@OhioLakeErie), said Rian Sallee, a grants coordinator who runs the Twitter account.

“We’ll be sure to get the word out on Facebook and Twitter,” Sallee said.



setting the table for more regulations. And i see the register is getting on the global warming kick. Just so happen obama is doing a global warming speech. humm


"The Ohio Lake Erie Commission is updating that 2008 plan with a new one this year, said Gail Hesse, executive director."

The "global warming" comment was made by the above director, and not the SR.

You need not see conspiracy in every news article.


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