Ohio Veterans Home cemetery set for cleanup

Federal grant totaling $799,000 paying for upgrades
Andy Ouriel
Jun 21, 2013


Sweat trickled down Chris Kaufman's body on a sweltering Thursday morning.

The waves of perspiration came as he repeatedly drove a shovel into the ground, scooping out 4 feet of dirt.

And despite the scorching sun beating down on him, he seemed happy and motivated to tackle this formidable task.

Kaufman, an Ohio Veterans Home maintenance supervisor, worked to replace a crooked, aged headstone.

He's one of several people contributing to a monumental Ohio Veterans Home cemetery cleanup initiative that started earlier this month.

The refurbishing project directly resulted from U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs providing $799,000 in November 2012 to spruce up all 4,200 Ohio Veterans Home headstones and cemetery plots.

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Two thumbs up to you. Thanks to all who have served.

doggie mom

I hope that they get wreaths for all the stones...it always makes me feel bad that some are forgotten....

here in ohio

REALLY $799,000 to spruce up ... I would think the money could be better used, for like that ones that are still alive and are having a hard time making ends meet with the LITTLE moneys thay get now and some that are even HOMELESS ... dont get me wrong I am VERY grateful to the ones that have served but this money could be used in a better way !!!


Contact the governor, maybe the state will pony up. There's no lack of money being spent on Columbus based on my visit there yesterday. The rest of us can eat cake. BTW, I agree that the living vets get the short end of the stick.


@ here in ohio,
I must reply to you with this...REALLY!
Do you really think the $799,000 to spruce up the Ohio Veterans Home Cemetery is pointless spending? Let me tell you this, the OVH cemetery, and every U. S. National Cemetery across this country and around the world is Hallowed Ground. It is the final resting place for every Veteran who dedicated their service to this great country. Shame on you for such a comment. I bet your family members, whom have past are in a well manicured cemetery. And I just bet your not even a Veteran. If your really concerned about the homeless Veterans, or those at a disadvantaged, make a donation to a Veterans organization. Maybe the OVH can help you with that.

here in ohio

Yeah I knew some would take what I said wrong, but the truth does hurt sometimes, and what different does it make if I am a Veteran or not ? that has nothing to do with it and I guess you didnt read where I said I am VERY grateful to the ones that have served ? Have a great day !!


If you were a Veteran you would understand the importance. Just because they have passed, they are NO LESS important than the living.


@ here in ohio,
Well now that it is clear you ARE NOT a Veteran. Your lack of military knowledge and history shows disrespect to everyone whom has worn or is wearing the uniform of our Armed Forces.

Remember this my friend,
~A Veteran is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable 'To My Country' for an amount "up to and including my life."
That is Honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it.
PS, have you ever heard of Arlington National Cemetery? A lot of our greatest Military 'Heroes' are buried there.
Good day...


190.23 each headstone is worth the price !


You just know all those dead people are looking up from their graves and rejoicing over the new furniture.


How disrespectful to our veterans. Shame on you.


They are dead. They don't care. As was stated above, that $$$ should've been spent on the ones who are alive and need assistance.

Makes one wonder whose little "feel good" political move this was?


I would bet that those who fought in the wars would rise up and throw a damn fit if they saw this country paying for new headstones instead of those still alive. WTF do you think they died for? Monuments? NO! They died for this country.


Dear Register,
You have added a new low to your use of double entandres in your print version headlines. "Grave situation at Ohio Veteran's Home". How disrespectful to our honored Veterans (and any passed on loved one, for that matter). We honor all Veterans and we certainly are wrong to crack a joke about this honored ground. You think you're funny? Your article was well-reported, otherwise. Thanks, Andy.
But, these types of disrespectful headlines do disservice to any standard of journalism. Why continue this practice?


I think it's a clever title. My parents are buried in a veteran's cemetery and I don't find it disrespectful at all.

Eph 2 8-10

Another politically correct individual. No disrespect was meant. Quit being so thin skinned!


Drove by the Veterans Home today. What a difference straighten out the headstones makes. These fallen heroes deserve a little attention now and then.

Good job !


Thanks guys,I would have never learned Nipponese !


Every Veteran wants to be buried in a place of great respect and honor. That is what the Cemetery at the Ohio Veterans Home gives along with every U. S. National Cemetery around the world.
These cemeteries are Hallowed Ground. They deserve a higher standard of maintenance than the average cemetery. They are they final resting place to all of those whom placed their life up for this great country. To defend liberty and freedom around the world.
All the Veterans of the past would say 'Thank You!'

Tool Box

Couldn't have said it better myself.