LETTER: Outgrow death penalty

The death penalty is controversial. It shouldn't be debated any longer because we just shouldn't have it. People usually scra
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010


The death penalty is controversial. It shouldn't be debated any longer because we just shouldn't have it.

People usually scram about how whoever got killed deserved it. People also shout about our government being impeccable and never doing wrong. All those people would be wrong. It has been proven many times our government has been wrong. A recent study showed that "one in seven people sent to death row are later proven innocent." These government killings in the U.S. have been going on since the colonies. If we've been able to create a whole new country, it's time we also stopped allowing the government to kill people outside of a battlefield.

Our country is considered a world leader bent on change. In 2008 the U.S. was ranked fourth in the world in confirmed executions. Our country was able to beat Pakistan and Iraq for that position as well. Austria, Canada, France and the United Kingdom have already decided they don't feel like being on the same list as Vietnam, Iran and South Korea. I think it's about time our country grows up and takes itself off the list as well.

Some people think our country shouldn't have to pay for all these criminals to live. The truth is that it costs a lot less to give someone life that the death penalty: $3 million to $1.9 million less. The whole an eye-for-an-eye motto has obviously left quite a few people blind around here.

Taking someone's life just isn't right economically, politically or morally. Our country has grown to have a big name. Please help make sure it lives up to it and gets rid of the death penalty.

Emily Hansen




"it shouldn't be debated anymore because we just shouldn't have it" - Ignorance and idealogy at it's finest. Your teacher must be proud, they have successfully brainwashed you.

I have never heard anyone claim our government is "impeccable and never doing wrong". Where have you seen those people? No matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, you see "wrongs" within the government.

"one in seven people sent to death row are later proven innocent." - Where did you get that statistic? Please, share and state it within your letter so that we can verify the statistic. Is it from Wikipedia? After all, everything on there is true, I mean, it has to be, it's on the internet.

Are you serious about the cost? Again, state where the statistic came from. It shouldn't cost anywhere near that in any situation. The only reason it might is the slimeball lawyers that line up to feed on the teet of the government to represent these scumbags.

This letter is so incredibly poorly written. For the SR to pick it to put in the paper is absurd. No statement as to where any statistics or quotes are from. Strictly opinion with no facts to base it on.


Sooooo, people who don't have black folks nearby should not be concerned about crime, or express an opinion thereon???????

What an outstanding, prize-winning jerque!

Someone should report him/her/it to Rufus Sanders. Our local expert on all things racial could get a whole column out of this brain-dead remark.


The death penalty is simply not a deterrent. I don’t think anyone has ever said “You know, I was going to kill you, but I’d get the death penalty. I’ll just maim you instead.” On the flip side, If someone raped or murdered one of my family members, I’d want to be the guy personally pulling the switch.

The death penalty is only about revenge. From a logical perspective, it serves no real purpose. I think living life in prison being bubba’s boyfriend is certainly just punishment.

columbus avenue

Yes people in whitetown Milan have a real handle on reality. That is why they live there. Let me know when you have a friend or relative murdered, then write your letter. Have a "nice" day in Milan.