Sandusky Schools sends supplies to Nicaragua

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Alissa Widman Neese
Jun 12, 2013


A preview of today's schools feature story, from Sandusky Schools:

Dalasia Moore, 9, tightly held her black art box, waiting with a group of classmates in a line trailing from a large plastic crate.
The sturdy container, adorned with a colorful fairy, held an assortment of pencils, markers, and crayons for nine long months. As Moore headed home for summer vacation, however, she knew it could better serve someone less fortunate.
"Some kids don't have as much as we do," the third-grader said as she placed the box in the steadily filling crate. "I'm going to give this to them. It makes me happy to help."
The crate — one of many filled and shipped to the Osborne Elementary School office this past Wednesday — joined countless others district-wide on "clean out your desk day" at Sandusky Schools. 
At the school year's end, it has been a longstanding tradition for district students to donate their gently used school supplies to a nonprofit organization.
Students this year collected about 300 pounds of supplies for PeaceWorks, a New Jersey-based group which will send them in boxes to children in Nicaragua.
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Raoul Duke

Some people don't know that they are "less fortunate" until you point it out to them.

44870 South

Nice gesture!


My 7 year old was so happy to give his stuff away so that others had something, he was very proud to help.

AJ Oliver

I help the Sandusky Schools Academic Booster Club pack up the donations. Once a little girl contributed a wooden pencil box, and put a note inside that read, "To someone who needs this more than I do." I shed a tear.


Why Nicaragua? Why not the tornado victims in ok.? Why not the desolated cities surrounding Detroit? Why not donate to other Americans in need? When did it become our guilt trip driven job to support the planet?

44870 South

Wow...way to take something positive and twist it around. You truly must be a miserable person.


Merely stating that there's needy people in the states. Donating locally is truly giving. Makingg a spectacle out of donating to a foreign country is just that, a spectacle. We should be teaching young people to help their neighbors, not to just donate because its the cause celeb.


Because many Americans have insurance that covers their loss....unlike 3rd world countries.

AJ Oliver

Hey, vicar., do you know what countries border Nicaragua? Do you know something about it's life "under the eagle"? How about Dennis Martinez?
What is the logic behind your very apparent belief that U.S. lives are somehow more valuable than people from other countries? Ever hosted an exchange student? Do you have a passport? Is Cleveland like a scary foreign place to you? One wonders . .


I've traveled around the world and back again I thank you. I've seen the desolation of the Marshal islands and what happens to a people that survives on handouts from around the world instead of working hard.

I agree with jerry obviously. People here need the help from the people here. Where are the multinational handouts for the people in cities like flint Michigan? Where are the handouts for people in our area where nearly 1 out of 10 have no job? You're right, some people have insurance, I for one don't. I make nearly 30k a year and can neither afford personal property nor health insurance and I make too much money for the government to take care of me, so where's my hand out?

I think your worldly perceptions are a bit skewed. If you cannot see that there are many communities in our own nation that need help just as badly as the communities of other nations than you are blind and naieve.

To help our country help itself is the only way out of the hole this nation has dug for itself. Why invest money into a place that will never return the favor when you could invest time, money and energy into our own nation to better it not only for those in dire need, but relieve the system from having to carry the burden on its own...

Like I said, donating to foreign countries is all don't for the recognition, donating to those here at home without it making the paper is truly giving just to give.

And by the way, my friends and I host an event every winter to raise food and money for our local salvation army, we've never made the paper for it and this event is nearly 10 years old... my point is, we give locally because we value our neighbors more than we value publicity.


You people just don't get it take care of the people in your own country troops and Towns first first first first first… We are going broke taking care of everybody else's countries and needs…… You get the message…


Move there if you don't like it

tow man's wife

My 7 year old took great pride in donating his leftover school supplies from the year. He came home from school a few days before and said, "Mom, would it be ok if I donate my old school supplies to a different country? I think they need it more than I do. I mean I get new school supplies each year anyway and maybe their moms and dads can't afford to get them new stuff." How could this mom not be proud? We aren't rich, so we can't do much. We work and all needs are met and even some wants, but there are people in need everywhere and if it means giving even the change from the bottom of my purse then I am all for it.

AJ Oliver

I remember how touched I was during the great Mississippi floods of 1992 when Bengladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world, gave the US millions of sand bags. It was all they had to give. Once in Mexico a poor bus driver gave me half of his small lunch because he could see that I did not have anything food with me. Many, many countries donated to Katrina and 9/11 relief. The world is full of great people. Sorry you cannot see that.


Yes, I too remember all of the support France gave us after 9/11 and the dozens of dollars contributed world wide for Katrina....

Oh, I forgot that the whole coalition of the willing in support of the war on terror was comprised of the states and then 3rd world nations that got special benefits for joining the cause.... its not really lensing support when you're getting something in return.

Let us not forget the millions we spend each month supporting all of the Somalian refugees that make it here, or all of the political refugees... our government fu D's that then has the pick up the pieces of its own nation...

So sure, a hand full of places gave something at some point in time, but until any nation helps the states in a equal fashion as the states help the rest of the world, my opinion stands... as it sits now the states are the only reason many African nations stay solvent...


I sort of understand where vicariously is coming from. Although he was a little rash, we do need to do stuff for our own people as well. Look how much money the U.S. has given to Egypt (billions) and their president's mic was open the other day and he was overheard saying that Egypt is at war with America and Israel. Don't take it personal folks, but we need to take care of our own first. This starts by buying products from American companies. I know, the parts are made overseas, but at least the cash stays circulating in the U.S. How about a little American pride; it will bring some jobs back here if you do. I say donate the school supplies to the children in Oklahoma who lost their homes and schools; last I checked insurance companies don't cover school supplies. I will bet your seven year old will feel just as good, but that depends on how you perceive things. Thoughts?