Biker crashes on Milan Road overpass at Butler Street

Witnesses: Traffic pylons may have triggered wreck involving Youngstown-area woman
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 7, 2013

A Youngstown-area woman suffered severe head injuries late Friday when her motorcycle crashed at the Butler Street overpass on Milan Road.

Heather DeMalio, 46, of Howland Corners, Ohio, was taken by ambulance to Firelands Regional Medical Center at about 10 p.m. Her condition wasn’t immediately available, but police and witnesses said her injuries were severe.

As of midnight, a hospital spokeswoman said DeMalio was still being evaluated in the emergency room.

She was in a group of about six bikers headed north over the bridge at Milan Road and Butler Street. Witnesses said they suspect a set of orange pylons on the overpass played a role in the crash. At least one other biker laid down his bike to keep from striking DeMalio, Sandusky police said.

Troopers from the Ohio State HIghway Patrol's Sandusky post are now handling the investigation. It was unclear if DeMalio was wearing a helmet.

EDIT NOTE: The bikers were headed north. A previous version of this story contained inaccurate information.



Vroom Vroom.


Maybe these bikers should consider looking twice! Tonight 3 bikers at separate locations have pulled out in front of me. I understand we should watch for bikers but they should watch out for themselves as well.


She was in the northbound lane, so if she was heading south that may have been the problem. Also the first six street lights going up the overpass in the northbound lanes are non-functional.


Came out of McDonalds earlier tonight. What Moron designed that entrance and exit. Must be one of us locally. Anyway, 4 bikes just rode right on through the stop sign by Mall. Had to stop in middle of intersection. Bikers, have some common sense, cars do hurt. I was going slow and relized the situation. Drivers and Bikers need to be carefull.


Just mow them down. If you have legal right of way just pretend they aren't there and see what happens


Some self righteous folks post in here.


In reality everyone needs to be careful out there on the roadways!
I began wearing a seatbelt before it was made a law after experiencing a few close calls with out of town tourists.
I am not blaming the tourists; we are all tourists at one time or another.
Tourists do not know the roadways like locals do, so I wear two driving hats, one winter one summer.
Like it or not this area is a tourist area so expect people to make mistakes driving around you.
Leave more space in front of you and be more observant of those around you.


I like this....yes, be careful and be responsible for everything around you. My father used to tell me... you may be right... but you'll be dead right.


Exactly, I never take my right away especially on rural road stops. I could have been a statistic at least two times if I had. Never, never, never trust the other driver. They may be distracted, had a bad day, it is very easy to mess up unintentionally so watch out for them and all will live!!!!!!


If it is not properly lit out-of-towners would not be familiar with the pylons being in the middle of the road at night and would not expect them to be there.


heck... I'm a local, and I've almost ran into them.... Didnt know they put them up and they come up fast when your driving.


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Off-topic comments.


How cars gotta look twice, when bikers arent doing it themselves... how many have ya seen going through red lights ! wow but yet its people who drive cars faults! hmmm

Hoss McGee

After seeing some of the bikes going down 250 last night, they need to change it from Bike Week to Tool Week

chicken noodle

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Sounds like we have a HATER in the house!!!! That's just the most ridiculous thing I've read!!! I would love to see you walk up to ANY 1 OF THOSE BIKERS and have the nerve to let that garbage fall out of your mouth!!! You're so much cooler online.....

Free Man

tool weak hhaha agree ... and i do talk $ht to them their all fat old and fake..


My favorite are the jerks who rid ON the yellow line... really, your asking to get hit. Don't blame me when my mirror smacks you up side the head!


Yep many do.

Common Sense

I agree with the comment about the lighting issue. However, there are signs that indicate that the right lane will be a right turn only on the bridge as well as an overhead sign (not far from the intersection of Milan and Perkins) that states the downtown traffic is to pursue the left lane of traffic. "look twice--save your own life". I don't think it's self-righteous to expect all mmotorists to follow the rules of the road, including stop signs, traffic lights, and crossing lanes when a solid line is present.


I would like to ask Sandusky something . Is the little amount of money thats made off bike week really worth the lives that have been either damaged or cut short because of bike week?
seach your morals if you have any .
I myself dont think so . Heck you have even lost one of the people that helped in making this possiable


If you ask. Bikers would want to come here any way. Even with the injuries and loss of life. Biking is in their blood. And knowing some bikers, if they die on their bike so be it. It's the general population that freaks out.


Bikers know the risk they take when they ride. They live for the ride, and they love the brotherhood that goes with being a Harley owner or in a motorcycle club. There is clearly a lot of money made by Sandusky for our town to work so hard to accommodate those bikers. Many Sanduskians gather downtown to watch, support, and enjoy the Bike Week festivities. I personally love that our streets are over-run with the rumble of Harleys!!! I pray for the people that have been injured or lost their lives for the ride, but they know that risk when they saddle up. God Bless Bikers!


I'm all about the bike week stuff. It's great for the local economy. But is it just me or do bikers act like complete morons in groups?

Tsu Dho Nimh

It's like going to Put-in-Bay. When you have a big party atmosphere, people forget that they are in a real town with real rules. Just like people think it is okay to walk around with open containers on the island, the bikers seem to get lax with road rules.


no more then the ignorant, negative, hateful people on here do when it comes to posting mean things about the people who were clearly hurt.....
You guys are morons! Get off of the trip you're on, and pray for that woman's recovery!!!

Tsu Dho Nimh

I don't think phroggy was being hateful or not concerned about the injured woman. There has been a lot of poor driving from both bikers and cagers.

your master

Sometimes I look 78 times before I pull into intersection it is taking me well over 10 minutes just across Route 250 on Strub rd. Its like my great great great great great grandfather used to say look 78 times and save a life derp.

your master

oh Who Am I kidding sometimes I just close my eyes and slam on the gas .