Law director continues to ponder

Norwalk police officer accused of causing woman's black eye during 'dispute'
Jessica Cuffman
Jun 7, 2013


A month later, Mansfield’s law director is still deciding if charges should be filed against a Norwalk police officer accused of assaulting his girlfriend. 

John Spon received the findings from the investigation on May 10, and has been reviewing the case since then. He has interviewed the alleged victim but has yet to decide whether charges should be filed against the accused police sergeant. The alleged assault was first reported April 13.

Spon said he plans to interview the officer next week.

Last month Spon referred to the report as being about a "dispute" without commenting on the woman's injury. He said at that time he'd likely make a decision within a week about the report, although he also stated he had not read it.  

Huron County deputies learned of the allegations after going to the alleged victim’s home for an unruly juvenile complaint. The woman, a corrections officer with the county, had been on sick leave for about a week and had a black eye.

She told deputies she didn’t want to talk about the injury, but her daughter identified the police sergeant as the alleged assailant. The incident allegedly happened in Mansfield about a week before authorities started investigating it.Norwalk police Chief David Light has questioned the validity of the accusation. 

The Richland County Sheriff’s Office investigated the case.

The Register has chosen not to name the officer because he has not been charged or removed from duty. 



Why isn't this story on the Norwalk Reflector page? Oh, I know why, because that paper is too busy looking up 'wire' and 'regional' news stories!


doesn't the domestic violence law state one must be arrested and the state picks up the charges?


Seems like the law is ALWAYS lopsided when it comes to law enforcement officers..This is a domestic , why hasn't anyone picked up the charges..