Spying on you

They know who you are; they know where you go.
Tom Jackson
May 31, 2013

It's the Golden Age for communication. 

A generation ago, long-distance messaging consisted of letter-writing and phone calls from a telephone anchored to the wall.

These days, thanks to cell phones and the Internet, anyone can communicate from almost anywhere to almost anyone, using technology that sounded like science fiction 20 years ago. On Twitter, or on Skype, it makes little difference if you're in Milan in Italy or in Milan in Ohio.

But with all these blessings come many curses. 

That is, it's also the Golden Age for surveillance. If you fall under suspicion, there are new ways for the government to track you and learn all about you. 

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I didn't say not to have police, I also stated the founding father's believed in state militias to protect states. We currently have 900 military bases in 130 countries in the world, you really think this is necessary? We are spending 53 cents of every dollar on defense, that is nuts, a 3T dollar budget with 1.6T in tax receipts and 1.4T deficit. As you said I ain't no Einstein, but lets face it we are broke and can't be the policeman of the world. Here are a few links I'd like you to look at and get back to me after viewing them.


swiss cheese kat

900 military bases in 130 countries is to protect corporate profits, so it is necessary.


Yep, there are those in power that say "They hate us because of our Freedom." What a joke, they hate us because our military is all over the world and they wish they would go home. We have more people in prison than China....and how many more times the population do they have. I agree with the corporate profits, but also to keep feeding the vast military complex that really runs this country. We have been in a constant state of war since Korea.