Dogs run loose

'Scooter' still mending but he's not going back to Battery Park
Jessica Cuffman
May 24, 2013

Scooter still wags his tail and whines when he sees strangers he wants to meet, dogs included.

But the Jack Russell’s owner is much more cautious. 

Paul Aviles, 64, won’t walk Scooter at Battery Park anymore, as that’s where the dog was attacked by two pit bulls last month.

For his part, Aviles’ hands are still healing from the bites he sustained while shielding Scooter from the attacking dogs.

Scooter’s fur is still thin over much of his body, with patchy spots where veterinarians shaved him to treat dozens of wounds.

While numbers from area police departments don’t show an increase in dog attacks this year, public officials say there are definitely more animals running loose.

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Glad to see both are recovering. Now, if all the morons in the city could put their dogs on a leash, stories like this could be avoided in the future. If you want to own an aggressive dog, fine by me -- just keep it under control.


My dog has an electronic leash, I can't get two steps without people complaining because he isn't on a manual leash. My dog has a thin neck and chokes himself. So if you see a boxer off a manual leash, don't worry because he behaves better with the electronic leash. Glad scooter is ok


I have no idea what an electronic leash is. If I were walking down the street and your dog was walking towards me, how could I tell? And if it is battery powered, what happens if the battery fails. Just wondering.

nosey rosey

Electronic collars and leashes are animal abuse.


They don't do any harm. They are an accepted method of training by the major training organizations.


Aviles:.... Hey boy! Wanna go to Battery Park today?
Scooter:.. HELLLL no !




Scooter needs a pistol too.


You mean "hell to the NO".


The electronic collar has a mini box attached to the collar and the batteries are long lasting lithium rechargeable. Hand held remote. The dog owner should let people know on approach. I can guarantee that the remote dogs are better behaved than most on a leash.


When my dogs have their e-collar on it appears to improve their hearing when I give a command.


Yes - the antenna on my controller broke off and for a month, I used the collars anyway, and they were just as effective.


Yes it does lol.


To bad we cannt put them collars on some people , just think how much less crime would be in the city


I have the perfect one in mind :0


That'll work !


Jails have a belt version, but it's quite a bit stronger than what they use for training dogs.


They do have electronic devices but they don't shock people. Darn