Speed limit bumped

State orders more than 300 new signs to cover 570 roadway miles.
Associated Press
May 22, 2013


The Ohio Department of Transportation has revealed which sections of rural interstate highway will have a higher speed limit of 70 mph instead of 65 mph starting July 1.

The department said Tuesday the limit will increase on more than 570 miles of interstate highway. The increase applies to parts of Interstates 70, 71, 75, 76, 77 and 90 but doesn’t include sections of those roads in major metropolitan areas and a few smaller cities along the way.

More than 300 signs will be made to alert drivers about the new limits.

A 70-mph limit already is in effect for the Ohio Turnpike stretching across the northern part of the state.


Raoul Duke

Inching closer to 100, which is how fast I usually drive.


In a school zone?


My speedometer only goes up to 85 MPH. I know I go faster than that on the turnpike and interstates. If a cop where to pull me over and ask how fast I was going, I'd say "85 MPH, officer." Of course he would then tell me I was going faster. I'd just show him my dash board and ask, "How am I supposed to know that, sir?" :)


I didn't know a bicycle could go that fast.


Good, now everyone can go 75.


I'm not slowing down to that!