Sandusky NAACP gets new president

Barb Clark steps down
May 16, 2013


Short on time and scarce on energy, a longtime leader at the local NAACP chapter is stepping down. 

“It is with great aggravation that I find myself resigning from my position as president of this unit,” Sandusky NAACP president Barbara Clark stated in a release. “But I find that it is the time and a necessity for me and the unit.” 

In the past two decades, Clark has served four different terms as president of the NAACP’s Sandusky chapter. In a release, the Sandusky NAACP said it was under Clark’s leadership that the civil rights organization called for the resignation of former Sandusky city manager Matt Kline, who allegedly made “racially insensitive remarks.”  

The city later fired Kline. 

Clark said she has been unable to commit the time and resources needed to move the local chapter forward. 

“Due to my work and health issues, I do not have the energy,” she stated in the release. 

Taking the helm is Sandusky native Jim Jackson, a Vietnam veteran and retiree of Delphi. Jackson is a former first vice president of the Sandusky NAACP. 

“We all regret that Barbara’s work is unable to continue, but the unit has to go on,” Jackson said. “We need to get the citizens more actively involved in the unit.

“That would be my goal — to get more participation,” Jackson said. 

Jackson is married to Marva Jackson. Together they have a blended family of six children and eight grandchildren. 



Good luck Mr. Jackson.

My priority list.....

Having education be an important factor in households.
Reestablishing a family culture of a mother, father and child.
Reducing the number of unwed teen births.
Teaching young men the real meaning of manhood and the responsibility that come with it.


In Sandusky, those bullet points might be considered racist.


donutshopguy: I agree with you ,goals for all races, instead of fundraisers , work on these vital problems in the black community, white community ect....

Keep Focused

Jim Jackson is a good person with a good heart. He is a good leader for the local community.

The Answer Person

Nothing will change. Tilting at windmills.



These bullet points are for all colors and shades. Where in this country in large and small cities would they not apply.


I wasn't born yesterday, donut. You directed that comment to the new NAACP leader in Sandusky. I've read what you've written for a few years. I reckon I know what spirit you intended when you wrote what you did.


truth for all races, African Amer. Caucasian Americans ,all ethnic groups in Erie Co. If anyones ethnic group isnt affected by these problems , wow, tell us how you kept this from happening to your group.Truth is not racist.


I refuse to be boxed in any way shape or form, queen. I was just calling donut out on what he has said in the past. No one is beyond truth. I wasn't pretending to be.


I agree: Those bullet points are valid for everyone of any race!

That being said, I'll support the NAACP when it STOPS being all about color and when it STARTS being all about people having equal opportunity. That means no affirmative action laws, no hate speech law nonsense, and no more race-based excuses or accusations.




When those things change they will not be needed.Why dont you and everybody else who has the mindset that all things are fair and lovely try to change.


You want me to change? I already think skin color (or gender or sexual orientation or religion, etc.) have nothing to do with anything. I judge others based solely on how they treat me (and others) and on their sense of personal responsibility. What exactly would you PREFER I do? Please offer details...


All due respect to the local naacp which i have been to a meeting before i hope he can change the environment because they care more about fund raising and looking good nationally then making shore things can change here.


Thanks Barb and good luck Jim