Castalia woman seriously injured in crash

Woman's car runs stop sign, broadsided by dump truck at Portland and Billings
Sandusky Register Staff
May 14, 2013


A Castalia woman was flown by medical helicopter to a Toledo hospital Tuesday after her car was struck by a dump truck at Portland and Billings roads.

Kaitlin Tuttle, 20, was driving a Chevy Aveo south on Billings Road when at about 12:30 p.m. her car ran through a stop sign at Portland Road, authorities said. The driver's-side of the car was T-boned by a dump truck headed west on Portland Road.

Kaitlin was flown to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo. The passenger in her car — her mother, Rebecca Tuttle, whose age was not immediately available — was driven by ambulance to The Bellevue Hospital.

The driver of the dump truck, Christopher Royster, 42, of Bellevue, was taken by ambulance to Firelands Regional Medical Center. 

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I hope both of these women recover quickly.


What about the truck driver grandmasgirl?


Wow, I also hope the truck driver is ok. That was a serious oversight on my part. Thank you for pointing out my mistake. People like you that take everything out of context keep the rest of us on our toes.

The Answer Person




nosey rosey

The car didn't run the stop sign, the person driving the car did.


I was thinking the same thing.


I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but my sister did not run the stop sign, she did not see the truck beyond the view of the tree blocking her sight. She is in good condition, and my family and i would appreciate it if you did not speak of what you do not know. Thank you.

Licorice Schtick

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So Licorice, you must live in the area of this accident, or at least drive the area of Billings and Portland all the time, right? That intersection is a giant blind spot! I have "missed" cars until the third or fourth look. I have family that have been in accidents at that intersection and have almost died (not counting these women, who are my family). Overconfident, nope. Careless, not a chance. Do not talk of what you do not know. Overconfident may be most, but not this girl!


Patten-Tract Rd. and Mason Rd. crossing is very bad for visibility as well. There are quite a few around the area. It's best to just avoid them during the day. At night one can at least see the headlights.

2cents's picture

There is usually more to it, hope all are ok. Blind spots come out of nowhere, I lined up the edge of the rear window quarter with a power pole beside it and almost backed out into the road into an oncoming car I never saw. I wonder why the truck driver did not see her and blow the horn? Happens fast most of the time, I had six deer jump the fence on RT2 one day, they were from berm to berm and I only hit two, totaled that Dodge Omni!

nosey rosey

If the driver of the car had a stop sign and the driver of the dump truck did not, then the driver of the car ran the stop sign, regardless of whether a complete stop was made or not, the dump truck driver had the right of way.




Deer alert devices work..except during mating season. Blow the horn? Pay attention!

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2 seconds response time was all, they came out the corner of my eye at full tilt, the fence was nothing for them to go over after crossing a field between RT250 and Rye Beach Rd. I had enough time to just duck, one rolled over the front windshield and over the roof, thank god the glass held.