OSU awaits bloom of stinky flower

Researchers at an Ohio State University greenhouse are awaiting a rare second bloom by a rainforest plant known as a corpse flower because of its unpleasant odor.
Associated Press
May 14, 2013


The university says the nearly 6-foot titan arum is expected to open this week, releasing another round of its rotting-flesh smell a little more than two years after it first flowered.

A second corpse flower opened briefly at the greenhouse last May.

A university spokeswoman said cultivators are lucky to have three blooms in three years. Each brief bloom attracts visitors hoping to catch a glimpse or a whiff of it.

The plant expected to bloom soon is nicknamed Woody, after Buckeyes football coach Woody Hayes.



Yellow Snow

we have a stinky flower too, we call it Cedar Point. Hate to see the tourist arrive, but love the money they leave here.

Woody Hayes

Sure they don't want to name it Bo for Bo Scumbechler?