County landbank to demolish 24 abandoned properties

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Andy Ouriel
May 13, 2013

Jack Mineo takes many meticulous steps to ensure he cultivates a vibrant, well-manicured green space running alongside Franklin Street.

The fenced-in, evenly trimmed lawn doubles as a good gardening spot for Mineo and a perfect playing area for his children’s boxers, Phoebe and Chloe, and bichon, Sophie.

But he detests the dead spot abutting his property.

Mineo lives next to a decrepit, condemned home at the corner of Franklin and East Market streets.

Among the property’s many shortcomings is the shabby grass that’s several inches high. It’s also an asbestos-filled home.

“We’ve lived here for 40 years, and that property has always been a nuisance,” Mineo said.

See the photos above and the list of properties slated for the wrecking ball. 

Finally, for the sake of Mineo and the entire neighborhood, someone has decided to kill the property.

Erie County officials targeted it as one of 24 blighted buildings to demolish sometime before Sept. 1. The first demolition should occur sometime this month.

The properties — most are located in Sandusky, while others are scattered throughout the townships of Oxford, Perkins and Vermilion — qualified for demolition after elected representatives overseeing these areas successfully submitted applications for demolition funds.

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Julie R.

What do you mean a sheriff sale and deed resulting from that sale clears any defects on a property? Are you for real? Fraudulently transfer property, sell it at a sheriff sale and that clears up the fraud? If that were true, the realtor that bought the property at that scam sheriff sale would have been able to get title insurance --- but he sure didn't! He was denied so quick it was pathetic. In fact, I was on the phone with the title company when they got the title search report back. The person I was talking to wasn't even half-way done reading it and she said: "My God! This guy will NEVER get title insurance!" (and he didn't, either) Another Sandusky title company (that heard all about the fraud the other title company found) said he wouldn't care WHAT the Erie County courts said --- the Erie County courts can't change the laws --- and his company wouldn't touch that property with a ten-foot pole!

God Of Thunder

Yawn.. See this??? " " It's the smallest violin in the world and I'm playing it like Strativarious...

There you go again

I, for one, am listenng to Julie R. and concerned about the corrupt antics of our beloved Sandusky, Thanks for caring, Julie.



The Answer Person

and of course and as usual doing NOTHING!


ThereYouGo, You're new around here. Give it a few months...

Julie R.

@ There you go again: I wouldn't call it the 'corrupt antics of our beloved Sandusky'...... I would call it the ILLEGAL antics of your county public officials, including some of those sweethearts at the Eeeerie County courthouse!

God Of Thunder

I wonder why... Were you the other woman???


Well, since you asked, my guess would be that everyone from Huron has already put you on permanent ignore.

Julie R.

It's more like they know who the Huronites are that I talk about.


LOL No, I doubt that's it.


The only claims that survive a sheriff's sale are federal tax liens. All other claims are voided.


Hey Julie, if that title's so worthless, why hasn't it been successfully challenged? How come the person holding that title hasn't lost a dime because of it?

How do you think the title company feels about you telling the world how one of their employees broke confidentiality to feed your gossip appetite?

Bless your heart.

Julie R.

What person holding the title? According to the realtor, Lyons and the common pleas court never even gave him the title. He said all they gave him was a sheriff sale deed. Why everybody is hiding the title is beyond me. I mean geez, such juvenile tactics. Reminds me of those attorneys that started it all --- one prepares a new fraud power of attorney when an elderly client is in the end stages of Alzheimers and another one hides it in the Lorain County Recorder.

Is this what they teach these clowns in law school or what?


The current owner. The deed is the title. Has this owner had his ownership successfully challenged? Has he lost a dime?


Oh, and the only basis we have for the power of attorney being fraudulent is your rant, based on what? Your ASSUMPTION that you knew EVERYTHING your mother ever did, said, or signed?

Julie R.

On what basis do I know the power of attorney I found concealed in the Lorain County Recorder's office after my mother's death prepared by my mother's Huron attorney and filed by some Lorain County attorney I never heard of before was fraud? Duh. I have a Forensic Document Examiner's Report that states with scientific certainty every single document they examined was a forgery, including, but not limited to that joke will that was filed two years after my mother's death. The report even told who the dirt-bag was that forged everything. The probate court refused to address it. So did the common pleas court prior to that scam sheriff sale they pulled off.

As for the property --- the story I heard as to the reason the guy will never get title insurance is because the 4th beneficiary that the dirt-bags defrauded ~ who a title company put in writing had a legitimate claim to the property ~ who was never even brought into that scam sheriff sale despite my numerous complaints --- he can come back on that property 5, 10 and even 15 years from now. Even his heirs (his kids) could go back on it someday.


We'll all hold our breath.....

Julie R.

Nemesis: When property is sold through normal channels banks require title searches prior to approving a loan. Here's a list of some of the 21 Hidden Defects in titles that can only be found during a search of public records.

1. Forgery
2. Fraud in connection with the execution of documents
3. Mental incompetence of the grantor
4. Deeds executed under expired or false power of attorneys
5. False personation by those purporting to be the owners of the property
6. Wills not properly probated
7. Mistaken interpretation of wills and trusts
8. Undisclosed heirs
9. Unresolved or unsatisfied claims not shown on record
10. Non-delivery of deeds after the death of the grantor

The above is why the joke Erie County courts worked in collusion with Lyons and their attorney buds to sell property with serious defects in the title at a scam sheriff sale.


And your point is? While accurate, this little recitation has no bearing on anything anyone here has said. Have we confused you?

Julie R.

I heard defects in a title have to be pretty darn bad ~ and SUPER BAD, at that ~ for a title company to refuse title insurance.

Julie R.

Duh ...... confuse me about what? (but at least you admitted the information was accurate)

BTW, some more things I heard from a title company --- somebody trying to get title insurance on the property in Huron that the corrupt Erie County courts sold at a scam sheriff sale with serious defects in the title would be sort of like somebody driving with no insurance, they get in an accident and then they rush to get insurance thinking the new insurance company will be stupid enough to pay for it.


426 Central appears owned by the Bishop of the Toledo Diocese, why is tax money being used? They have plently.


Probably because it was purchased with the understanding that the county would be demolishing it, i.e. that was part of the deal.


Know what's worse than condemned properties? Properties in terrible shape that AREN'T condemned!

I appreciate that some of these eyesores will finally be removed, but I wonder when compliance officers (whether through City or County auspices) will do some catching up on properties that either need to be condemned or brought up to code? There are occupied buildings here in town where the lawn is rarely (if ever) mowed; where damage to roofs, gutters, fences, etc. remain unrepaired; where there's actual danger to people living within!

I know that there are plenty of landlords out there who take good care of their properties and who are careful when they select tenants. But there are at least as many who are just the opposite. Yes, Sandusky has a clear problem with its too high rentals percentages, but it's at least as much of a problem when so many of those rentals are in bad shape and the landlords are given little if any real incentive to clean up their act!


Sandusky needs to get its rental percentage down. About 75% is way too much and that is just an estimate. The city has no records to know what the real percentage is or maybe they are afraid to admit that the percentage is even more then we expected. The worst houses that have been sitting around for years need to come down. The city cannot allow vacant houses to sit for years without taking action.



There was an Register article some years ago about rentals- and I think it read like 15-20% (?) is bad.
So, about 75% is like WOW !!!


"Sandusky needs to get its rental percentage down. About 75% is way too much and that is just an estimate. ..." <<< Darkhorse

Why? Are renters some kind of 2nd class citizens? They're big spenders; usually both husband and wife work. I'm not seeing the logic in discouraging people from renting and living in Sandusky.

Regardless, over 50 percent of the houses in Sandusky are owner occupied--U.S. Census.


Renters do not have the same stake in the community as property owners. They have no skin in the game. For a given value of property, renters will be less wealthy than owners. Renters tend to give less support to community institutions, because they have fewer incentives - mortgage interest and property taxes are the most common elements pushing people to the point where they can itemize deductions.

Homeowners have to care more about the community, because the value of their single largest financial asset is tied to the community's well being.


Nemesis: Very well said, Indeed !!



You give no support to your opinion that renters do not have the same stake in the community as property owners and they give less support to “community institutions”—whatever that means. Renters certainly have as much “stake” in their community as property owners. And, I’m sure their money is good at all the local businesses and welcomed. And, I’m sure the income taxes they pay are welcomed by the city and its residents.

But you are entitled to your opinion that the city is better off discouraging people from renting, living, and working in Sandusky.