Edison set to eliminate 'pay-to-participate' fees

Some teachers might get hired after voters approve first new tax since 2005.
Alissa Widman Neese
May 12, 2013


Eight years and eight unsuccessful levy attempts for Edison Schools culminated Tuesday in just a handful of “yes” votes to provide the margin of victory.

After securing new operating money for the first time since 2005, district officials are looking ahead with optimism and secure finances through at least 2016.

“I’m so happy and excited for the children of the district,” superintendent Tom Roth said. “It’s just a wonderful thing to see so many people in the community join together, work hard and make this a reality for them.”

Voters approved a five-year, 7.9-mill emergency operating levy by 87 votes Tuesday — 72 in Erie County and 15 in Huron County, according to unofficial election results. The levy will generate $1.8 million annually for the district’s day-to-day expenses. Its budget is about $14 million.

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Should've voted no.

nosey rosey

I believe this shows exactly what the priorities are in school systems today. Pay to play should not be one of the first things reinstated at the taxpayers expense. Pay to play, extra curriculars and increased
salaries should be the last things funded. Fund only state required portions of the budget.


They have been constantly making cuts in all of the areas schools. Extra curriculars are important and should be available to all kid's, not just the kids whose parents have money. I am glad the Levy's passed and all the cheapskates that vote no are the same ones that wonder what's wrong with the kids these days. I think for the extra hundred and some change it's costing the citizens per year, it is well worth it.


AEversol.........dude who u calling cheapskates here??? and if we do not have the "extra hundred and some change here" what the heck are we supposed to do????


The communities needs to support these schools and the kids. They are our future. Our country relies on our future generations to be intelligent and prepared for success. How do they reach that if everyone wants to always vote no on giving the schools money. I'm glad it passed and think we as a community need to do more to give our children the beet chance to succeed


I'm glad that you aren't their English teacher.


They need to change the way they fund the schools. They will be back in 5 years wanting more than 7.9 mills due to inflation driving operating costs up. Maybe a school tax or something. Berlin Heights and Milan have a very large retired population in comparison to the working population. Seniors are on a fixed income and can not afford higher property taxes. Let those that are working that have kids in school pay the bill and leave those who paid their bills when they had kids in school alone.


English isn't my strong suit, but buisness, economics, and kids are. I want the best for them and feel like with all of the budget issues they are getting screwed. I'm not sure exacally how to fix it, or what is fair to the community, but the children deserve the best chance to succeed as possible

bored reader

Don't forget..........it's for the children! Now that they won this levy, they'll surely be back to try again very soon. They will never get enough.


from what i hear they got what they wanted but...BUT... they were already given the pay hike BEFORE they signed off on a 3 year pay freeze... they lied to everyone to get what they wanted... glad i dont live in that town

Whiskey Tango F...

Dear Taxpayers,
We here at Edison schools finally caught you asleep at the wheel. Now that we finally got our financial windfall, we have decided to remove our threat of pay to play. Next we plan to hire more employees. God forbid we do our actual jobs when we can have aides do all the heavy lifting. Once our overhead gets out of control, we will simply beg for more and restart this cycle. If you need anything from us we'll be in vegas with your hard earned money.

Thanks again suckers!!!
Edison Schoolz

These fools think that a 52% win means they are loved by all. Remember 48% said NO!!!

Truth or Fiction

BA and WTF -
Again you throw misinformation and fear as weapons of choice. BA, the communities of Milan and Berlin Heights wanted the retirement pick up eliminated. For those who do not know, State law requires that public schools contribute to the State Retirement System, the same way your employer contributes to the Federal Social Security System. Schools contribute 14% while teachers contribute 10%. Edison teachers had 9.3% of the 10% paid by the district reducing retirement payouts to teachers while saving the District money on items that were calculated off of gross income ($ contributed to retirement were not figured in gross salaries for payments to workers' compensation, insurance, etc.) Teachers agreed to eliminate the pickup in echange for 9% of the 9.3% being transrerred to base salary. The teachers now pay the full 10% (which is taken out of their pay like your social security) effectively reducing teacher compensation (wages) by .3% Teachers also increased the share they pay for health insurance. THERE WAS NO INCREASE! So give up that poor, tired argument. I find it interesting that the full 10% is picked by EHOVE for its teachers, yet they pass levies in your District with ease.

WTF - The Board made it clear that prior to the election it would eliminate pay to participate. It also stated that it would look at teacher-student ratios in the elementary grades. This is nothing new! The Board and Administration are keeping their word. Something I find refreshing in today's environments.

Whiskey Tango F...

I would have rather sponsored a student's extra curriculars than thrown it down the hole of irresponsible fiscal resources that you call leadership. Due to my incredible ability to properly use grammar and spelling, you probably guessed that I am an Edison graduate... This is why I know how inefficient and irresponsible the financials are in the system. It makes the previous leaders sick the way you operate this once great school system.

Truth or Fiction

Please placate me. What changed in your school system that made it less great? I am not a graduate of Edison and find your comments titillating as they are either grounded on your personal angst or fear. As you have already shared your command of the English language, I pray that my inquiry will not offend but lead to further robust and informative dialague.

Truth or Fiction

Whiskey - the mispell was just for you. Can you find it?