Sign wars in Port Clinton

Failed council candidate calls police to lament opponent's tactics
Jessica Cuffman
May 10, 2013


A Port Clinton city council candidate called police Monday and accused her opponent of removing her political signs so he could replace them with his own, according to the candidate’s recorded phone call to police. In a minutes-long phone call at about 7:30 p.m. Monday, the night before the primary election, Karen O’Keeffe told a Port Clinton police dispatcher that her opponent, Ronald Aukerman, was removing her signs.

“He’s going to my sites and talking people out of the signs that I have up and he’s taking mine down and putting his up,” she said. “You know, I’m trying to be nice about this, but this is the third time he’s done this. He’s just playing dirty. He wants to win.”

O’Keeffe and Aukerman faced off Tuesday in a race to win the Democrat nomination in the first ward. In unofficial results, Aukerman took the win with 72 votes, compared to O’Keeffe’s 38.

Police told O’Keeffe her concerns were not a criminal matter. Go to to hear O’Keeffe’s phone call to police.

To listen to O'Keeffe's phone call to police, click on the  media player featured alongside this story.



well it doesn't much matter who wins because those already in power in PC won't allow anyone to change anything they don't want anyway.

JMOP's picture

Since when did playing dirty become illegal?


it didn't. but maybe it should.


It isn't a matter of whether it is legal to take someone's sign down and put up your own, it's a matter of ethics. If this man truly did it, then I wouldn't want him to be my councilman. If he will play dirty like this one time, then it is a sure bet that he will not represent the people, but only his own agenda. That's if he really did remove the other lady's sign.