BGSU Firelands administrator dies in Sandusky County crash

John Clark, 56, was career services coordinator
Shawn Foucher
May 3, 2013


Amid celebrating the graduation of hundreds Friday night, the BGSU Firelands community found itself mourning the death of a longtime employee.

John Clark, 56, of Huron, the school's coordinator of career services, died Friday afternoon after a two-vehicle crash in Sandusky County.      

"He was the best of the best guys," said BGSU Firelands spokesman Dean Schnurr, who knew Clark well. "You couldn't have found a nicer guy than John Clark. The BGSU Firelands family will be mourning his loss for some time." 

Clark was driving a 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan west on U.S. 6 near Helena when at about 4:30 p.m. his vehicle crossed the center line and struck an oncoming Ford Escape, according to troopers at the Ohio State Highway Patrol's Fremont post.  

The driver of the Escape, Carlla Dixon-Bowers, 49, of Lima, died at the scene.

Clark was flown by medical helicopter from the scene to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, where he was pronounced dead.

The passengers in his mini-van — his wife, Cynthia Clark, 55, and daughter, Jennifer Clark, 25, both of Huron — were taken by ambulance to Fremont Memorial Hospital. They sustained injuries that were not life-threatening, according to troopers.

The crash scene was near County Road 32.

The Clarks were all wearing seat belts, but Dixon-Bowers was not, troopers said. Alcohol is not a suspected factor and the crash remains under investigation.

The crash shut down that section of U.S. 6 for upwards of three hours, with Sandusky County deputies, Helena firefighter and paramedics and Sandusky County EMS assisting at the scene.

Clark had worked in the career services department at BGSU Firelands for years. 

"He was a great guy, a great guy," Schnurr said. 

He had been actively involved in Huron organizations, including work with the Huron Chamber of Commerce. 

"It's tragic and sad," Schnurr said. "You just can't say enough about how good he was, and how sad it is that a such good guy is lost."


Keep Focused

Truly a sad situation for everyone involved. John was a great person to be around. He will really be missed.


Very sad news. I've heard many people talk so well of him. May he rest in heaven and his family find peace during this time.


I got the opportunity to meet Mr. Clark while attending BGSU Firelands. He was an awesome guy. He was very helpful by helping me decided what direction to go for my career while in school. He would always smile and say hi if we passed in the halls. He was a great guy! God bless his family.


He was a good man


Truly a sad story, and another case where tragedy strikes an unbelievable person. My hope is that his family can find solace in great memories as times heals a pretty rough wound. John was a spectacular man and a true difference maker.


God Bless the family..

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The picture we see here speaks volumes. He was a good man with a good heart and he will be missed.
My prayers to the family!

Seen it All

RIP John.. you were a man of honor and I was blessed to have known you. Prayers to his family, I know no words will comfort you at this time, as I too have suffered a great loss recently, just know you are in my prayers.

Azure Ray

Mr. Clark was a truly great man who cared deeply about others. God bless him and his family. This is very sad news.

Azure Ray



Carla was also a very sweet person with a great heart -- this is tragic on both sides -- my prayers are with both families.


Praying for the families =(


I did not know either person who died in this accident. However, I will say that I don't understand the inattention of drivers who cross the centerline. This is happening all too often. Pay attention when you drive. You may take the life of someone you love or you may cause the death of an innocent victim.


I agree with you grandmasgirl, it's happening more often. Sometimes it's a medical issue with a very sudden onset, and sometimes it's distraction ... or sun glare or any number of things.. scary. They both sound like really nice people. Sad.


Just out of curiosity, do you really think your post was necessary and/or appropriate? Seriously, he was my daughter's career counselor who helped her through many difficult times and when she saw your comment she had a meltdown.I, for one did not appreciate your driver safety post and really feel this was not the time or place. Please, next time stop and think of how your ( or anyone else) comment can affect others who are grieving. Thank you for your consideration. As for Mr. Clark's and Ms. Dixon-Bower's friends and family- I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers.


Yes, I do think my post was appropriate. I am sorry that your daughter is so sensitive, but if it makes her stop and think of the consequences of inattention while driving, then I hope I saved her life. I do not know the circumstances of Mr. Clark's "crossing the centerline". All I know is that is what the report said. I merely said that there has been to many of this type of accident lately. And, I do usually THINK before I post. Believe you me, there are lots of times I don't post because I know that what I have to say isn't appropriate.


And since you don't know the circumstances of the accident, then that should be ONE of the reasons why you shouldn't have posted. But I,unlike you and your friend Kelly refuse to make this into a public safety forum. As for my daughter being so sensitive, it's called shock and grief! Probably something you've obviously never encountered. I bet the two of you would probably go to someone's bedside and lecture them on the hazards of smoking or drinking or whatever mean little thoughts came squeezing out between your ears.


Your daughter had a meltdown? How do you think that poor woman's family felt when they found out she was killed? This is the perfect time and place to talk about driver safety.


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Thank you for that. I agree.


The smile that Mr. Clark had on his face in the picture is one that was always on his face whenever he was seen around campus. He was truly a gentleman in ever aspect of the word. And grandmasgirl I agree in some sense that we all need to pay attention while we're driving but I think we need to wait until we hear from the family as to what happened inside the car before we pass judgment. A lot of times there are medical reasons that something like this happens.


At first I did not think that I was going to get along will with John Clark, but he proved me wrong. Firelands has a giant hole to fill now.

your master

Carlla Dixon-Bowers you will be missed, prayers for your family.

dont get it

Prayers go to all in this horrible accident...I also want to say Carla Dixon-Bowers you will be missed, especially to her husband Bill Bowers....he has lost so many loved ones in his life...I can't imagine how you are going to get thru this. Carla made his life awesome....


Its a sad day for everyone that this wanderfull person gave his life in hopes to be able to help others .I have been reading the post of persons that have commented on this unfortunate accident , and its shame this happened .
I dont know if this will be of any comfort , but he has {from what I have read }earn his wings and now he is sitting on the right side of his higher power.And may he rest in peace and hope and pray that his family can find confort and peace


John Clark was a great man of faith that walked the talk and always went out of his way to help in any way that he could. He touched the life of so many and will be truely missed. Prayers for his family.:(


Prayers going out for John's family....I have known John from the college for quite some time and he was the most caring, helpful, and upbeat person you could ever meet!! BGSU has TRULY lost one of their STAR employees!!! RIP John


I hope everyone remembers Carlla Dixon-Bowers in their prayers. She was equally amazing. She will also be missed. She also touched the lives of others. She has a family suffering today.

Sitting In The ...

My heart goes out to Mr.Clark's family...You'll be missed by all us.


I do not know Carla Dixon-Bowers and her family. I am familiar with the Clark family. It seems both individuals were truly wonderful and caring people. It seems all to often people like these who touch lives of others so positively are taken way too early in their lives. They each had so much more to give to us all. May both families know that there are many who are with them in this time of grief. We truly care for both families.


I knew John as a friend and an encourager, he will be greatly missed, he was one of the most soft spoken men I have ever met but his words were true and full of faith. God Bless his family, they will forever be in my prayers. You will be greatly missed John. God's gain is our loss!

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My thoughts and prayers to both families, these events are devastating and life changing. Mr. Clark lived in my mother’s neighborhood and I believe that his son was my mother’s paperboy at one time.

Without taking the tragedy out of this subject, two things need to be addressed again; I have commented on this before. Having traveled that section of RT 6 many times back and forth to BG one knows how dangerous this section of road can be, just read the Register regularly and you will see how many fatal accidents take place from left of center accidents. You have people stopping to turn, heavy truck traffic and other factors that make this section of roadway quite dangerous. I know it may never be a four lane divided highway but in my eyes I think that ODOT should take a long hard look at taking a small amount of property from both sides of that road, maybe eight feet from each side and create a center turn lane along its entire length, this buffer lane would probably prevent 90% of the left of center accidents and provide commuters with just a little more wiggle room.

Second, it has been known for some time that the vehicle frontal impact testing is not very accurate; you see most testing done with full frontal impacts. In reality, just look at these pictures of the accident. The vehicle Mr. Clark was driving was not that heavily damaged but the impact was a glancing blow to the front driver’s corner of it. In these cases the energy is transferred in a small crumple zone that is directed into the driver and air bags have little effect on helping prevent physical injury. I see this a great deal but what is being done? The EPA has mandated better mileage, thus lighter weight and less safe vehicle design. The design of vehicles needs to be addressed as well as this section of highway!

Just saying!

local man

To the Bowers family I'm sorry for your loss, to the Clark family you were the epitome of a nice family with John showing class in everything he was involved with. I had the pleasure of seeing him in Scouts for years with the 2 boys as well as seeing him at the fair with his daughter. Unfortunately accidents happen in life and this one took away people to early in their prime. May you all use your faith to get through this difficult time.

ex local

Along with my sadness over the death of my friend Carlla, I am angry at the very biased coverage of this accident. I am not doubting that Mr. Clark was a very loved and valued member of the community, but I feel that Carlla was slighted. The author of the article obviously did not spend one minute to discover all the wonderful things that made Carlla a delightful person. The best you could say about her is that she did not have a seatbelt on? Let me tell you about Carlla, she was a native of Berlin Heights, a graduate of Edison and BGSU Firelands, a beloved wife, daughter, sister and friend to hundreds, an accomplished and much loved employee of Murphy Oil, animal lover and a Christian. This is such a sad situation for so many people, but to shortchange the victim in your article is pain upon agony. Please be more fair and unbiased in future articles. Her life mattered as well. Prayers for both families.


Yes, she is the victim, and you are not the only one who has been bothered by the reporting of this crash. I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend.


I completely agree. As loved as Mr. Clark was, the victim in this accident was also loved by family and friends that are mourning her loss. RIP Carlla. You mattered to me. Please remember BOTH families in your prayers.


It makes perfect sense that a "local paper" would highlight what they know about a "local man". Perhaps instead of filling the comments with negativity here, folks should take the time to get some information about Carlla to her local paper, for an appropriate tribute. No matter how you look at it, this is a tragic situation, with families and friends that are hurting and in need of some support. It's time to remember the goodness of the people involved, and not to bicker.


John had Christ in his heart. I know where we will meet again.

My heart goes out to his family and to his "extended" family at Firelands. Big shoes to fill.