Surviving pit bull faces ‘vicious’ ruling in court

Scooter, the dog attacked at Battery Park by two pit bulls, has been released from an animal hospital in Akron and has returned home to Sandusky to recover.
Tom Jackson
Apr 30, 2013

The Jack Russell had been receiving intensive medical care since the April 19 attack, but he came home Friday and is slowly recovering, said owner Paul Aviles. He wants lots of attention but isn’t particularly active.

“He’s pretty much lying here,” Aviles said. “If he gets hungry, he’ll eat. I think he’s happy just to be home.”

Scooter suffered broken ribs in the attack. He has a big gash on his head, a big bandage on his rear right leg and steel staples in his chest. He’ll return to Akron Friday for a checkup.

“He’s got enough medication to open a drugstore,” Aviles said.

His owner was repeatedly bitten after getting on top of Scooter to save him from the dogs.

Aviles has bite marks in both hands and received many stitches in his hands and wrist. The stitches came out Sunday.

Sandusky police rescued Scooter and Aviles during the attack. One of the attackers died after being zapped by a police Taser.

The other pit bull, Lola, was captured and taken to Erie County Dog Pound.

Lola will remain there until public officials attend a hearing at 2 p.m. Thursday in Sandusky Municipal Court to determine if Lola is vicious, Dog Warden Barb Knapp said Monday.




Thanx for the backup, hsss. The only reason I used Cesar Millan for my comment is because he is well known and not many listen to a handle on the SR comment section. Especially if it comes from the handle named luvblues2. Cesar's methods are proven. I used them before I ever saw him on TV. There ARE some dogs that can't be socialized, though. Not many, but they do exist.

sandtown man

This dog is not mean nor was it raised in a bad way she was not trained to fight as some of you say. She got loose which is never good for any dog now this jack russel was on a leash where it belonged so it is not at fault in any way and its unfortunate what happened. I dont think lola should be put down shes a good dog and neither one of those dogs would have bit anyone or animal if not provoked by something such as a jack Russell. You see if you do some research you will find that jack Russell TERRIERS tend to be fairly aggressive and i would bet this jack Russell showed aggression then got attacked. The thing is though the jack Russell was on a leash with its owner like it should have been which is why lola needs a responsible owner i say save her but find her a new human. When big powerful dogs even play rough which is what very well may have happened they can do major damage. If your going to have them you must keep them restrained and locked down. Honestly becky is lucky she is not facing more harsh consequences.

sandtown man

By the way just fyi my son was bit in the face by a dog had 38 stitches and a scar he will wear the rest of his life. It wasnt a pit oddly enough it was a jack russell named petey he was such a cute dog. Before he was euthanized.

sandtown man

And another thing. Now im not defending anyone but if these dogs REALLY REALLY ATTACKED this guy and his dog they would be dead both of them. The scary thing is that could happen and will if irresponsible people keep insisting on owning these animals. We need stronger laws for powerful breeds. Now sure its the dog not the breed but i still say stronger LAWSfor powerful breeds simply for the damage capabilities they have and the responsibility of having one


The dog's actions make it a vicious dog. It shouldn't be allowed to do a re-run.

According to muni records Ms. Hush isn't a chronic "dog at large" offender. She was cited once before in 2000.


i have a pit bull. i adopted from an animal shelter in yonkers. it had been raised by some family with thugs for kids that had hung it by it's jaws, thrown acid in it's face and if not enough kicked him in his face which broke his jaw and knocked out 3 teeth.

of course he's now the most spoiled dog on the planet and loves people.

that doesn't mean i let him off his leash (don't know about ohio but in ny there is a leash law) like some of my neighbors do with their cute little jack russells or pomeranians etc etc.
i know my dog would instinctively go after a dog if he saw them running by. anything he sees moving he would go after as he thinks it's a toy. yes even a child.

the fact of the matter is that we as a society have become compassionlist with no concern about our fellow man. there is no thought of consequences that may occur letting their kid play all over the neighborhood as if it was their own special park. there are other people that live on this planet as well. it might be a good lesson to teach your kids to be aware of their surroundings, whether it be not letting them walk by themselves anywhere anytime as there are predators out there not only with 2 legs but with four.

quick story. i did some mean things as a kid. i will bever forgive myself for some. where i lived in sandusky there used to be a big st. bernard who had his yard across the tracks from us. well the RR tracks became a straight route to walk from here to there and hangout throw stuff in the creek, whatever. anyways being the schmuck that i was because (not knowing consequences) i used to throw rocks at the st. bernard's dog house. he used to bark at me but i was never afraid of him because he was chained up. one day i thought i would go down into his backyard and say hi. well he must have known who i was (the ahole kid that throws rocks at my house) and when i got up to him he tackled my and got on top of me. i insticntively rolled on to my stomach so he couldn't get to my face. he slobbered all over me scratched my back a little bit but he didn't attack me and the size i was and in his yard he probably thought i was a toy as well.

the lady who owned the dog was home and came out and yelled at the dog and then at me. one lesson in life i guess i had to learn first hand.

it never made me afraid of dogs. as a matter of fact after going out on my own after HS and college i've had dogs in my life ever since.

my point is i'm not worried about my dog attacking anything, because i won't allow it. but i also know that if i had a little lap dog i sure as heck would not parade it up and down the street in front of some other dogs that would love nothing better to do than take a bite out of it's a@@.


Really,miktoxic? I agreed with your post until the last paragraph. I can't walk my lil chi dog down the street with a leash for fear of your big, unleashed dog thinking that he is a toy? I'm not parading him. I'm taking him for a walk.


i didn't mean it like that.

if your dog is leashed we have no probs. if your dog isn't leashed because you feel he is of no threat to anyone or anything, i feel you would have to take 50% of the responsibility if somehow another dog got out of his yard or his owner was walking him unleashed. that's all.

if you would have read the post you would have read that i saqid i never walk my dog unleashed, and i don't have a yard, i live in a 6 story apartment building that is dog-friendly, which is hard to find anymore. there is a state owned trail that everyone jogs on people from neighboring houses etc. come to walk their dogs etc.

and you know what dogs in and out make the biggest ruckasses? yeah, the little ankle biters. nothing wrong with a little dog. i love all animals. but they do have the biggest mouths.

just my opinion.


My 'lil "anklebiter" is as opposite to his breed as is your's. It's the way we take care of them. Mine is not a 'lil yappin' a$$ed anklebiter SOB. He is very calm. But, he does like his walk time and I always use a leash. I would guard him just like the guy in the article did. I also have a cat. I like her just as much. So does the dog. Just because your dog thinks mine is a toy, doesn't make it right for your way of thinking.

sandtown man

I agree. You should not have to fear takinga walk with your pooch resulting in being mauled.


I pay just as much attention to the stories that the media does NOT promote as I do to the ones they choose to push. Interesting that this story is not garnering much attention:


this is just plain dumb. we all like dogs, correct? can we just agree on the fact that the owners of the aggressive dogs should have never been allowed to own or raise dogs?

just like a lot of people shouldn't be allowed to breed.




Let's say a couple with 4 young children buys 2 pit bulls as family pets and the dogs are wonderful with the kids. Everything goes fine for years until one day the dogs get out of the backyard. Suddenly the dogs are confronted with a new situation they have never experienced, another dog. Things go badly as they did in this case with Ms. Hush's dogs.

It is really fair to hang the dogs' owner in this situation out to dry as being an irresponsible pet owner?