Pizza delivery car slams into Campbell Street house

Sandusky police, firefighters cleared scene in about an hour, one person transported to hospital
Sandusky Register
Apr 23, 2013


A Domino's Pizza delivery car smashed into a Campbell Street home at about 2:15 p.m. today.

Click here for a photo gallery at the crash scene. 

Jose Soto and Jetonne Skelton were watching a movie in the front room of their home when they heard a loud noise that shook the foundation of their home at 2011 Campbell St., toppling over their television and lamp. They came outside and found a tan car protruding from the corner of their home.

Police and firefighters blocked traffic for about an hour at Campbell and Buchanan streets as they cleared the scene.

Bobby Morey, who lives at 2021 Campbell St., said he saw the entire scene unfold as he hosted a yard sale.

A man driving a black car backed out of the driveway across the street from Soto and Skelton's home and apparently didn't see the man driving the pizza delivery car heading north, Morey said.

"He tried to swerve and miss the car pulling out but ended up hitting him and the house," Morey said. 

A passenger in the black car, a woman, was transported to Firelands Regional Medical Center, firefighters said. The extent of her injuries are unknown.

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I was wondering what all the racket was..that's just right down the street! Hope everyone is ok!

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I was wondering what all the racket was..that's just right down the street! Hope everyone is ok!


Yall's funny!


Someone backing out of a driveway was hit by a Domino's delivery driver.


Pizza pizza!


30 minutes or less...right in your living room.


pizza's on us.


Dominos isn't good anyway.


Must have been PAN pizza, cause they sure fried that house!

Left Sandtown

When Dominos say they deliver,they mean it.Free pizza anyone!


Driver in black car backing out should responsible for all damages and the pizza


Yes, I thought that too. Backing out of a PRIVATE drive you are the vehicle that YIELDS to moving traffic in the road.


That black car that backed out into the traffic does that all the time. I have had to avoid it. Luckily I did not have an accident but I sympathize with the pizza delivery driver.


they should run that pic in there ads as to nothing can stop there on time deliveries........


What happened to the pizza?


The police and firefighters split it

he said she said

it was delivered to someone in my neighborhood by the delivery driver and his mother.


Maybe it's just me but I find it really odd that the witness, Bobby Morey, was having a GARAGE sale in his YARD.

Licorice Schtick

Last week, he had a yard sale in his garage. It's all creative marketing.


Is this the same Domino's Driver that I see tearing like hell out of their lot and round the back of Rite Aide just to avoid the light? car looks the same..

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They should ban pizza :)


The thing that the register fails to tell people , is that on the same corner of the house where the tan car decided to park , has to Gas meters that are right on the same corner of the house Thanks to the fire department , this could have ended up a heck of a lot worse , the gas was turned off till the gas company could come and check for damage


Was the pizza harmed?