Attacking dog killed

Officers help man, dog who were cornered by pit bulls
Emil Whitis
Apr 21, 2013

Sandusky police commanders are crediting two officers for saving a 74-year-old man and his small dog from pit bulls that attacked them Friday on Water Street. 

The victim, Paul Aviles, suffered several bite marks on his hands and arms. His dog, a Jack Russell terrier, sustained unknown injuries but survived. 

One of the attacking pit bulls died after police zapped it with a Taser.  

Officers were called to the 700 block of E. Water St. at about noon.  

“Officers observed two pit bulls around a male subject lying prone face down on the ground,” a Sandusky police report said. “This subject, later identified as Paul Aviles, was lying still on the ground with these two dogs circling around him. They kept on nudging at Aviles as if they were attempting to get to something underneath him.” 

Sandusky police Officer Brad Wilson jumped out of his cruiser and yelled at the dogs, one of which charged at him. He zapped one dog with a Taser, prompting both animals to run off.  

“When Aviles stood up he was holding onto a small dog,” the report said. 

Aviles and the dog were covered in blood. Officers put them into the cruiser, then ran after the pit bulls. 

One of the pit bulls fell down, then got up and charged, the report said. When an officer zapped it with a Taser again, it died. Officers then snared the other dog and took it to the Erie County dog pound. 

Aviles initially refused treatment and seemed more concerned about his dog’s injuries, the report said. Officers drove him and the Jack Russell to a nearby veterinarian. 

Paramedics soon took Aviles to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where hospital staff stitched up his wounds before releasing him. 

At the hospital, Aviles told police he drove to Battery Park to take his dog for a walk, and as soon as he got there the pit bulls attacked from behind. 

“He grabbed his dog up and curled it into his arm,” the report said. “He went to the ground and laid facedown with the dog between his chest and the ground.” 

Police tracked the pit bulls back to 42-year-old Rebecca Hush, who was cited with two counts of dog at large. 

Sandusky police Chief John Orzech credited Wilson and the other officer for saving Aviles and his dog. 

“They did a good job getting the dogs away from him and then quickly getting him in the cruiser,” Orzech said. “It could have been much worse.”



Yep, Yorkies are the worst ! My grandma has one and he is the most demanding dog I have ever seen.


still love how people are judging a breed. It's the owner that needs to be blamed


Kinda like the one I read on Facebook the other day.

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@ WiseManOnceSaid
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Any breed can attack but some breed are more likely to do so and the damage they can do is deadly.


I gotta agree with you UG.... I am a Large size dog lover .. ( Scared of those little yippy things)
And I have always said that that it the owner not the dog. But, there are some breeds that are more prone to attack than others. Case in point, the Pitbull.
Back in the day, they were bred for bull baiting
Although the precise origin of the APBT is not known, we can reliably trace its roots back at least one hundred and fifty years or so [1] to England. During the late 18th and early 19th centuries the sport of bull-baiting was very much alive and dogs were bred to excel in this endeavor. The same type of dog was also used by hunters to catch game and by butchers and farmers to bring down unruly cattle. These dogs were called "bulldogs." Historically, the word "Bulldog" did not mean a specific breed of dog per se, but rather it was applied to descendants of the ancient Mastiff- type dogs that excelled in the task of bull-baiting. The "bulldogs" of yore were much different from, and should not be confused with, the loveable clowns of the show ring today. The old, performance-bred, working bulldog was closer in phenotype and spirit to the APBT and/or the modern American Bulldog. The use of the word "bulldog" applied to APBT's persists even today among APBT fanciers.


Good job SPD! Whether nailed with a taser or hammered with a .40 you have my support! Happy to see another vicious dog off the street permanently.


It's pretty damn sad, when you can't take your dog for a walk in the park, for fear of being attacked.
I hope Rebecca Hush, has the decency to offer to pay for Vet bills, and the Emergency Room bill. That is the LEAST she can do!


I agree with many here: While the pit bulls' owner should obviously be charged with the dogs being uncontrolled, because of the damage they did, she should ALSO be charged in connection with the actual attack. Paying the medical and vet bills should be the MINIMUM required of her!

The surviving pit bull, meanwhile, does need to be put down. Whether it's the dog's fault (not usually) or the owner's fault (almost always), the dog is now obviously proved to be vicious and a threat.

As far as the police handling of the matter, sure, it worked out just fine. But if the taser isn't handy or the taser doesn't work, I have absolutely zero problem with anybody shooting (and killing) an attacking dog no matter the breed. I would hope that nobody else here does, either!


Even if they end up shooting a nearby person, as recently happened in Sandusky county? A gun is not a safe tool for engaging a dog.


Nice job to the officers in this case. But as a gun owner with a license to carry I don't worry as much as most.. I don't care what dog you have. If your dog runs at my family or myself I will shoot that dog dead.. No taser. If I am around anyone else under attack from a dog will be same result. Dead dog. Period. I hope this woman gets sued for every penny she has. You have a responsibility as a dog owner to chain up your dog. You cant let a dog run loose that will attack. If you do I think more gun owners should make the statement we wont tolerate your dog.


Great job SPD! That poor man and little dog. I love all animals but the owner is to blame as these dogs were not properly trainedand they were let loose! If you truly love your dog you will not put them where they can do harm. I hope they also put the other dog down, as sometimes it is necessary.


awesome response SPD Perfectly , expertly handled, officers,way to go, we need an update on man & little dog , hope both are well.


Ms. Hush has quite a history of disregarding the law. Could these dogs be protecting a stash? Why else does a person need two or more pit bulls? In any regard she should be fined and sentenced to some time in the whooscow and the dogs should be removed from her possession and placed in a good home. Failing that, put them down.


Yeah, why does she have 2 pitbulls?


more of those sweet loving pitbulls..

common cents

Yeah, and she was probably one the many from the last Pitbull incident stating how it's not the dog it's the owner....and her dogs are not vicious and would never attack another dog or person.... Yeah, heard it all before! Wake up people! What were the dogs bred for initially? Gets back to raising the tiger from a cub - its never hurt anyone.


So two counts of large dog at large, that's it huh. Meanwhile this poor old man has a vet and medical bill. Thats some serious BS right there. This poor man probably doesnt know how to go about having to take her to court and forcing her to pay his bills. I think the fine should be enough to cover the man and dogs medical bills atleast!!!!


I aggree but, the courts can't run 'debtors' prison' here. What do they have to loose???


Good job SPD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They can fine Ms. Hush all they want - but she does not have to pay the fine. The ACLU will protect her


I aggree but, the courts can't run 'debtors' prison' here. What do they have to loose??? We can make all the laws we want. They don't care.

nosey rosey

Let me guess. These were 2 un-neutered males owned by someone who wants to appear tough by owning a pit bull. The owner should be charged, jailed and never allowed to own any dog again. Unfortunately these dogs, as well as the 2 victims, suffered because of an ignorant owner. But remember, for every ill-trained bully breed there are hundreds that are great family pets.


Good job by Sandusky PD. Officer Brad Wilson. Take care of the victim
first and then go after the dogs. I hope that Paul Aviles and his Jack
Russell terrier have a very speedy recovery and I hope that Rebecca Hush
is made to pay the doctor and vet bills at least.


Kudos to the officers involved and I hope the man and his dog are well! And GOD bless this man for caring about his dog like he does! Do not blame the dog~BLAME THE OWNERS! These dogs are no different than any other dog~there are some VERY GOOD PIT BULLS! You can teach ANY dog to be vicious and THIS is what is happening! It's the "cool" thing to do anymore! All the "cool" people (even though I have much better words to call them) have to have these dogs to teach them to be vicious for whatever their reason. Unfortunately~the dogs suffer in the end~Thanx to the Good 'ol "HUMAN" race! SAD

Mr. Touchdown

Get well soon Mr. Aviles & your Jack Russell too! I recall an evening last year when Willard police tasered a pitbull twice that had jumped out of a kitchen window from a house where the owner moved out of but left the dog. Only one taser stuck in the dog resulting in the police chasing the dog all over town. Ended up being cornered on the other side of town after it entered a person's house & jumped over a 6 month old baby & bit a guy on the hand...I still say shoot em all! Most people who have pitbulls in our area are incapable of raising & handling them properly. Maybe Willard needs stronger tasers. Good job Sandusky PD! After talking to a friend who is a responsible pitbull owner...I believe pitbulls are a matter of teaching them not to be vicious...Kinda like teaching a hunting dog not to hunt.

Rationally Speaking

Ms. Hush learned the last time:

Defendants Name:Hush, Rebecca J
Violation Information
Violation Date: 07/28/2000
Violation Description: Dog At Large Section #: 505.10
Degree: Minor Misdemeanor
Hearing Date: 07/31/2000
Hearing Time: 09:00 AM
Disposition Information
Conviction Date: 07/31/2000
Dft's Plea: Guilty
Dft. Found: Fine Amt.:
Costs Amt.: 55.00