Second bomb suspect captured alive

Boston police: 'Suspect in custody'
Associated Press
Apr 19, 2013

A 19-year-old college student wanted in the Boston Marathon bombings was taken into custody Friday evening after a manhunt that left the city virtually paralyzed and his older brother and accomplice dead.

Police announced via Twitter that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was in custody. They later wrote, "CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody."

Tsarnaev's brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan, was killed Friday in a furious attempt to escape police.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had been holed up in a boat in a Watertown neighborhood. The crowd gathered near the scene let out a cheer when spectators saw officers clapping.

"Everyone wants him alive," said Kathleen Paolillo, a 27-year-old teacher who lives in Watertown.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino tweeted "We got him," along with a photo of the police commissioner speaking to him.

During a long night of violence Thursday into Friday, the brothers killed an MIT police officer, severely wounded another lawman and hurled explosives at police in a car chase and gun battle, authorities said.

The suspects were identified by law enforcement officials and family members as Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, ethnic Chechen brothers who had lived in Dagestan, which neighbors Chechnya in southern Russia. They had been in the U.S. for about a decade, an uncle said, and were believed to be living in Cambridge, Mass.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a 26-year-old who had been known to the FBI as Suspect No. 1 and was seen in surveillance footage of the marathon in a black baseball cap, was killed overnight, officials said. His younger brother, who had been dubbed Suspect No. 2 and was seen wearing a white, backward baseball cap in the images from Monday's deadly bombing — escaped and was on the run.

Their uncle in Maryland, Ruslan Tsarni, pleaded on live television: "Dzhokhar, if you are alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness."

Authorities in Boston suspended all mass transit and warned close to 1 million people in the entire city and some of its suburbs to stay indoors as the hunt for Suspect No. 2 went on. Businesses were asked not to open. People waiting at bus and subway stops were told to go home. The Red Sox and Bruins postponed their games.

From Watertown to Cambridge, police SWAT teams, sharpshooters and FBI agents surrounded various buildings as police helicopters buzzed overhead and armored vehicles rumbled through the streets. Authorities also searched trains.

"We believe this man to be a terrorist," said Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis. "We believe this to be a man who's come here to kill people."

The bombings on Monday killed three people and wounded more than 180 others, tearing off limbs in a spray of shrapnel and instantly raising the specter of another terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Chechnya was the scene of two wars between Russian forces and separatists since 1994, in which tens of thousands were killed in heavy Russian bombing. That spawned an Islamic insurgency that has carried out deadly bombings in Russia and the region, although not in the West.

Investigators in the Boston case have shed no light on the motive for the bombing and have said it is unclear whether it was the work of domestic or international terrorists or someone else entirely with an unknown agenda.

The endgame — at least for Suspect No. 1 — came just hours after the FBI released photos and video of the two young men at the marathon's finish line and appealed to the public for help in identifying and capturing them.

State Police spokesman Dave Procopio said police realized they were dealing with the bombing suspects based on what the two men told a carjacking victim during their getaway attempt overnight.


Sullivan and Associated Press writers Stephen Braun and Jack Gillum reported from Washington. Associated Press writers Mike Hill, Katie Zezima, Pat Eaton-Robb and Steve LeBlanc in Boston and Jeff Donn in Cambridge, Mass., contributed to this report.


The Big Dog's back

Yep ecr, all those socialized law enforcement agencies.

Darwin's choice

Ah yes, socialist! Just like your savior obama!


Who's your Republican savior?

Don't have one, right troll?

S w Rand 2016

Senator Rand Paul, actually. He's not just great for Republicans, tho. He is good for everyone. A true populist candidate.

Only an ill-informed person would think that the Republicans will not have something awesome to offer in 2016. I think you must barely ever (or never) watch C-Span2 (Senate footage).


We will see, self assured smug one, what will happen in 2016 ( if the Republican Party still exists).


We sure will. The inside scoop is that the Dems are gonna run babbling Joe Biden. That should be a real riot. I got the popcorn ready for 2016 because if anything, Joe's antics are entertaining.


I'll be ready with popcorn also to watch the clowns of the Republican party.

S w Rand 2016

re: 4shizzle said: "...if the Republican Party still exists"

That is my very point. We (who watch the Senate footage from C-Span2 and some on C-Span3, or dig up previous footage from the online archives) are watching the beginning stages of an "out with the old, in with the new" GOP.
This is being led by Senator Rand Paul with more "new generation" Republican Senators behind him. It is very inspiring to see.




i watched most of this coverage and all i seen was photos of Obama with his leg on his knee in an easy chair and give a speech....even listened to the live scanner towards the end.... Obama did was the police and agencies doing the work and making the decisions...not once did i ever hear "so what does the president want us to do?" Obama was just following it like the rest of us.....waiting for his speech that was written by one of his writers.
BTW i am still trying to think of one thing this president has done....all i come up with is NDAA, GUN GRAB, CONTINUES TORTURE, STILL AT WAR, DRONE STRIKES, MORE BANK BAIL OUTS, FAILED HEALTHCARE BILL(THIS THING IS SAD), RECEIVED A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE(NOT SURE WHAT FOR?), added 6 trillion to the debt and rising, increased welfare payment by 32%, unemployment still through the roof....hopefully he will raise the minimum wage though...that would be a plus. Dont start on bush either....him and his daddy should be hung for all their crimes against humanity.


Not to mention a speech that was probably written the day it all happened.

Yeah, I don't think I can add anything positive or note worthy to that list. You did pretty well and summarized it all up.


This was local law enforcement at its best. Don't give credit where its not due...aka Obama. All he did was talk, like usual.


Local only? You sound like the bummers! This was an American effort! ! Federal troops and federal agencies were involved! If you didn't notice that it's not even worth the conversation!


Ohio, you have to be a troll!!!!


Goofus there's no doubt- you are a troll.


Hey you sound like the Boston bombers. I hate the president they disrespect the president. What a sad day for you as an American.


Nobody can be this gullible

The Big Dog's back

Radical right wing Americans, Radical right wing Chechens. Same thing.

Darwin's choice

VS left wing loons Big Dog ??


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Hey you sound like the Boston bombers. I hate the president they disrespect the president. What a sad day for you as an American.

S w Rand 2016

Why do you keep re-posting this? You sound very emotionally upset.
Are you one of those people who buy into the conspiracy theory about Obama declaring Martial Law and assuming dictatorial powers? It seems like you do and you are just flippin' out about it, man.
Oh, I get it. There was a soft form of Martial Law declared in Boston and now you are sniveling and groveling at the feet of the President, aren't you? He is not even going to see your comments, man.
I shouldn't laugh, but I can't seem to help it. I will feel sorry for you after I am done laughing, tho. It's just my nature, I guess.
I will come up with a comment, shortly, to dispel your fears and restore your intellectual strength : P

looking around

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Re: "How do you know he voted for Obama?"

If it's on a Wingnut website it has to be true.

They are still on social media with the 2007 "He wants to change the National Anthem" bullspit........


Glad he was captured. Wish some people on this blog would seek help.






I think for some people it makes no difference whether President Obama did this or that............they never will give the President Obama credit for anything...they just don't or ever will like him. Probably has nothing to do with race for most its just he is not a Republican and that makes all the difference.

Honestly I can relate to their feeling etc. Not for the fact of Obama for I voted for him both times but for 8 years I never ever listed to a speech, etc given by George W Bush. When ever he came on the news I would turn off the TV and wait a a few minutes and turn it back on. Even when 911 happen I could not stomach any words from GWB. To this day I can not stand him. I felt then and still today he is an idiot and probably the dumbest presidents we have ever had in our history. I actually applauded the day he left office. Bottom line could not stand him !!! So I can relate to those who have their differences with Obama. But fact is he is the president till noon on January 20, 2017.


These anti-Obama critics think that Bush did a great job as president-- they are dumber than rocks.


hey now, i think Bush is quite possibly the dumbest people to ever show up on my tv screen, and that's even counting the cast of jersey shore... obama on the other hand isn't really in idiot, because let's face it, the guy really has done nothing outlandishly stupid like tripping over age old axioms or routinely answer the pone upside down, but obama has really been an ineffectual leader... dude promised us change after bush's reign, and really things stay the same... a downward slide... this whole gun debate ad recent press coverage is just his way of trying to leave a mark as president. there's bigger more important problems he could be trying to tackle, or atleast be laying down the frame work for the next guy, but instead, he's pissing and moaning about the 11th place killer in the united states as of 2010... which means there are literally 10 other things he should be worrying about before he hits gun control, and that's not even paying any credence to our current economical struggles or the possible outbreak or war... so really... there's dozens of larger issues he could be facing... but he's not. like i've said before, bush was bad, but at least he gave us a laugh. obama is bad, but in a more serious manner, so i hope the next guy can actually accomplish anything worth while in their time in office.