Second bomb suspect captured alive

Boston police: 'Suspect in custody'
Associated Press
Apr 19, 2013

A 19-year-old college student wanted in the Boston Marathon bombings was taken into custody Friday evening after a manhunt that left the city virtually paralyzed and his older brother and accomplice dead.

Police announced via Twitter that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was in custody. They later wrote, "CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody."

Tsarnaev's brother, 26-year-old Tamerlan, was killed Friday in a furious attempt to escape police.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had been holed up in a boat in a Watertown neighborhood. The crowd gathered near the scene let out a cheer when spectators saw officers clapping.

"Everyone wants him alive," said Kathleen Paolillo, a 27-year-old teacher who lives in Watertown.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino tweeted "We got him," along with a photo of the police commissioner speaking to him.

During a long night of violence Thursday into Friday, the brothers killed an MIT police officer, severely wounded another lawman and hurled explosives at police in a car chase and gun battle, authorities said.

The suspects were identified by law enforcement officials and family members as Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, ethnic Chechen brothers who had lived in Dagestan, which neighbors Chechnya in southern Russia. They had been in the U.S. for about a decade, an uncle said, and were believed to be living in Cambridge, Mass.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a 26-year-old who had been known to the FBI as Suspect No. 1 and was seen in surveillance footage of the marathon in a black baseball cap, was killed overnight, officials said. His younger brother, who had been dubbed Suspect No. 2 and was seen wearing a white, backward baseball cap in the images from Monday's deadly bombing — escaped and was on the run.

Their uncle in Maryland, Ruslan Tsarni, pleaded on live television: "Dzhokhar, if you are alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness."

Authorities in Boston suspended all mass transit and warned close to 1 million people in the entire city and some of its suburbs to stay indoors as the hunt for Suspect No. 2 went on. Businesses were asked not to open. People waiting at bus and subway stops were told to go home. The Red Sox and Bruins postponed their games.

From Watertown to Cambridge, police SWAT teams, sharpshooters and FBI agents surrounded various buildings as police helicopters buzzed overhead and armored vehicles rumbled through the streets. Authorities also searched trains.

"We believe this man to be a terrorist," said Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis. "We believe this to be a man who's come here to kill people."

The bombings on Monday killed three people and wounded more than 180 others, tearing off limbs in a spray of shrapnel and instantly raising the specter of another terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Chechnya was the scene of two wars between Russian forces and separatists since 1994, in which tens of thousands were killed in heavy Russian bombing. That spawned an Islamic insurgency that has carried out deadly bombings in Russia and the region, although not in the West.

Investigators in the Boston case have shed no light on the motive for the bombing and have said it is unclear whether it was the work of domestic or international terrorists or someone else entirely with an unknown agenda.

The endgame — at least for Suspect No. 1 — came just hours after the FBI released photos and video of the two young men at the marathon's finish line and appealed to the public for help in identifying and capturing them.

State Police spokesman Dave Procopio said police realized they were dealing with the bombing suspects based on what the two men told a carjacking victim during their getaway attempt overnight.


Sullivan and Associated Press writers Stephen Braun and Jack Gillum reported from Washington. Associated Press writers Mike Hill, Katie Zezima, Pat Eaton-Robb and Steve LeBlanc in Boston and Jeff Donn in Cambridge, Mass., contributed to this report.


The Big Dog's back

Give a reliable news source for the bombers campaigning for Obama rand.

S w Rand 2016

Let's be honest. If I had a news source, I'm sure a Left wing site wouldn't have reported it so you wouldn't have accepted it anyway : P

S w Rand 2016

However, his Twitter account shows that he did campaign for him in a minor way. He tweeted in support of him during the 2012 election season.

Remember, tho. I'm one of those who are still unsure that he did it, until I see some hard evidence with a trial by jury.
I am just responding, in kind, to OH-IO's antics throughout this article. I would much rather have both parties to this debate refrain from using it to demonize one another.


The Republicans fought against giving aid to the Hurricane Sandy victims .

arnmcrmn mean the Republicans fought hard to make sure the disaster money being handed out wasn't going to pet projects that had nothing to do with the Sandy? Well pardon me and the republicans for wanting our government to spend the money correctly and not just hand it out and not know where it was liberals do.

If you don't believe it, just read the link below.
Been a long time now and many of the people haven't seen a dime. Great job Obie.


Gov.Chris Christie was angry at his fellow Republicans and he is a Republican .

S w Rand 2016

That was a PR stunt. It was also back when he thought he had a chance at a 2016 election bid, way back before (the last 4 paragraphs particularly, although the entire article adds further context).

Edit: By the way, your article link has nothing to do with Christie being angry with Republicans.


Oh please

Erie County Resident

@ OH-IO yep Oblunder jumped right on this with a fuff speech.

He also jumped right on that Bengazi thing also didn't he.

Oh wait, NO he never has done anything but try and cover it up, and it has been how many MONTHS now??? Yep he jumps right on a problem there.

I know it's coming so get busy with the blame Bush game. 2nd term for your master and still won't take any responsibility for our current mess that IS getting worse.


No president very does it all and never will. He's done some significant things but it's shallow to pull on this scenario and say that he didn't respond correctly. Be an American don't complain so much. You sound like the bombers. LoL!


i keep hearing you say he has done some significant things...can you please list them for us?....not sure i can think of anything. sorry.


This site is full of people who are disrespectful to the president is disrespectful to the United States of America. This Boston bomber mentality is in Sandusky!

The Big Dog's back

Yes it is.

Darwin's choice

Respect is earned, big dog, not given. It's not handed out like Nobel Peace prizes.....!!!!!


No, respect is given then lost.

S w Rand 2016

First off, define disrespect. Telling the truth is not disrespect.
Where do you people even come from? The people who founded this country would be utterly ashamed of you. You are like some star-struck kid when it comes to politicians. How will you ever be able to think critically if you view critical thinking as disrespectful?
The President is no more special than any other speech-making community organizer who moonlights as a lawyer. Anyone with that job history could be the President, apparently.

And the kicker in all of this is that most of our complaints center around the fact that he has continued most of Bush's policies and, in some cases, made them worse.
By your logic, we can't complain against Bush, either. If we do, we "sound like the bombers." You're a bad joke.


You got a dictionary. You define it. Who gave you the barking orders tell somebody what to do.

S w Rand 2016

I can't tell if you are trolling or serious (with that response).


My God you are killing me with your inability to use proper spelling and grammar rules. Another ignorant lib trying pretend they are intelligent.


This is the subgroup of Obama voters that I was talking about in a previous post. They are so afraid of being thought of as a racist, that they are unable to criticize this President. It all has to do with white guilt. I'm doing my Master's thesis on this right now. You would be shocked at what I have uncovered so far. I plan on posting it in it's entirety when it's completed.


Actually, some skepticism of government is considered health. The founding fathers stating repeatedly that we should be very skeptical of the government. It is you lap licking liberals that are disrespectful.


Ask the victims of Hurricane Sandy if Obama has moved quickly enough. HMMMMM


Definitely wasn't any slower than Hurricane Katrina and Bush!! Hahahaha!


Slower than the response of the ninth ward when they knew in advance of the hurricane and school bus Naggin left the buses that could have been used in evacuation just sit and get flooded


School bus Naggin was the democratic mayor of New Orleans that had the national guard rescue his cash stash at his house in the freezer


The Republicans fought against giving aid to the Hurricane Sandy victims .

S w Rand 2016

Really? They said Hurricane Sandy victims should get no kind of aid, whatsoever? They did not offer their own proposal on how to go about giving aid?
I would like to see a link to proof. Otherwise, your comment should merely say "The Republicans fought against the Democrats' method of giving aid to Hurricane Sandy victims."


It was on tv for everyone to see.
Where were you?


Obama does get credit! When a president doesn't use the resources and waits or thinks it's not important enough then their not handling the situation correctly. . The American people want a president that responses. He did that by using federal resources to take action and assisting the local authorities and state authorities with anything they needed . That's not always a given by a President. President Bush didn't move quick enough during Hurricane Katrina. A president can mess it up! It was an overall effort! It took 4 months to get The London bombers. This took 4 days! LOL!


The only resource Obama used was the speeches that were written for him. Watching him address the nation was very disappointing. The guy is a great orator when he wants to be, but he sure didn't show us his "A" game this week.